HELP -Lanaya ITEM/SKILL build and strategy

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by tatoyjayson, Sep 2, 2010.

  1. tatoyjayson

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    I just want to have any suggestions on what should i do when using lanaya.
    Especially how to gank with lanaya, i usually start off with a trap,refract,meld-hit combo but when i try to tower drive, I end up not killing the enemy or worst (I end up dead)please wait 2 seconds for an uncompressed image, or press Ctrl+F5 for original quality page

    thanks in advance....
  2. HeadlessFrogMan

    HeadlessFrogMan Well-Known Member

    Main spec refraction get dagger + deso = autowin
  3. tatoyjayson

    tatoyjayson Member

    ^ ohh thanks.. but how can i execute well the combo? for me not to end up as fail?
  4. Nikmar-official

    Nikmar-official Well-Known Member

    Why don't you read guides regarding Lanaya instead of posting another thread?

    Click here and here.
  5. tatoyjayson

    tatoyjayson Member

    @nickmar : ahm..yep thanks and sorry for the thread...

    and ohw, by the way the replay in the 2nd guide cannot be played T_T... do u have some interesting lanaya replays? thankz..
  6. tatoyjayson

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    @ nikmar : Thankz and sori for the thread and i've already followed those guides but I still have problems. and I just want to get some other ideas.
    (im just amazed how a well played lanaya owns its enemies)
    i just want to be like that ^_^
  7. over9000

    over9000 Well-Known Member

    Lanaya can solo mid well, due to refraction, which allows her to stay longer in the lane and meld due to its high bonus damage and - armor you should also get bottle for early game and rune whore.

    How to gank:
    If u have dagger use refraction then blink, try to get close towards your attack range, if you didn't just try to get closer then use meld then, use your ultimate as close as your enemy then activate it then just keep attacking, you may blink again and use meld and your ulti.

    Well if you don't have it yet just plant a trap, or activate a trap that is already in range of the enemy, then activate refraction, make sure you know her attack range, just try to get as close as possible while activating meld then attack and just use whatever skill you have like mentioned before.

    Item build in order (core):

    :ptagi::dagger::stygi::manta: :bfly::tp:
    Well thats what I usually buy, you may change some of the items such as having travels and mkb etc.

    As for skill build 1 lvl of psi blades and max meld and then skill refraction whenever possible
  8. tatoyjayson

    tatoyjayson Member

    @over9000 : thank u much!... do u have some lanaya replays?
  9. RaiKay

    RaiKay Well-Known Member

    I usually go refraction + meld build, as it's pretty much a sure win in any situation. However, adapt to the circumstances. In one game, I got one point of meld then maxxed psi-blades and refraction (regardless of what you do, max refraction first). I was in a lane with 2 melee heroes, and this allowed me to harass and outfarm them from early game.
  10. ChibiNya

    ChibiNya Well-Known Member

    Bottle is sometimes said to be a core item on her as she is able to make good use of all the runes and can always use more mana. Also you should plant traps at the runespots so you can whore them like a master ^_^

    And yeah, Treads/Dagger/Deso is the standard build.

    Don't towerdive unless you have Dagger and is sure kill.

    Don't try to get the Meld attack all the time, sometimes it can really slow you down.
  11. Pascale

    Pascale Well-Known Member

    also add in bkb too. Especially before you get luxury items like butterfly.

    Refract enables you to take a few hits with ease but once its out you are pretty squishy and disables eat you alive. So you need some survivability to keep putting out that nasty damage in between your refractions and meld jukes (also note that some abilities or items give damage in small bursts or over time and they really destroy your refract, radiance for instance ruins your dagger and your refract quick thus u need that nice magic immunity to keep fighting during team fights).
  12. wd.Ripper

    wd.Ripper Well-Known Member

    What ?

    OT ; Phase Boots, Deso, Dagger, Bottle. If the game drags on you're doing it wrong. But Manta Style & Butterfly are good luxuries
    level 1 Psi Blades, Refraction > Meld, Ulti whenever possible.

    You're ganking is fine imo, same way as I do it, but try to gank targets that are further away from their towers. It's not a very good idea to towerdive in order to gank a full-hp hero ofc.
  13. tatoyjayson

    tatoyjayson Member

    ohhhw..thanks for the replies guys.! ^_^
    I'm playing lanaya until now sincei opened this thread... and I think I'm improving but still having some small problems laning and deciding when to gank or when to farm. In laning, my enemy cant bully me but the problem is i cant bully him too. Is it normal? or should I harass the hell out of him? And if yes, HOW? . thanks
  14. ChibiNya

    ChibiNya Well-Known Member

    With no access to Stout Shield, QB or Range... Lanaya is pretty limited in lane. You shouldn't really harrass because you definitely lack the range to do so without exposing yourself.

    If you level psi blades early you can use the spill to poke them a bit.. But it won't be serious harassment. While in lane you should focus on farming pretty much all the time... Last hitting and denying everything in sight. You might even be able to go for a kill with Meld- while that skill also makes you near impossible to gank.

    At level 6-7 go start killing~ IMO I don't like perma roaming with her because farming Dagger+Deso takes quite a while to farm.

    tl:dr until mid game, focus mainly on your farm... You can try to get a kill in lane but its best not to chase and just farm more while theyre scared.
  15. LostFlip

    LostFlip Well-Known Member

    Harras-er build (preferred againts melee heros that cant fight back)
    1.Psi Blades
    4.Psi Blades
    6.Psi Blades (or psionic trap if you want to runewhore or kill)
    8.Psi Blades
    9.Psionic Trap
    11.Refraction (psionic trap if you need more traps)
    15.Psionic trap
    16.Psionic trap

    Meld is a better damage skill than refraction, psi blades are mastered because its againts melee heroes so you get range to harras them while in laning stage.
    achieving level 13 isnt very hard because lanaya is a good farmer with psiblades especially when with desolator.

    Normal Build
    1.Psi Blades
    8.Refraction/Meld (now you mastered both meld and refraction)
    9.Psionic Trap
    10.Psi blades
    11.Psi blades
    12.Psi blades
    13-14. Stats
    15.Psionic Trap
    16.Psionic Trap
    17-25 Stats

    Psi Blades is a must because it lets you play more range than doom (lanaya starting range is 140 while doom bringer's 150) and also it has the ability for your attacks to splash. Refraction is mastered first because it increases lane survival especially against nukers. Meld is taken if you want the negative armor effect and want to kill. Since you wont runewhore yet then you can go and take psionic trap at level 9 when you maxed your 2 main spells.

    Items would be threads,blink dagger,desolator,assault cuirass,tarrasque(optional, if not then ->)Buriza and Butterfly

    (im not very pro btw.)
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  16. tatoyjayson

    tatoyjayson Member

    @chibinya and lostflip: thank you guyz... maybe ill need to farm more. because in my previous fights. I gank alot, and i have noticed that it takes long for me to buy a dagger which i really need to gank successfully. CoZ w/o dagger, most of my ganks ends as failure..... and thankz again guyz.
  17. D3xter13

    D3xter13 Well-Known Member

    Max refraction when you can and then i go for 1 meld one Psi blades :)

    note: if you play again melee player max first meld after refraction
  18. ztrnxz

    ztrnxz Well-Known Member

    another way is to save up for dagger as first item after bottle...then go boots...

    i used to get boots first but then if you can mid solo really well with awesome last hits, an early dagger is a huge advantage

    since your ult is a 50% slow, when an opponent gets slowed, even without boots you move faster than he does

    if you are smooth with the whole combo, instant position > movespeed

    so item build would be:
    starters > bottle > dagger > boots > (optional treads/phase/travels) > deso

    skill build:
    psiblades@ lv 1, max refraction first, max meld, ult whenever u want, max psiblades last

    usually you dont get melee mid solo enemies so maxing refraction first is usually the case
  19. tatoyjayson

    tatoyjayson Member

    thanks dexter and ztrnxz for the replies.. ^_^..
    ahm also can i consider HOTD as an alternative to desolator? i have seen some players doing this.. thnx
  20. Wendek

    Wendek Well-Known Member

    I remember Kuroky advocating a farming, HotD-equipped Lanaya (this was some months ago though) but tbh I think it fails and tries to make her play a role she's not fit for. If you want to play Trax, just pick Trax imo. Desolator has too good synergy with Lanaya to be skipped imo.

    Regarding skillbuild, you ALWAYS need to max Refraction at lvl 7 and take one level of ult at 6. Those are the only things that shouldn't ever change. The normal build takes one lvl of psi blades at 2 and then max Meld at 10, but sometimes it is better to max Psi Blades (but ALWAYS after Refraction) if you need the range or something. lvl 2 ult can be skipped until lvl 14 if you need to, since it only increases the maximum amount of traps and usually you use them instantly so you don't have that much of them on the map.

    Phase Boots > Treads on her btw, gives moar damage and that's exactly what she needs early-mid game. I still get Dagger before completing them though, as without this item she can't really gank and instagib targets.

    Concerning items, Black King Bar is a strong item after Desolator (or even before for some people like ChuaN did recently), even if personally I kinda like the "glass cannon" build. Depends on what you're facing. Against Rexxars and Warlocks, Black King Bar won't really help you, against Lions and Witch Doctors, it will. Adapt to the game.