[Hilarious]Perfect Sniper Item Build List

Discussion in 'Comedy' started by KiReNnA~!, Jan 19, 2010.

  1. KiReNnA~!

    KiReNnA~! Well-Known Member

    I found this at someone's blog from blogspot.com and I thought it was pretty funny so I decide to share it at PlayDota.com
    I laughed after re-reading it over and over again. :rofl:

  2. joebh

    joebh Banned

    6 boots > ur build any day of the week
  3. AduhAwas

    AduhAwas Well-Known Member

    Where's two divine rapiers and a blink?
  4. dominator02

    dominator02 Well-Known Member

    can you give me/us the link of that you found it?
  5. Swiftkick

    Swiftkick Well-Known Member

    The ultimate Troll? :shock:
  6. Zoron

    Zoron Well-Known Member

    I thought this was suppose to be funny ...................
  7. TheAmerican

    TheAmerican Well-Known Member

    Not funny.
    Battlefury Sniper works.
  8. Bengal_Tigger

    Bengal_Tigger Well-Known Member

    Not incredibly funny but far more amusing than any of the responses in this thread. It lived up to but did not exceed my expectations for this kind of thread.
  9. Dragon_Fogel

    Dragon_Fogel Well-Known Member

    Ken Situ's blog
    Google ftw
  10. Window Washer

    Window Washer Member

    I thought arcane ring on sniper was a good idea.
  11. Pro.

    Pro. Banned

    This build might suck and all but this sniper would still own SB's I disable myself for 4 sec and go purple sup ass.
  12. Manta

    Manta Well-Known Member

    Will try.
  13. random.org

    random.org Well-Known Member

    I kinda miss Vanguard and SnY :(
  14. Meur

    Meur Well-Known Member

    either move to comedy, or prefarably, close this shit.
  15. wutwat

    wutwat Well-Known Member

    vladimirs lifesteal only works for melee heroes
  16. meanmachine

    meanmachine Well-Known Member

  17. Meur

    Meur Well-Known Member

    psh, you're obviously obsolete, everyone knows when the +damage aura was introduced, the lifesteal aura was changed from melee only, to melee and ranged.
  18. MeePwn

    MeePwn Well-Known Member

    wat boots do i hav to use ??? i try dis build
  19. Meur

    Meur Well-Known Member

    ^ you nid nike's
  20. 0verp0wer_BR

    0verp0wer_BR Well-Known Member

    ^^ Boots are for losers.
    You're not running from anyone with this build, and you'r not in a hurry for some killing, then there's no reason for boots.

    And you got no empty space in the inventory, anyway