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  1. Ethiel

    Ethiel Well-Known Member

    Dota takes too much time for my life.

    Yes, thats a pic of my butt. Best quality I can do to not get banned.

    Oh thanks. I think Foede told me about it, but I call bullshit.
  2. BetaKey

    BetaKey Well-Known Member

    how is life being foede's wife? dont forget to name one of your kids after me
  3. SpiritBaker

    SpiritBaker Well-Known Member

    Thicc life
  4. CAFO

    CAFO Well-Known Member

    Hi, eth.
  5. Ethiel

    Ethiel Well-Known Member

    Here some pics for the shippers.

    We went to drink some beers
    Here at a party
    We went on vacation together too
    And at the local bar having fun
    I'm not dating Foede, he's a really good friend <3
  6. Beary

    Beary Well-Known Member

    indeed :cat:
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