Heroes of Newerth

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    Recreated the first post on this thread since the original poster (Sayan) defaced it.


    This thread is for the discussion of Heroes of Newerth, by S2 Games (Heroes of Newerth).
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  2. Healy

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    This is seriously the biggest rip off ever, LoL is from one of the makers of dota so it has alot of ground to use the concept and they changed graphics and game play, but this is EXACTLY dota with better graphics, everything down to the shop locations, roshan, voids ulti (and theme, just different name), 4 abilities total, the creeps, the sentinels v scourge theme, the towers, even the warcraft 3 ui.

    nothing can be done about this because anything in wc3 belongs to blizzard but surely this would annoy bliz? it will hurt people playing their games because of a complete ripoff of their ui and from what it looks like game mechanics.

    (blizz wont care much though because they dont make money from wc3 i suppose)
  3. Death Jester

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    Gotta agree with Healy.

    Is that Chronsphere in the third picture?
  4. Wow. 1vs1 copy ftw! What cheapass bastards.
  5. Sayan

    Sayan Banned

    Some of you guys said the same thing about Demigod when it first previewed and LOL when it first previewed, don't judge it yet on its alpha stage, it could be very different or maybe not::no:

    Anyways I haven't played it yet so my opinion about it won't matter since it will be very biased but it looks very similar to Dota except it has better graphics and minor changes to GUI...
  6. HunteR_

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    I've been beta testing Heroes of Newerth for a while now, as well as League of Legends, they're both great titles. Both have roots in dota, glad to see the genre grow, it's why I'm building the upcoming site for the new Genre "MOBA" Multiplayer Online Battle Arena.

    I'm not sure why people get hostile, it's the love for dota that spawned all these great ideas for the advancement of the genre.

    I'll keep you all updated on the latest scoop here: http://MOBAgamers.com
  7. EcceLex

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    lol, they didn't even change the map (judging by the minimap)...
  8. Longinus

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    Fuck those bastards, they just want to make graphical wise ripoffs to get people to buy them, they didnt have the enough creativity to create something new and innovative, so "oh ya lets copy dota and make money out of it" im pretty sure it wont be as balanced and addictive as the original dota. Also the fact that in every 100%nonfree game you can buy benefits with $$$.
    fckemall they wont advance the genre, they will make it business + $.
  9. DirtyEpic

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    wtf is this? nothing compares to dota :D
  10. Slinky

    Slinky Well-Known Member

    look at the minimap

    Does that remind you of something?
  11. Duel

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    OMFG... this is such an obvious, blatant ripoff... it's nothing but DotA iwth better graphics. THEY DIDNT EVEN CHANGED THE FUCKING HEROES OR ITEMS STATS. Look at picture 3. Chronos... chronosphere... That's Void! What are his items... Those two things resemble Wraith Bands, and the third one is red, shiny boots... Strength Treads. So, out of curiosity, I went to http://www.dota-allstars.com/heroes because you can add items to heroes there and check their stats) Guess what? Void with Power Treads and Two Wraiths on 6 level has the same exact stats except armor as this Chronos. EVEN MOVESPEED MATCHES. Ok, the Roshan picture... After some research it came out to be Slardar, EVERY STAT PERFECTLY MATCHES (well, dota's slardar has 4,4 armor and the one on the picture has 4,38 but its very minor diff) The hero ''Behemoth'' from the first picture is in fact Earthshaker, and his items are boots, 2 bracers and some item i wasnt able to identify, thou it doesnt give any stats (my bet is consumable/magic stick)
    And, yet again, every stat matches.


    DONT BUY THIS SHIT. I don't say it because I don't like DotA copies, but because you can't expect anything good from developers who can only copy/steal things from other games. I bet that if they won't copy in future from not yet made versions of DotA, they won't be able to balance jackshit. They can only copy, or so it seems. But if they do copy from new DotA vers, it will basically be same thing as DotA with better graphics, but NOT FREE. I prefer the original, free game, then the one from guys who copied it, improved graphics, and tries to make money with no effort.
  12. IceFrog

    IceFrog Administrator

    They contacted me a few years ago to ask if I had any objections to them doing a game heavily based on DotA, which I didn't. I don't really mind all these new games (6 total now I think), competition is a good thing in the long run. I will still work hard to develop and improve DotA on WC3 for everyone that is still interested in it.
  13. Sup3RN0Va

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    how can a famous developer be so unselfish...regards!
  14. Slinky

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    Dota's still the "big daddy" out of them all right IceFrog?
  15. Pabe

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    There's nothing really wrong with this.

    In fact, Dota should take it as a compliment.
    If a game's that good. People are bound to copy it in some way.
  16. Sayan

    Sayan Banned

    There you happy with that, the Ice has spoken so anyone saying its a ripoff and all can go shove bricks up there ***::eek:uch:
  17. Death Jester

    Death Jester Well-Known Member

    I filly welcome any DotA-like, and while I was not around for the assumed shit storm when Demigod was announced, I welcomed that (and bought it). The problem is...well, these guys have not even made an effort to change the map.

  18. BrunoX

    BrunoX Member

    ya, I've been beta testing this game for couple of weeks now, DotA and HoN are real similar, both great games.
  19. Sayan

    Sayan Banned

    Since you are on the Beta testing team and you say the game is very similar to Dota...

    Why would we prefer Dota over HON if it's axactly the same game? Also is it free?
  20. Death Jester

    Death Jester Well-Known Member

    I doubt it will be free at first. S2 Games is known for making their games for free after a certain amount of time. I still buy it tho, because they are an awesome company.