How do you beat Bloodseeker Mid?

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by okrane, May 13, 2012.

  1. Diyon

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    i killed a BS solo mid twice today with death prophet by controlling the creep lane and making him pay everytime he tried to last hit, which i stopped about half of when he dared come near the creeps. You CAN kill a bloodseeker solo mid.

    Tinker is fantastic. If he comes near the creep wave to last hit, at the last moment laser him and auto attack him then deny the creep. never use missle, save mana for laser spam unless you have alot of mana/want a kill.
  2. iSnooz

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    [​IMG] with [​IMG]
    It works wonders against 90% of the melee hero in DotA


    gank him and you'll be fine
  4. schism-

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    1)pick huskar -stay behind enemy creepline and harrass
    2)pick bat - stack napalm
    3)pick nevermore - outlasthit him and damage him
    4)arrange doublemid with decent support (cm,dazzle,wd,lich) and keep him even out of exp range
    5)gank him
    6)warn your mates if bloodseeker is miss(ward map)
    7)just let him win mid and farm his stupid radiance...own him later cos he got no bkb :cool1:
    8)phoenix ,viper , skeleton king, lanaya, invoker, luna,kunka and axe may also have a good time vs blood..but depends on skill ...
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  5. ChibiNya

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    Tried Invoker once... Surprisingly failed nya... Maybe mew was just bad. Voker has no burst to finish a Seeker off and Cold Snap usually doesn't do much when they can go uphill in a second nyan...
  6. EyeOfFire

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    Most orb walkers and nukers can smash him if played well, but you need to balance harass with farm in a lot of circumstances. I often see people going way overboard on the harass and neglecting their own farm, and BS just regens it and farms in the process.

    Generally, you want to be really aggressive and try to establish lane dominance early on, when he's at his most vulnerable. After BS has a few levels of Bloodbath and if he's still doing fine, it's far better to prioritise last hits over harass at that point (still harass him when you can of course) and then call for ganks from the sidelanes.
  7. Fazy

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    Pick Windrunner. Get Blades of Attack, Salve and Branch as initial build. Outharass the shit out of him, cancel his salves (if he got only tangos, he is fucked) with Powershot. And even if he isn't outlaned completely, you can take down half of his HP with Powershot on lvl 5.

    After you get fast Phase Boots, he is pretty much going to burn. And also send yourself a TP scroll, so he will waste Rupture and you will survive. In addition, many BS players sometimes don't time Blood Rage correctly and you will be able to Windrun stand the Rupture (and possibly even kill him).
  8. Mx_Paladin

    Mx_Paladin Well-Known Member

    Sandking with levels in caustic, rush a bottle and watch BS get wrecked as you place caustic debuff on his creeps and on your own for deny. and get all the opposite team's creeps to low life with debuff so you can insta gib him when you burrow the creeps and him.

    Axe with bottle works too, as he comes in for last hit, charge at him with helix as you agro the whole creep wave and let him gauge weather healing 40-60 hp is worth eating 3 helix spins, as he runs back battle hunger him. Lose-lose situation for BS.
  9. cajac909

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  10. lycette17

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    Pick clinkz. With zero cd searing arrows + heavy harassment, bs will be forcibly retreat to towerhug... or fountain.
  11. R0SHAN

    R0SHAN Well-Known Member

    I never have issues against him with Exort Voker. QW Voker on the other hand means free farm for him due to low damage.
  12. CynthiaCrescent

    CynthiaCrescent Well-Known Member

    Try Alacrity
  13. CyTo

    CyTo Well-Known Member

    batrider owns him mid...but he does that to everyone mid
  14. darewin

    darewin Well-Known Member

    Ask your solo long lane ally (usually the carry) to do lane switch.
  15. fireblaze762

    fireblaze762 Well-Known Member

    Can we NOT assume that BS is an utter idiot?

    I'm not saying he's a particularly good solo, but if played correctly, isn't that easy to kick out of lane as you guys seem to assume.

    Assume we play a ranged hero against BS:
    BS has a damage advantage (LH), even more so if he has QB
    BS has a durability advantage, mostly due to a stout and a very quick PMS.
    As BS is very difficult to actually finish off, the amount of "lives" BS has is the same as the number of salves he has.

    A full HP BS has little to worry about opposing heroes. He can just tank a few hits, and then blood bath up. A mid / low hp bs is frail and will be hesitant to get last hits because he might get killed.

    So your aim is obviously to keep him at a low amount of health, attacking him when he comes near, and making sure he can't regenerate anything. However, this often means you'll draw some creep aggro, and with occasional bloodrages, you might take some damage as well.
    If BS salves up, you need to with your process all over again. Your aim is simply to burn out his salves and hopefully dispel them when he casts them. If you can, then BS will be forced to sit at his tower, ferrying items if he can. He can't rupture you at level 6, since his health will be low enough to the point where you can probably just auto hit him to death when he comes over.

    A bs shouldn't be afraid to carry salves. They pretty much win him his lane. Sure, you can piick krob, cast 4 carrion swarms and auto hits to put him at low enough health that he's scared to last hit. But can you do it again, if he salves up? And what about another time? Unless you can consistently sustain your harassment, you can not simply assume you will the lane.

    Meele heroes can often deal with BS quite easily. They have similar levels of physical damage and armour so BS wont be winning when trading hits. They often play passive as well and are content in letting both sides just gain some farm.
    A fast RoH AM or a stout naix are 2 very effective anti BS meele heroes (solos)
  16. realstyla

    realstyla Well-Known Member

    nuke, autoattack him.. early on.. played with qop today vs him 2x shadowstrike and some rightclicks and byebye seeker
  17. XASD777

    XASD777 Well-Known Member

    if he maxes heal you have free runecontrol, if he maxes thirst you can harass him. If he wants to sit in lane and afk with heal you can have fun playing 5v4 on the rest of the map minutes ~7-15

    If you are a hero with heavy consistent burst (bolt stats zeus or really heavy harass (orb OD, clinks or glavies stats sile) you can still force him to use regenitems even if he's maxing his heal.
  18. chick3nfist

    chick3nfist Well-Known Member

    Razor's static link rapes him decently.
  19. Facebook

    Facebook Well-Known Member

    So i heard a tactic called "Denying his target creep"? Can you use it to counter BS?

    Oh and another thing? Always bring a TP, It's only 135g.
  20. Stryk9

    Stryk9 Well-Known Member

    very few heroes can actually harass and quelling stout off the lane.

    what no one here is mentioning is how vulnerable bs is to ganks by another person.

    2 people shit on bs, but one person short of superdominant mids like voker or maybe (cuz bs is melee) viper, maybe shadow demon.simply can't stop you from last hitting or denying with your monster base dmg.

    Have a roamer, best way to counter bs mid. that's why he's not picked in pro games, cuz yeah, 1v1 is can do fine mid, but their mids are never purely 1v1. That's why he dominates in pubs, because against most heroes you can eassily 40 cs by 7 mins and go rap everyone with phase boots pms quelling and wand