[Hero Model]Ursa Warrior

Discussion in 'Visuals' started by Broodmother, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. Broodmother

    Broodmother Well-Known Member

    credit to: http://www.playdota.com/forums/109794/hero-model-ursa-warrior/

    this is a reminder I have posted to remake this model to a Furbolg with the sexy leaves one the back.


    PROS :
    •More sexy,wild,fuckin strong.
    •More animation.
    •More match concept with a word Warrior.

    CONS :
    •People are more used to older model.
  2. Jaxune

    Jaxune Banned

    I like the one with the sexy leaves more.
  3. mobitout

    mobitout Active Member

    Nothing's wrong with the old model.
    It's fine as it is
  4. TWISTER300

    TWISTER300 Well-Known Member

    t-up for the orange one :D
  5. B.M.K.

    B.M.K. Well-Known Member

    Furbolg with the sexy leaves one the back.T-up
  6. ZΣD

    ZΣD Well-Known Member

    Current ursa have armor and realy looks like Ursa warrior


  7. Broodmother

    Broodmother Well-Known Member

    the orange one is has not a player color
    i think it is too hard to see what team he is?
  8. envenger

    envenger Well-Known Member

    the 2nd one looks great
  9. melody10511

    melody10511 Well-Known Member

    As ZED said, the current one has armors, so I don't think find the suggested ones better.
  10. Broodmother

    Broodmother Well-Known Member

    change to a cool model
    current one is ok(with a fatty body and a lot of lipid). but give he look more cool shape!
  11. Abomination-

    Abomination- Well-Known Member

    It does have a player color the stripes on his back change to match player color.
  12. NoThlnG

    NoThlnG Well-Known Member

    Old one looks more like warrior to me
  13. SUperPhat

    SUperPhat Well-Known Member

    I like the current one since it's black and it looks powerful than cuddly than something with leaves.
  14. dominator02

    dominator02 Well-Known Member

    current one is warrior-ish and has armor.:thumbdown:.
  15. MaunG

    MaunG Active Member

    Naked Ursa? Nah..

    I like the old one. More powerful n tanker..
    Yes.. Call him, Ursa warrior..
  16. inthezone

    inthezone Well-Known Member

    Orange is so eye-candy! I see orange, i run away! I mean it's so easy to notice!
    nahh... don't change anything!
  17. Nerevarie

    Nerevarie Banned

    sexy leaves look much better
  18. Black.Lotus

    Black.Lotus Well-Known Member

    That looks so ugly... instant T-DOWN!!
  19. Gno

    Gno Active Member

  20. Monsterlord

    Monsterlord Banned

    Armour suits a hero-level Furbolg.