(Help) How To Play Spectre?

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by peace1, May 23, 2011.

  1. peace1

    peace1 Well-Known Member

    im trying a new hero, spectre i follow a guide and the guide says that at midgame you should be able to kill a lot of enemies... so my tactic is haunt search for a single enemy and i reality to the hero and i hit them (he/she was alone and i did not forget to use dagger) first what i thought was "yeah 50 pure damage eat that sh*t!!!" but then "OMG WTF JUST HAPPEN??" i died, i did that to many enemies and only a few times i succeed... how do you kill with spectre and what are the items? thx
  2. 1. farm creeps
    2. farm heroes
    3. push base
    4. profit
  3. Glac1al

    Glac1al Well-Known Member

    I guess spectre is not supposed to tank, he's supposed to soak damage when he's at it. If you have initiators, go right after they beat up them hard.
  4. vfog

    vfog Well-Known Member

    And the enemy hero that fucked you up killed you was?

    what items do you get?if you have only treads then when you ulti and reality it's like you are saying "kill me"

    most players go vanguard radiance but i prefer manta and diffusal(i dont care what anyone will say about this build...)
  5. Breakerr

    Breakerr Well-Known Member

    farm 30 min
    get vang phase radi heart
  6. Dark Solitude

    Dark Solitude Well-Known Member

    Build up a radiance and your fine.
  7. peace1

    peace1 Well-Known Member

    actually i also go with manta and difuse, but i rarely got the chance to get both at the end, cause i died a lot of times
  8. Guides are good, but don't stick to any of them in 100%...
    I mean, those guides give you the basics about the specific hero, the skillbuilds, items, tactics, etc., but those highly depends on with who and against who you're playing.

    You must not shine at midgame, since Spectre is a lategame hero, so feel free to farm. Use Reality only if you see low hp enemies seperated, or at least that's what I do midgame.
  9. phwaxr

    phwaxr Banned

    Except in most games that HoT comes around 35 mins or so.
    Quite literally walk into your opponents base and attack the tower, and watch all your enemies kill themselves.
  10. vfog

    vfog Well-Known Member

    Spectre needs atk speed for her pure dmg not raw dmg....with treads she gets thd atk speed she needs...
  11. amoomoo

    amoomoo New Member

    If you are going the vanguard/radiance build you should try and have radiance before 30 minutes. Diffusal blade is also a nice item for spectre.
  12. hajasmarci

    hajasmarci Well-Known Member

    that pure damage usually procs while youre chasing, and therefore phase is considered better nowadays.

    i still prefer plain boots-┬╗bot though.
  13. vfog

    vfog Well-Known Member

    3.farm(farm heroes with low hp)
    5.buy items
    if a retarded teammate says "spectre teamplay ffr" or "spectre noob does not farm" while you farm show them THE finger( .!. )
  14. Agarwa3n

    Agarwa3n Well-Known Member

    OP, you seem to be lacking basic understanding of the game. You cant expect to win versus a full life/mana Lion at early/midgame. He will throw so many disables on you that you'll end up snoring on your keyboard. I would aim for aquiring basic map awareness and knowledge in individual hero dynamics. This will improve your game perception, timing and judgement so you can use her ulti properly to pick off that afk-farmer at jungles, create confusion, kill low-life ones, etc.

    Spec can do well with many builds, although you should probably optimise your build for each game. For example, when fighting against many melee carries/semicarries, a tanky build may prove better than the AOE presence build (radi).
  15. FFtournesol

    FFtournesol Well-Known Member

    Don't go online in the first 25 mins
  16. Thunderbolt

    Thunderbolt Banned

    farm satanic, basher, butter, buri and proceed to ggggggg
  17. ExpertMarksman

    ExpertMarksman Well-Known Member

    this hero is actually shit tier to me, the only thing that makes you win games with her is because you are way more skilled than them or the enemies are too noob or simply a combination of both
  18. phwaxr

    phwaxr Banned

    Lol, shows how much you know.
  19. ExpertMarksman

    ExpertMarksman Well-Known Member

    well, spectre is actually the hardest hero to use for me. the bugged spectral dagger and you simply can't relax when you use her
  20. King-Garfu

    King-Garfu Well-Known Member

    Practice last hitting with her. Her animation is one of the best in the game.


    Then you proceed to hopscotch into the enemy team and watch as they start killing themselves.
    GG wp no re.