How do the pros play Alch?

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by ThnderSquirrel, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. Pondrac

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    How do the pros play Alch?

    They don't
  2. jsrnn

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    Well OP asked how do the pros play him so I answered accordingly *with a disclaimer about pubs*.
  3. HeicPy

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    Pro is pro and you cant to do something :D
  4. zielaczkov

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    I've seen some games where they did and it went usually like phase/vg>radiance.
    I remeber one game when the guy playing alch was killed like 3 times, but he got that radi and won the game. Anyway i think that mjollnir is great item for pubstomps on alch (ofc after radi) you just activate static and let the pubbies hit you (and they will cause they are pubbies)
  5. Mazoku

    Mazoku Well-Known Member

    If in pubs by 20-30 min mark:


    I usualy end up replacing abysal with Mjolnir and though.
  6. SavageRS

    SavageRS Well-Known Member

    Yesterday i see a alchemist whit phaseboot/vanguard/drums/blademail.
    We lost but it had some success. He would have do better if he wasent forgetting to use blademail when focused.
  7. OmniXVII

    OmniXVII Well-Known Member

    I build him as a pusher, with vlads, vanguard, and necro.
  8. NraYZdgeurL

    NraYZdgeurL Well-Known Member

    I usually max acid at 7, take one lvl of greed and rest in stun and my build would be phase boots vanguard mjolnir/ac hot etc or rushing radiance if game is going well.
    Although I'm not sure should I go on mjolnir or ac...what do u think?
  9. Mazoku

    Mazoku Well-Known Member

  10. ChibiNya

    ChibiNya Well-Known Member

    hey Mazoku, what about MoC? Mew nu like RoB because mew want to spam spells with Alch. That one gives the same mana as Sobi but also great armor!
  11. Lycan

    Lycan Administrator

    Build up Maelstrom rapidly, follow up with chain or platmail depening on the amount of pincerpicks(-armour) by the enemy. Finish Mjollnir follow up with AC. Soul ring is decent if your team relies on your stun, but if thye don't need it that much a single sobi will suffice for mana regen imho. Also You could grab an early Radiance.... if you want.

    Solo mid Alch GG + Stats
  12. sekhar4

    sekhar4 Well-Known Member

    item build is upto you, coz with alche you can farm obscene amounts of gold very quickly if you max goblin greed, just get one level on spray( as a tower dive deterrent) and get one level on stun. Afk farm and before you know it you have enuff money for anything xD .
    I prefer to rush AC after getting PT or Phase-VGuard.
    Radiance is gr8, but if ur planning on getting radiance , you shud probly have it before 25 mins atleast.
    Remember that alche's ulti gives him the lowest BAT in the dota world , that makes AS items imba on him .
  13. Mazoku

    Mazoku Well-Known Member

    I thought about MOC as well considering a sobi mask is a MUST on alchemist provided it gives so much mana. There are a couple of things to consider:

    -Once you reach level 11 you no longer need the sobi mask as you wont be spaming on lane 24/7 that acid and your ult will provide a ton more mana regeneration. This means MoC takes one item slot and costs ~900 more gold than the sobi mask route (wich you sell).

    -Before level 11 you most likely want to tank getting HP. My item build often goes for Ogre axe(For HH or BKB), Stout shield, PT STR before getting Maelstorm/Radiance wich means delaying my item build by 900 gold and giving up one slot isnt exactly something good if all i get is 6 armor and an active i might not end up using often.

    -MOC cant disassembled. If you were able to get that chain mail back then i think MOC would be totaly worth it as you would be a step closer to your AC. But this way it just takes an item slot in your inventory, and by the time you might want to start using ofensively the active you already got some good gear on wich means you already want to get rid of it.

    Overall i dont think MOC is a good idea on alchemist, this is unless you think your end game items can in no way be superior to HH+AC+Radi(no item slot problems).If you see the game and you see that the game is not going to last over 30 minutes (either you get owned by for example a pushing linup or you are owning) then MoC isnt that bad. If this is the case i would probably go MoC+Radi+Vanguard.
  14. ChibiNya

    ChibiNya Well-Known Member

    Today mew was doing really bad in lane unable to get any lasthits... So mew just went Treads, Vang, Malestrom (Took like 30 mins) and it was awesome O_O Mjollnir on Alchemist is the best thing ever, he attacks so fast nya!! Kills creepwaves in seconds! Mew loves Radiance but really considering going for this on any game I don't feel I'm getting perfect radiance farm. Went AC after the Mjollnir and Alchie was already near unkillable and had great DPS O_O So fun nya!
  15. Mazoku

    Mazoku Well-Known Member

    Thing about radiance is that it lets you farm so much faster than Maelstorm and it provides you with much more prescence mid game than a Mjolnir.

    I made a TH about tring to replace Radi with an early Mjolnir but it didnt pay off. Radi is just that good on him for farming purpouses (leting you draw agrro in jungle like a boss) and during team fights it is the only viable option if there is no SD on the enemy team or you are not getting perma ganked.

    Radi-->AC-->Mjolnir-->HH-->Abysal-->BOT-->Sell radi get HoT is probably the best way to go if you want some heavy DPS and roaling over the enemy team.

    DPS wise Mjolnir is the best item out there, at some point you are going to get it for sure.
  16. ChibiNya

    ChibiNya Well-Known Member

    But would you get Radi if it's 30 minutes and you can't get 3800 nya? I go radiance on like.. Everything- it's my favorite item nya... But if the clock ever hits 30 and I have no relic then I scrap it nyan. If it really gets to that horrible scenario there's not much to do but go next step and go for AC + Mjollnir. At least it's a very safe thing to do- You can start every game aiming for radiance, but if you suddenly decide to give it up your build isn't broken- transition to the other items will go smooth nyan.

    And yesh, Sobi Mask. Seeing as you'll spend 20 minutes with a mostly empty Inventory it really won't hurt your item slots nya. No need to upgrade it to anything most of the time as you said, though no upgrade is particularly bad nya. (Except Basi)
  17. Mazoku

    Mazoku Well-Known Member

    If you are short on cash screw radiance go for maelstorm (something you should know by arround the 10 min mark).

    With maelstorm you will farm slower than the avarage radiance route, but definitely faster than the slow radiance route.

    Overall i tend to go for radi most of the time unless my but is getting kicked.
  18. 11ven

    11ven Well-Known Member

    if u just want a mjollnir/rad for farm better go for a battle fury... good farm/push... no???
  19. Salawayun

    Salawayun Well-Known Member

    Watch the Chinese, they know how to do it.
  20. flounder

    flounder Well-Known Member

    Wait why get a farm item (Radiance) on a hero that can already farm like a boss without it? Wouldn't that money be better spent on a Halberd or Satanic?