Heroism sells.

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  1. kildat017

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    As I finished watching... let's say its about a soldier movie. It was good and all, until an epiphany came to me

    "That's because hero stories and such sell". Nobody would watch a boring movie.

    And I was like "WAIT A MINUTE HERE". I dunno what made me think of that, but it bugged me like mad. If heroism do sell, then... what about those historical "national heroes"? and come to think of it, each nation DOES have its own national hero or something. Then... are those historical heroes are one big lie? They were catered just to sell?


    assuming that is true, who's gonna benefit from it? even if history classes are compulsory, and they get money from it, history doesn't need to "sell". I'm missing something here.

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    Ever wondered why each and every coin out there, each have their own "hero" sculpted in it? Just putting it out there.
  2. Eutychius

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    Heroes don't "sell" per se. It's just a need for humans to have heroes to look up to for qualities they would like to have themselves. National heroes are often used in this way to promote nationalism or propaganda with the premise of "we all already have the characteristics of this great man because we have common heritage" which is wrong of course.

    Heroes are kind of the needed dose of national pride and personal aspirations of humans. And it's not new. Heroes like Hercules existed since antiquity and even in modern day, figures like super heroes are often seen as symbols. A good example would be Superman or Captain America (very subtle :cat: ).
  3. kildat017

    kildat017 Well-Known Member

    and who would benefit from this? military? the non-existent "country"?

    since you mentioned Captain America, there's definitely more than this. Would someone from the top ladder benefit from said comic?
  4. Eutychius

    Eutychius Moderator

    Promoting nationalism comes as a common thing in all countries. Patriotism happens for the sake of it.

    Comic book heroes benefit the state overall. If a country has citizens which adhere to some sort of heroes-symbols, the state is definitely getting promoted for its "values" like Captain America and the "American" values.
  5. TwoHourMotel

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    Wasn't captain America invented during the cold war? Cause that would explain a lot in the context of this thread.
  6. Eutychius

    Eutychius Moderator

    World War II actually. Same premise.
  7. TwoHourMotel

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    Yeah figured it was one of the two.
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    It seems like this question can only be answered when we look at the specific heroes. For so many of them there is absolutely no reason to doubt their existence. Some are so recent that the evidence is obviously not faked.

    I for one don't care much for where the person comes from. Whether he is from my own country or not they are equally inspirational.
  9. kildat017

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    ^aaand history is bent.

    Here's a good example from Ferdinand Magellan. He was killed by the natives in the Philippines. Over there in the PH he is considered the first hero, but to other countries he's treated like some barbaric bullshit. Which should I believe in?
  10. Eutychius

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    Bias is kind of the norm for national heroes. It's only natural that a national hero of some country is someone else's undoing in the scope of history.
  11. kildat017

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    I'll assume that these "heroes" are nothing more than biases, but still for what purpose? Sure, I get that people just love hero stories and whatnot, but who exactly is gonna benefit from this? I'm thinking of

    1. Military. They can "advertise" said false heroes and convince them to join their ranks. Only to find out Private Joe is gonna answer to their whims, no questions asked. Private Joe loses his "humanity" and he's now the property of the nation, so he loses his rights to retort or suffer insubordination, or so I heard.

    2. Senators and Congressmen. After stuffing "hero stuff" to the throats of the commonfags, they "borrow" their "legacy" so that they could write laws that fit their whims and needs.

    3. government in general. They'll ask stuff like "what can you do for your country?" and "hero X did this, did that, but what about you?", thereby imposing taxes. I don't need to explain how taxes do not actually reach to its intended target, right?