hon vs lol vs dota 2 community comparison

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  1. Scavrefamn

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    Video here linked at the beginning of the dota 2 portion.

    You might be surprised as to which one ends up ahead in this category
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    I can't be annoyed to try to listen to that whole thing, with the broken English in that video. Please post the relevant information, and whatever point you're trying to make

    Just gonna say this ahead of time though; Dota 2's community is fine. No online game has a perfect community, of course, but I have no problem with most Dota 2 players, and get along just fine with the playerbase as a whole. I have not played HoN, so I won't judge it too much, but usually when I see or hear anything from a HoN player, it's not very intelligent. Conversely, League of Legends has a pretty generally awful Community, which only gets worse as time goes on due to the tribunal, ignoring language issues, and the vitriolic atmosphere of the game itself. I met plenty of cool people who play or played LoL, but overall, it's the worst "community" I've witnessed yet

    That's my experience with these three communities, not a statement on them, or generalization of them as a whole
  4. ~Noxonius

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    HoN community consist of noobs who failed at dota

    LoL consist of little kids who refuse to take too much effort on learning a game

    Dota consist of assholes, russians, and people in need of anger management.
  5. raqyee

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    TL;DR elitist a-holes will help you get better in the game in the long run even though you are annoyed by them so its actually a good thing.
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    It isn't as bad as people think it is. It completely depends from where you are getting your information from. If you look at the forums, and see a thread of "Help, New Player" that thread won't have any flame, it will have links and information on how to improve.

    People are mostly disrespectful in the game, because that is where it can affect them.
  8. Silxer

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    Well, not everyone in dota is like that... :hope:
  9. Scavrefamn

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    You'd be surprised to know that a lot of the dota 2 community is not from the United States and some of those people don't speak perfect English.

    I am not the person narrating the dota 2 portion, but an actual player from this community. You should be more accepting and proud of your community, instead of slamming it.
  10. hideinlight

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    This was an awesome weekend. People teaming up to get the 20 game friend reward. And a lot of valkwars, people working together to make the above possible.
  11. faustlim

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    agree with this :)
  12. Draguuro-Manchi

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    Oh so this was the project. I should've helped, missed my chance then.
  13. NiteVerse

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    It hurts my ears when I watch it, they couldn't speak English fluently but they wanna make this. These people commenting on how bad the community are but they used painful terms like "assholes", Gosh!

    And why using the term "MOBA", "MOBA" can meant for games like Crysis 3, like Modern Warfare 3. But kinda agree where the community in Dota 2 is better than both games. I have no problem with League of Legends community because SEA has quite good community.

    I agree Heroes of Newerth has the worst community, goes to play with Philippine people, you will literally spam ALT + F4 and ignore the game forever. You help out in kill but accidentally kill the enemy, prepare to see full "F*ck you KSer! Suck my d*ck! KSer! Go to hell!" spams on your chatbox. Heroes of Newerth has the most elitist but they're aren't even pro. According what I hear, all servers are bad. Including SEA server too which is rare because League of Legends and Dota 2 community in SEA server are quite good.
  14. Sven2k

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    This vid is surprisingly far better than the 1st one. The 1st was about aesthetics and everyone has his own personal preference so it's very subjective, the creator of the vid absolutely bashed Warcraft3 yet for me it looks far better than HoN (prior 3.0). But in this vid they gave good explanation about what's wrong about the community and how the company behind the game tries make it better and the effects of the measures they have taken.
  15. ThomasCarstein

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    I play HoN regularly and from my personal expirience it's community isn't really as bad as it is described in that video.
    It sounded like the speaker literally tried to squeeze every possible bad word in to each sentence about it... and also bringing out raging Maliken on multiple times as the head culprit? The last screenshot of him raging was taken well over 2 years ago; i've been playing HoN regularly almost two years now myself and never saw any new evidence of him raging in a game, only the same old screenshots brought up time and again by HoN bashers.
    I'd encourage anyone with a mind of his own to try out all 3 games for about a week or two and then make his/her own decision.

    Edit: by bragging with over 5000 HoN matches played and calling me "a brain-addled HoN fanboy" the maker of this video only added to my belief that he is just as hateful and insulting as the bad community he describes in the video and thus part of the problem.

    Edit 2: he actually blocked me for writing 2 non-insulting comments. Too bad for him i guess. Also, please don't go back to HoN, thanks.
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