How to change ping hotkey

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by noctes, Jan 9, 2012.

  1. noctes

    noctes Well-Known Member

    I was wondering if it is possible to change the hotkey for pinging (alt) in DotA 2?
    I was looking through the options menu and was unable to find it and as I want to use the alt+[key] hotkeys (like in HoN) it would be nice to change it.
  2. 3utcher

    3utcher Well-Known Member

    I am wondering this also, would like to change the hotkey to ALT + G.
  3. cairnebloodhoof

    cairnebloodhoof Well-Known Member

    just press alt
  4. Nipaah

    Nipaah Well-Known Member

    That's not helpful and a waste of a post after seeing what the question is.
  5. 3utcher

    3utcher Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the very useful answer. Retard.
  6. Koutsiog

    Koutsiog Banned

    The best answer in here,try it before you start flaming him
    You can have alt+key hotkeys,you just hold alt and click on minimap to ping,they don't affect it
  7. Shin__

    Shin__ Well-Known Member

    You can't.
  8. TobiWanFan

    TobiWanFan Well-Known Member

    Why would you preffer alt+other button instead of simply alt ? ..
  9. illiterate

    illiterate Well-Known Member

    without knowing his reasoning, i can tell you why i'd like it: my items are on alt-q alt-w alt-e alt-a alt-s alt-d. if i'm spamming my blink dagger while it's coming off of cooldown, i'm spamming pings. which, aside from being annoying, actually makes it impossible to see anything under the pings on the minimap.
  10. John_Lithgow

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  11. Nipaah

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  12. dephmoose

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    I'm surprised Dota2 has been out for so long and this has never been addressed. It seems like a simple fix. Either A) add option to not ping when alt+click on game screen. B) disable ping if alt+any other key is held down at the same time. C) add option to rebind ping to another key.

    It doesn't matter if people like alt pinging, or if they use other keys for items. There is no reason not to add an option for players to rebind or disable options if they wish. It only benefits players and doesn't hurt other players.
  13. xbon

    xbon Well-Known Member

    Enable console, type bind alt, see what the command is, then bind another key to it, or download a script.
  14. dephmoose

    dephmoose Member

    Alt currently is not a configurable key or else this would be a non-issue.
  15. Skariy

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    The game is not out yet
  16. Delth

    Delth Well-Known Member

    Rip off the key and circuits from your keyboard and put them somewhere else.