Heroes of the Storm (Blizzard All-Stars)

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    A thread about everything Blizzard DotALoL related!

    Discuss about everything related to Blizzard DotALoL (hero models, skills, terain, items, etc.) and feel free to speculate and post things you think would be good if they get implemented in Blizzard DotALoL and also what would you personally like to see in that game.

    Also, feel free to provide any info you can about the game!

    Here are 4 videos about it I found:

    Here's also a link to SC(2) Wiki with some info about it.
    Here are some hero models with both good and evil look.
    Pics of shops: 1 & 2
    Here is an article about Blizzard DotA.
    It contains some info which may explain why Blizzard didn't hire IceFrog for the job!

    Here is my post on this thread with my review of the Blizzard DotA in it's current state.

    I wonder is there any more info about it since it looks even better than DotA(2) in some aspects, and I wonder which one will end up being a better game!
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    Re: Blizzard DotA

    ^stfu, thats NOT BLIZZARD DOTA.

    thats an old shitty dota-like mod, made by FANS

    SOTIS is made by FANS
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    Re: Blizzard DotA

    why do people even compare this to Dota 2 ?
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    Re: Blizzard DotA


    OT: They said they are completely reworking it, 1 sec I'll try to find the source.
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    Re: Blizzard DotA

    If it's made from Blizzard, then there are all reasons to compare it to Dota 2.

    Valve and Blizzard make great games, so this could - and will be - a hard challenge for Dota 2, especially it's one worthy opponent to Dota 2.

    So for those who don't like Dota 2, and got StarCraft 2, could be satisfied from a other game, instead of Valves Dota 2.
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    Re: Blizzard DotA

    Blzzard has more experience with RTS , however dota has better fanboys that suck IF frozen genitals.
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    Re: Blizzard DotA

    Yo, Blizzard Dota, I'm very happy for you, Im'ma let you finish...but Valve has one of the best DotA creators of all time !

    Now for the serious part: Blizzard Dota won't be succesful because there can be only one Dota, and that is our Dota. Unless Blizzard makes a 1:1 replica of WC3 DotA in terms of heroes, abilities, items, map and everything, it willbe another DotA clone and will fail just like HoN and LoL.
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    Re: Blizzard DotA

    The second video op linked would be a valid source :)
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    Re: Blizzard DotA

    Blizzard DotA will be a fun game like the original DotA was.

    Valve DotA will be a competitive game like the current DotA is.

    Aeon of Strife is still the only game in the DotA genre to have that epic feel, to the point of even making it fun to play single-player (as in vs creeps alone, not vs bots).

    League of Legends is a non-serious game, yet it fails to capture the fun of Eul's DotA or what Blizzard DotA will probably turn out to be.

    HoN is just a crappy copy of DotA with worse balancing that tries to be tryhard but fails.

    AoS > DotA/Dota2 > Blizzard DotA > LoL > HoN
  12. ReVil-

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    Re: Blizzard DotA

    True, but Blizzard is a company of many experiened workers.
    So it's a balanced "fight".

    In the end, when both games are released, reviews, tests, and so on will truly tell which of those both is the better game.
  13. Lithary

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    Re: Blizzard DotA

    Maybe because of 'DotA' part? :p:

    Blizzard has a whole team of experienced game developers which is not something that can be ignored.
    Valve and IceFrog will have to sweat blood if they wish to surpass Blizzard DotA.

    Blizzard is a big boy and competing with him is to step in a whole new league.
    Even if they don't copy WC3 DotA, they still could make something awesome as hell.

    For starters, I simply love WH40K feeling that it has and whole chess theme.
  14. hajasmarci

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    Re: Blizzard DotA

    Blizz Dota is just a SC2 map, nobody wants to review maps as much as whole games.
  15. SilentSeason

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    Re: Blizzard DotA

    Can anyone tell me whats the diffrence between Dota 2 and LOL or HON? Now its the same shit, I just hope that most of people will still play the standard dota.
  16. Lykus

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    Re: Blizzard DotA

    no, blizzard is making a standalone game called 'blizzard dota'

    OT: I think it will be pretty cool, i saw that one video where they said all the hero's will be parts of the starcraft/warcraft/diablo lore
  17. DarthBotto

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    Re: Blizzard DotA

    No it's not, it's a StarCraft II map, alongside Aiur Chef and Bejeweled. It's supposed to be released alongside Heart of the Swarm.
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    Re: Blizzard DotA

    Bet it'll be like HoN or DotA ALLSTARS
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    Re: Blizzard DotA

    Nice low blow from Blizzard, I thought better of them.
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    Re: Blizzard DotA

    The only reason I cant wait for Dota 2 is that for once there are no enigne limitations and everythings codable (and not full of bugs and work-arounds like the current version).

    I honestly don't see the point of going back to the shit of having to play with a system that is clearly not made to handle the game.