how to check your ping in Dota2

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by MaRs, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. MaRs

    MaRs Well-Known Member

    anyone know ?i have tried many ways
    there is a console command that i found but i cant find where i can active the console.
  2. derbychan

    derbychan Well-Known Member

    add -console into dota 2 launch options and it should show up upon starting the game. after that type in net_graph1/2/3 depending on what you want to check
  3. GenocYda

    GenocYda Well-Known Member

    In DOTA2, you don't check ping.

    Ping checks you!
  4. Yoshimidzo

    Yoshimidzo Active Member

    net_graph 1
  5. RaginReap

    RaginReap Member

    if you're ingame. you can open console and type ping, it'll show the ping of everyone in the game
  6. Tobe

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  7. hahahafr

    hahahafr Well-Known Member

    Well dota2 is getting close anyway.
  8. zniperzx

    zniperzx Active Member

    i don't like that the text always show on the screen.
  9. Zartex

    Zartex Well-Known Member

    thanks for this^^,
    i like it that my key improves for dota :D
  10. joaovcc

    joaovcc Well-Known Member

    They will improve that soon
  11. actotof

    actotof Well-Known Member

    -console and -net_graph 3 is awesome :D