How does dota2 team matchmaking works?

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by glacialfrog, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. glacialfrog

    glacialfrog Well-Known Member

    I have a friend that never palyed dota or lol
    But i have 300 games and 55% win rate
    is it gonna average our skills, or take the highest skilled' level of skill?
    dont want him to say dota is too hard
  2. TheBoneZone

    TheBoneZone Well-Known Member

    I believe it averages your MMR. I could be wrong but when I play a match with one of my noob friends, he's playing against people with 300~ wins

    Your best option is to play co-op bot matches, I did that and my friends didn't even know they were playing against bots.
  3. glacialfrog

    glacialfrog Well-Known Member

    so i guess u ahve around 600 wins?~

    also time i palyed bots, they had Dendi last-hitting and denying, do you have intel whether its still like that?
  4. Hilfig3r

    Hilfig3r Well-Known Member

    I tested this situation let your friend create the party and let him click find match button this way you will be playing with people with 0-10 wins. I know it's awkward but that's how it is.

    Ps: Feeders and smurfs will make you mad
  5. Eleven13

    Eleven13 Well-Known Member

    The MM system isn't that great yet. In my experience, the MM puts you on lose streaks and win streaks. When on a lose streak you're paired with low levels and terrible players and get blown out. When on a win streak you get to be on the other side of that and play with competent players and blow the other team out.

    Once in a blue moon you get a close game.
  6. TheBoneZone

    TheBoneZone Well-Known Member

    Yea I do, but it's not about wins, it's about the hidden MMR value. The heuristic is that people with higher wins have a higher MMR, relative to people with lower matches. That's why I said my noob friend with, 10 wins or something was getting matched with people with 300~ wins when paired with me.

    Someone else is saying that it's completely dependent on the person queing the group. So I'm not as confident as I was when saying that it's just an averaged MMR. MMR = Match Making Rating
  7. Clam

    Clam Well-Known Member

    I am pretty sure it just averages your hidden MMR, with a slight boost to take into account that the better player of the pair can probably pubstomp reasonably easily.
  8. IHateLeavers

    IHateLeavers Well-Known Member

    play some coop vs ai games and teach him basics and if you plan to play real game better go to lane with him so you can help him more and maybe (s)he wont feed.