how to change the hot keys

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by max8128, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. max8128

    max8128 Member

    i want to change all the hot keys of the skills to Q W E R for every hero
    the hot keys of inventory too
    someone know how can i do that?
  2. Noxonius

    Noxonius Banned

    In Dota 2, you can do that via controls settings.

    In Dota 1 you have to use a program that changes hotkeys, like warkeys.
  3. max8128

    max8128 Member

    thank you but there is a problem,
    the only problem in "warkeys" that i need to change the hot keys to each hero individually, and that will take a long time, maybe there is easier way to do that?
  4. Noxonius

    Noxonius Banned

    No you do not have to change them individually. You just adjust them from the ''hotkey grid'' and it should apply to every hero.
  5. NiBer

    NiBer Well-Known Member

    You can do it in 1 second.
    Macro Keys> Skill 1 Skill 2 Skill 3 Skill 4 - write Q W E R.

    Mission accomplished.
  6. Faelivri

    Faelivri Well-Known Member

    Well, someone post thread like this, so...

    Anyone here have hotkeys for new heroes?
  7. max8128

    max8128 Member

    its not working =\
    there is any tutorial maybe?
  8. Noxonius

    Noxonius Banned

    There is a tutorial on the warkeys website...