Homophobia is Gay (with scientific evidence!)

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    No slippery slope fallacy. It is totaly understandable that giving homosexual couples equal rights will lead into a 3 world war and the complete destruction of the universe.
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    Check the year mentioned BTW its 2063 and liberals are still finding ways to make things more liberal

    IMO liberal logic is one of the most hypocritical and annoying thing that has ever trolled me.

    You dislike something?ie. lets say gay marriage.Brand him,shame him label him as a bigot,racist, anti-semite ,homophobic,intolerant etc.

    They shove their dicks in your mouth and when you dislike it you're gonna be shamed.

    same with religion though, but still I may not be that religious but no one in the church has ever persecuted me for disliking religion. Sure there maybe a few nut jobs but still there are more liberals that would shame you for not having the same ideologies as them, than conservatives who just think you're still young and when you're out there in real life working without a sense of entitlement you'd understand.

    as Winston Churchill said
    If you're not a liberal at twenty you have no heart, if you're not a conservative at forty you have no brain
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    winston churchill was also an abysmal peacetime prime minister. your point?
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    Where are you getting all these laughable pngs, is what I would like to know. Like, I don't get it. Are you anti-education? Anti-women/feminism? Anti-communism? Because if you might be aware, a lot of countries with a history with communism are also anti-LGBT. Russia itself has banned any sort of LGBT public speech or assembly. So I'm not sure exactly if you're processing the image you posted.

    It seems as if you're saying going to learn at a college or university will lead you to be force-fed wrong information. May I ask where you obtained your knowledge and biases? I can assure you I've been fed the same sort of heteronormative intolerance and sexual prejudice as much as anyone else.

    But any intelligent person, college-/university-learned or not, knows how to question and understand information. Any intelligent person would learn to question the presupposed "immoral sameness" of same-sex orientation/marriage with pedophilia, bestiality, rape, or abortion.

    I don't exactly get the point of the link you included either. Are you also aware that Schwarzenegger combated Prop 8, a law that would prohibit same-sex marriage in California?

    Are you saying bigotry, anti-semitism, and racism are justified? It is often the case that bigots, anti-semitists, and racists do believe themselves to be superior than the people they are prejudiced against when all racial, religious, and sexual minorities are asking for is equality.

    I often find it the case that people are comfortable with their bigotry and prejudice up until the point that the views they have are exposed as bigoted and prejudiced. Possessing these views are shameful because they are destructive and hateful.
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    He had accomplished more than the both of us combined

    Its Cultural Marxism

    I'm not saying bigotry, anti-semitism and racism is justified. There are real bigots, anti-semites and racists out there but just because some guy doesn't like the idea of trannies in beauty pageants, palestine oppression, university admittance just because the applicant is black, welfare leeches, immigrants and asylum seekers who drugs and rapes your teenagers. These liberals call these people racist,homophobic,anti semite and bigots?

    How about this check RC there's a guy who made an affair with a dolphin.

    Dislike that?What if he calls you anti animal rights, anti freedom of choice, racist, bigot, beastiality phobic?

    Yeah maybe one day we will have that.

    But don't worry we'll celebrate it with how "progressive" we are, how their sexuality isn't getting oppressed.


    Yeah you're a closet furfag because you are against this
    One day we'll have scientific evidence
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    fun fact: homosexuals can give consent to sex, bears cannot.
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    Because they are?! Being against rapists is one thing because the act has actual negative consequences, but being against asylum seekers or immigrants because some of them are drug dealers or rapists is racism and bigotry.
    Being against frauds is again totally reasonable because it has actual negative consequences, but being against jews because some jews are frauds is again racism and bigotry.

    Firstoff, you are comparing sexual intercourse between two consensual humans and sexual intercourse between a human and a different animal. Secondly, assuming the dolphin can actually be consensual, there wouldnt be any actual harm done to anyone by this act. And even though I dont like having sex with a dolphin doesnt result in the conclusion that I hate people having sex with dolphins (assuming they are consensual) or that I have the need to oppose it because of my taste, I simply wont participate myself in such actions.
    The same counts for homosexuality, even though I dont like sexual contact between two men (though I would argue that even this aversion is due to subconscious social/cultural stigmas and probably fear, but rational I am neutral about it) doesnt mean I feel the need to oppose their rights and/or hate the people participating in such actions. Its just that there is no taste to hate/dislike people like you seem to imply. You may not like the actions, but if its because taste, it would be ridiculous to assume that the right conclusion would be to hate them or oppose their rights, that would be indeed bigotry.

    Allowing things that have no actual negative consequences (like same-sex marriage) IS progressive. Allowing things that have actual negative consequences, obviously isnt. Concerning law and rights, acts should be measured by their actual consequences, and not by some vague feeling, that is either due to fear or indoctrined bigotry.

    Nobody is trying to force people to like homosexuality, but to accecpt it as nothing harmful.
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    Stop trying to reason with banned. Clearly, we're all just part of the liberal media conspiracy trying to stifle his "opinions" by trying to shame him with "reason and logic".


    Your posts are full of paranoid conspiracies about how "liberals" are trying to guilt or shame you into accepting homosexuals, but so far the only "argument" you've brought up why we shouldn't tolerate gay people is a ridiculous slippery slope fallacy. If you have a rational argument, present it. If you don't, please think about that. And perhaps think about your level of conviction in your stance on homosexuality. And now consider the fact that most homophobes are just as certain in their irrational dislike of gay people.

    How is the liberal media conspiracy to reach these people? How can we convince them to stop being irrational about homosexuality? Clearly, they can't be reasoned with, so what other course of action is there than shame and ridicule?

    So banned, if you're really worried about human-dolphin relationships becoming the norm, do something about that. Pick up your anti-dolphin banners and go march on seaworld. Don't try to drag gay people into it as if bestiality is the logical extension of allowing same-sex marriage, because you're only setting yourself up for more ridicule and bigot-shaming.
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    However you are being prosecuted for disliking and voicing it out.

    You know the liberal term "Your right ends where my feelings begin".

    Just imagine if you're an organizer of a beauty pageant and some trannies comes knocking on your door with a sense of entitlement and unwarranted self importance that you should let her in or else you are anti homosexual?

    Can you imagine that just because you said NO. They'd come protesting and smearing you with bigotry, homophobic, racist terms?

    Sure they have a freedom of speech but really?

    Give us money and welfare or you're racist,
    Let us in or you're racist,anti multi culturalism,
    Have sex with me or you're homophobic,
    Give me the job or you're anti diversity or anti women,
    Pay for my sex change or you're homophobic
    Disagree with me and your racist general.

    There maybe nothing wrong with gays marrying but to shun people who are against it is another.

    Ever seen filipinos in the forum chimpout screaming racist when you criticize and laugh at their bottle crow strategy?
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    If I had an empty room I'd let some in. I highly doubt that trannies have ever gone door to door asking for a bed and I highly doubt that it will ever end up with those who refuse being called a bigot.
    If you call obama a half-breed, if you say you hate black people for no reason but being black, or if you find Tom Robinson guilty of rape you are racist.

    Maybe you could cite some stories on where those claims happened and understand that sometimes Ann Coulter does not represent people that want equal rights, in fact Ann Coulter never represents people that want equal rights.

    We are all human beings, and whether or not you're religious you can believe that. So why can't humans have the same rights as other humans?

    Unfortunately you're just throwing a straw man.
    If you could give a valid argument as to why SSM should be banned and rights of homosexuals should be restricted with good evidence no one would harass you.

    Unfortunately there's nothing but blind speculation and bigotry to support that. There are no studies saying gays are morally wrong (ie higher crime rate) nor that homosexuals' children are destroyed by having 2 parents of the same gender.

    But please go on how homosexuals' rights should be restricted because homosexuals are wrong (which basically means because they're different).
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    Holy crap.
    First, homosexuals has absolutely nothing more to do with transexuals than heterosexuals, please stop bringing them into the discussion, make your own if you want to discuss it. You SHOULD be disliked for voicing out against something that has no negative consequence yet you hate only because of your bigotry. If you have a discussion, go ahead, if not, keep it to yourself. Again, you are only pointing out cases where people abuse the system. That again does not apply to homosexuals and their rights only, thus warrants its own thread. Just to point out though, those are faults of the system and of those individuals and should have nothing to do with the rights of the discriminated people.
  12. Ali Radicali

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    That should depend on context: is the person voicing that opinion doing so as a private citizen, or is he representing a group, an organisation or the voting public?
    People have a right to hold beliefs, but they don't always have the right to express them. A politician railing against "immoral" homosexuals DOES deserve a good bigotry charge, because his private (religious) opinions should not factor in his political conduct. If he has rational reasons for saying what he says, that's another matter, but making policy on dogma or a gut feeling deserves to be called out for the irrational BS it is.

    I disagree wholeheartedly with that sentiment, and most people should. Your rights shouldn't end when I get butt-hurt or offended, your rights should end where they are causing demonstrable harm to MY rights.
    Causing offense has nothing to do with this. The issue is spreading hate, misinformation annd discriminatory legistlation, not hurt feelings.

    I find it hugely ironic that you're using this mantra while at the same time playing the very same butthurt prosecution card about how you're being oppressed for your bigotry.

    If the pageant is organised by a private company, then they have every right to accept or reject any applications. They can be as bigoted as they want to be, unless they're breaking their own guidelines.

    I can imagine that, and depeding on the precise circumstances, they might be wrong to take action against the pageant organisers. But all your hypothetical overreaction scenario proves is that there are cases where you're free to be just as bigoted as you want to be, just as long as you comply to the law. It doesn't invalidate all the cases were bigots were in violation of the law and got punished for it. The KKK and the Boy Scouts can be just as discriminatory as they want to be in selecting their members, but being bigots excludes them from, say, government endorsement.
    I'm free to claim the earth is flat and carried around the universe by a giant panda. I'm just not allowed to make that claim in a hgh-school science class. HELP HELP I'M BEING OPPRESSED!

    Do you have a problem with black people? Wait, never mind, you probably do.

    Anyway, what's the problem with shunning KKK-members, Nazis or other bigoted groups? Why should we make a big exception for your opinion?
  13. Banned

    Banned Banned


    5th to 6th panel

    What a nazi woman!

    just because people dislike doesn't mean they hate.
    Dislike meaning they'd try to avoid them as much as possible
    Hate is to oppose as much as possible.

    ,hell does anyone of you have gay acquaintances?Didn't know he was gay but after that it is still ok however I'd really avoid gay friends as much as possible not because I hate them its because I dislike them, I don't like gays. But I'm not homophobic. I do not have an irrational fear against them I just don't like the way they act, the unnecessary drama and other things that comes with being gay.I'm tolerant I would not say anything bad about them but I prefer not being close.

    Like I'm straight and you're gay we could be acquaintances but I don't think we could fuck.

    Is that homophobic?NO.

    I'm not saying gays should be Banned :cool1: but to throw slangs at those who opposes you while preaching tolerance is just such a big bullshit and hypocrisy.

    In anycase about the jew thing,
    The very concept of antisemitism is stupid.
    Being pro palestine == antisemitism? Yeah no

    Though you are pretty much correct that I do think that the media is feeding us shit.
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    From what I HEARD from many they DID find a gene for it. But there is none?
  15. Ali Radicali

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    You really want to discuss the morality of the woman married to the mutant cat in the strawman MS paint comic? I wasn't calling anyone a nazi, I was simply saying that prejudice against bigots like the KKK and neonazis is perfectly acceptable.
    DO you have a reason for your dislike? Is their existence causing you harm? Or is it irrational(not to mention most likely based on indoctrination, overgeneralisation and a skewed sample? Tell me, have you actually met a lot of gay people? Interacted with them in a non-superficial way?

    If your only reason for opposing gay marriage is the fact that the notion of gay people makes you feel queasy, then apparently you think your feelings trump their human rights.

    I'm sorry, but that's not how a constitutional democracy works. We make laws based on actions and consequences, not gut feelings and heartfelt beliefs. Get over your irrational dislike and either come up with some real reasons (maybe expose yourself to actual gay people, yikes!), or just realise that your dislike of gay people isn't rational.

    We have a winner here. That isn't homophobic, but if that's your position, why would you oppose same sex marriage? Maybe if that guy was allowed to marry another guy, he wouldn't be coming on to you!

    The hypocrisy is claiming persecution when we take away your persecution tools. Giving people equal rights isn't infringing on the rights of the nutters who think those people don't deserve equal rights.

    Your right to believe idiotic things doesn't prevent me or others from pointing out that it's idiotic, and in this case, harmful and bigoted.

    Stop coughing up this zionist strawman. Being against anti-semitism doesn't mean you're pro-Isreal you moron. You can hold any position you want on the political israel-palestine conflict without having to hold irrational overgeneralisations about jewish people (or muslims for that matter).

    The problem is your constant equivocation of the actions of specific jewish people to some sort of all-encompassing racial mores, which is laughable and bigoted tripe. It's like holding "americans" accountable for the kind of utter garbage that gets aired by Bill O'Reilly and the likes. The crazy zionists are just as representative of Judaism as the crazy Dominionists in the US, or the crazy suicide terrorists for that matter...
  16. Mazoku

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    World is flat? Better tell them an invisible and ethereal beeing that is everywere at the same time will torture them forever if they dont do as his set of ambigous and self contradicting rules command. OFC they are lucky, because you are the only one that can truly understand what his rules truly mean.

    2 Friends.

    Beeing sissy has nothing to do with beeing gay.

    So aparently you dont have problems with gay people, you just dislike non-manly males. If you can at least understand this then i think lots of progress will be made.
  17. Banned

    Banned Banned

    No just look at how calmly she said her words and the reaction of the cat

    She didn't say anything extreme yet she was treated and branded various things by the cat. That's the very point I've been projecting through out this time. People disliking things getting extreme reactions from liberals.

    I do not hate gays, I dislike them.

    And if I voice it out and disagree with it. Why are you telling me that I'm homophobic?

    I am not screaming FAG DRAG!!!

    I am saying I don't like it.

    Simple as that I don't like it. I do not approve of it. But if it happens I cannot do anything about it, But still I don't like it.

    Now these people now would scream at me "HOMOPHOBIC! BIGOT! RACIST". Hell yeah now what?I'm homophobic now because I dislike it?


    The very implication of it is what annoys me. That If you don't like it then you must hate it!

    now this does not only apply to gays etc.

    Do you like dota?
    Yes?End of story

    Can't you just dislike?

    Honestly whatever issue these guys talk about its always have been a
    my taste > your taste.

    and the elitism of course, be it for whoever god or having gay marriage or dota its always been a way to shove to other people how superior they are compared to them.

    And if you see things that way you'd understand how much bullshit is going around.

    Now before I started to derail this into a tinfoil hat jewish conspiracy

    Do you know that you can be sued for holding a pro palestinian protest on the base of antisemitism?

    Don't you think its just bullshit?Are Palestinians not semites?So holding a prosemite rally is antisemitic?

    By their definition criticizing israel = antisemitism.

    Or asking for proof of the holocaust could send you to jail for 22 years if you're not re-educated?

  18. Banned

    Banned Banned

    I dislike them, I may work with them in the future I'd treat them professionally and with respect but we would never be close. No fucking way I'm going to like it when these people talk about who's cock they sucked today, or going to help them get close to another friend of mine just because they have a crush on him. Sure its a double standard women do that to and I dislike it too am I anti woman if don't like slutty women?. Its not homophobic I just don't like their sexual preference. Does that mean I'm homophobic? Should you appreciate goatse to prove you're not homophobic?
  19. Mazoku

    Mazoku Well-Known Member

    Let me make a better example:

    Do you like dota?
    -No, i think ppl that play dota shouldnt have equal rights-->WTF?

    No, it just means you dislike some attitudes, its perfectly fine. I dislike ppl that wear cups yet i would never deny them rights. If someone even suggest giving them inferior rights just because they wear cups i would go as far as to suport them the "cup organization" in every way i can.

    You become a bigot the moment you say "im against gay marriage because i dislike gay people". With that exact same argument you can go as far as denying rights to everyone you dislike.

    You should improve your tolerance skills if you still think they should have inferior rights.
  20. Ali Radicali

    Ali Radicali Well-Known Member

    You're being ridiculous. Your MS paint scribble is not an accurate representation of reality, present or future, stop pretending it is. Whenever we criticise your position, you immediately come up with this elaborate hyperbole how tolerating gay people means you have to help gay people hook up or discuss anal sex on a daily basis. I don't get where you're getting this bullshit from. I assume you don't discuss the intimate details of your sex life with complete strangers, and who you befriend is entirely up to you, so if you don't want to discuss gay sex, don't get close with gay people, or tell them yoou're not comfortable discussing that sort of thing lol. Not that I think gay people would be interested in befriending someone who is physically appalled by the notion of their sexuality, but that's another matter.

    We're not criticising you for having an opinion, although we think yours is irrational. We're criticising you for thinking that your opinion trumps the rights of other people.
    If you keep your personal preferences private and don't try to enforce them then there shouldn't be a problem. As long as you keep them to yourself, you can have any number of wacky ideas and bigotries. The problem is that the anti-gay lobby doesn't try to keep their opinions to themselves. Not only are they actively trying to legistlate their opinion, they're also actively promoting the bigotry meme among imprssionable youngsters and spreading lies and misinformation. When faced with this sort of dangerous disregard for societal wellbeing, i think it's absolutely justified to paint the bigoted lot of you with a broad brush rather than trying to figure out how actively you hold your convictions, what your gaybashing quota is etc.

    Let's make an analogy to the KKK here. 100 years ago, these folks were still spreading lies and misinformation and terrorising black people in the south. What changed? The difference isn't that racists don't exist anymore, and we certainly didn't go up to every racist and politely ask him if he acted on his bigoted beliefs before publicly denouncing and criticising these beliefs as harmful, bigoted, backwards and irrational. No, the difference is that the racist meme got ridiculed and marginalised to the point where it's untenable to hold such a backwards position and still be taken seriously.

    The fact you seem to be missing is that NOT all opinions are equal, no matter what you've been told in kindergarten. Your taste in music or ice cream might be personal, private, irrational and beyond reproach, but your opinion on other groups of people isn't. Whether your favourite colour is red or blue, chances are you wont be out there harming people who disagree with your opinion on colours. Whether you prefer chocolate or vanilla ice cream, chances are you wont be enforcing vanilla-only marriages and marginalising chocolate lovers. If someone tells you that they're personally deeply offended by the sight of chocolate ice cream and insists that ice cream parlours shouldn't sell that flavour, you'd laugh in their faces, and be perfectly justified in doing so.

    Everyone has the right to have an opinion. That right doesn't mean their opinion is beyond criticism. If your beliefs are stupid or irrational, I'm not oppressing you or alienating your rights by pointing that out. If you don't want to be called a bigot, either find a rational reason to oppose homosexuals or stop opposing them altogether.

    Umm, well, yeah. You dislike an entire segment of the population because of stereotypes and discomfort at the thought of gay sex.
    You're allowed to like or dislike things for whatever inane reason you want. That doesn't mean that we need to make the rules cater to your whims. If your reasons for liking or disliking things are irrational, we have every right to point that out.
    I like dota. but that doesn't mean I think it should be mandatory for all kids to play it. I don't think we should ban other games (no, not even LOL and HON).
    Nice projection there buddy. You accuse of of holding our opinion in higher esteem than yours (which is obviously true for all of us, otherwise it wouldn't be our opinion). BUT, whereas we're pleading for equality under a constitution that protects the minorities from the whimsical opinion of the majority, you're pleading for mob rule where the opinion of the homophobes trumps the rights of the gay people.
    The constitution which protects gay people from discrimination is the very same constitution that protects homophobes, racists and neonazis from being persecuted for their beliefs; and while I think those people are wrong and offensive, I don't think they should be jailed or prosecuted for their convictions, only their (potential) actions.

    This isn't "my opinion > your opinion", this is "gay people's rights > your butthurt QQ"