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  1. Ethiel

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    Hi, I'm Ethiel, I still hate you all but my friend Fode told me some fgts missed my sweet sweet butt. Can I say butt? I don't know this place anymore.
    It's the same old sad hole I guess...

    Just a little msj for the faggits:

    sickness84: I saw your msj, then went online and it seems I blocked you. So I'm guessing you're annoying AF. Don't remember.

    Qu4nTumPcX: I don't remember much of you... I think you where fine.

    ShowThemHell: This forum is the lowest creppe.

    Silxer: Domo.


    KingMurdoc: What a sexy avatar you got there ^^

    Louie.Muted: I don't remember when was the last time I made a sandwich.

    little_gizka: Spiders <3

    CynthiaCrescent: I have you in facebook WTF?! Just talk to me! >:[

    Foede: REPORTED WORST ADMIN. 12 days to tell me about that sad thread!
    Just kidding, see you on caturday to catch some pokes :D

    Now about me:
    I'm too busy guys. I'm studing, working and suffering trying to train/learn karate. I barely have time for some Overwatch and social life. I hope all of you are alive and well.

    Here for the fappy ones:


    Ima read this a few times and then leave the fuck out. Kissus~~~*
  2. MWaser

    MWaser Well-Known Member

    Thread begins with mentions of sweet butts but none appeared in the end.

    False advertising.
  3. SpiritBaker

    SpiritBaker Well-Known Member

    This is 4chan. Of course you can say butt. Also, butts or GTFO
  4. Akhdas

    Akhdas Well-Known Member

    hello, what is your top 5 movie by adam sandler? ty.
  5. BetaKey

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  6. Mr. BoB

    Mr. BoB Well-Known Member

    Welcome back you dummy.
  7. DarkMessiah7

    DarkMessiah7 Well-Known Member

    None of these makes any sense but this one even more. Why karate? I got bored of it when i was 11

  8. Beary

    Beary Well-Known Member

    Ethiel came back because of pdr hype.

    Which will happen first? Ethiel returns or pdr.
  9. Rickaby

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    Thanks for the Vietnam style flashbacks
  10. ZealotCatfish

    ZealotCatfish Well-Known Member

    Who is he?
  11. SkyforgerXVIII

    SkyforgerXVIII Well-Known Member

    Murdoc is still around?
  12. DrFrank_

    DrFrank_ Well-Known Member

    Combine AIDS and Ebola together and you get sickness84.
  13. DarkMessiah7

    DarkMessiah7 Well-Known Member

    Seems like raptor man was passing by to delete comments.

    This is getting old.
    Just move to reddit already.
  14. MWaser

    MWaser Well-Known Member

    Haemorrhagic fever with immunodefficiency? That's quite a sickness indeed
  15. Eutychius

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  16. SzotyMAG~

    SzotyMAG~ Well-Known Member

    Nothing new on the forums, just some new fags who are progressively ruining this place
  17. DarkMessiah7

    DarkMessiah7 Well-Known Member

    Well then someone else did.
    Mi scusi :ninja:.
  18. Eutychius

    Eutychius Moderator

    According to my magic moderator powers, no post was deleted in this thread. I think you have mixed up some thread posts.
  19. Eli_Green

    Eli_Green Well-Known Member

    >still getting triggered by PD mods

    Ayy lmao
  20. Life-Stealer

    Life-Stealer Well-Known Member

    Ah, veo que volviste.

    Also, when/where PDR?