How do people get 100's of DOTA 2 invites ???

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by debug13, Jun 22, 2012.

  1. debug13

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    Ok, so I'm new on this forum here, and to DOTA 2. I've been trying unsuccessfully for 2 months now to get a DOTA 2 invite from Valve, or through legit giveaways, but still have had no luck.
    Then I see some folks having so many invites stashed up in their inventory. I mean, I can understand someone having 2 or 4 invites through trades, but some folks have like a 100.
    So how exactly do these folks get so many invites, when the rest of us can't even get one?
    Are their other channels to obtain DOTA 2 invites for these folks ??
  2. -Misfit-

    -Misfit- Well-Known Member

    They are hoarding so they can sell/trade the invites. They probably buy out their competitors and then set their own price.
  3. Shmoopie

    Shmoopie Well-Known Member

    I wouldnt say 100s but I'd say about 30ish anyway they probably buy it off people

    In-game right now people are trading keys, couriers etc.. for invites
  4. Djargoo

    Djargoo Well-Known Member

    its bc euro zone crashing and people start collecting stuff thats worth to trade with instead of money
  5. DMR_Chane

    DMR_Chane Well-Known Member

    ask at

    jokes aside: mass traders that bought it for huge profit
  6. Shmoopie

    Shmoopie Well-Known Member

    I dont get the logic behind it though since after the "beta", invites and keys alike would be useless

    If I were you I'd buy them on the original source (Dota Store) since it not only comes with just a key it comes with items also that wouldnt be worthless any time soon.
  7. debug13

    debug13 Member

    I don't know, 40 bucks seems like a steep price for a game that's going to be free in some time. I would have probably paid Valve 15-20 bucks just for the beta key, but I really don't feel like buying stuff for another 20 bucks which I probably will never use.
    And I really won't pay some hoarder 20 bucks for an invite, if Valve doesn't gain any profit from it. Its their IP, so if I'm shelling out cash, atleast some of it should go to Valve.
  8. darkin

    darkin Active Member

    Does anyone know if valve is still giving keys for who did the survey?
  9. yummybui

    yummybui Well-Known Member

    I doubt so since Valve is selling it on the Dota 2 store.

    Just realised that it's still possible. Good luck!
  10. Typhox

    Typhox Well-Known Member

    Those invites come from Dota players who dared to make me angry. They don't need them anymore.
  11. debug13

    debug13 Member

    Its still possible to sign up on Dota 2 website right now for a BETA key with the h/w survey, so there is a chance that VALVE is still giving away free beta invites. Otherwise they would have removed the option to sign up once the Dota 2 store started selling the invite.
  12. Ari~

    Ari~ Banned

    $3999.00 gets your 100 keys right?
  13. darkin

    darkin Active Member

    I'm really hoping that they still giving, I've stopped playing in the wrong time :(
  14. yummybui

    yummybui Well-Known Member

    They're still giving. Unless that is fake but I don't know why someone would want to do that.
  15. debug13

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  16. debug13

    debug13 Member

    Holy Shit, I cannot believe this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I just checked my email, and guess what I found there :-D

    So there you go, Valve still is sending out invites, even now.
  17. Diamond123

    Diamond123 Well-Known Member

    Of course they do, it's closed Beta.
  18. JohnAsmar

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  19. popkornmusic

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    pls i need dota 2 key GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD =D
  20. darkin

    darkin Active Member

    gratz buddy, when did you done the survey?