Hardest Champion to play?

Discussion in 'Game Strategy' started by CmonDontRage, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. CmonDontRage

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    I just wana know who is the hardest champion to play in dota and dota 2 :) I'm thinking invoker cuz I suck getting the right spells on him xD

  2. Atilla

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    Hahaha Oh boy.
  3. JohnGotti

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    It`s probably Janna or Ahri.
  4. knifeman

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    thats not the right way to troll boy. gotta be more subtle.
  5. 5chneemensch

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    ITT: Idiots who never played WC3.

    Fyi, in WC3, heroes ARE champions.
  6. DemonDays

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  7. DMR_Chane

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    yeh. dude. that's like. totally your opinion man.

    but I think ziggs is really the hardest to play
  8. zero_um

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  9. 5chneemensch

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    Yes. WC3 soundfiles.
  10. WorstInFinLand

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    replay or didn't happen.
  11. FlameToad

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    An evil canniving Dreadlord is not a champion.
  12. illiterate

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    it's also not a thing. canniving. :facepalm:
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  15. aestropher

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  16. Wwallace_

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    Joan of Arc
  17. Kypkalorian

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    you're trying to hard. Was ein schwanz.
  18. Jebus504

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  19. 5chneemensch

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    I do not support idiocy.
  20. Ragnarok-Shadow

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    DotA: Techies.

    Many people don't know him and always stack bombs in the same place. Once the opposing team gets gem, the techies player usually doesn't know what to do.

    DotA 2: Chen/Visage.

    There's a reason why they are the least played heroes. People don't know how to micro. If players would randomly choose these heroes more often for whatever reason, I'm 100% sure the winrate in pubs would drop tremendously.