Casual hardcore magina with divine in 30 min :P

Discussion in 'DotA Replays' started by V.i.G.o.s.S, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. V.i.G.o.s.S

    V.i.G.o.s.S Member

    the real power of magina :rambo:
  2. Snowfall

    Snowfall Active Member

    Seems like a relatively easy game for scourge. Good game for you, I'd recommend you practice last hitting though, you'd get your divine a lot faster. Aim for 100 creep kills every 20 minutes - I find anti-mage is extremely easy to last hit with so he should be easy to practice with. The early vanguard will let you stay in your lane easier. Just watch for ganks, which didn't happen at all this game, so easy farm for AM.
  3. Nuker-

    Nuker- Member

    nice GG !!
  4. Steel_Speed

    Steel_Speed Active Member

  5. dNatural

    dNatural Active Member

    suitable name :p
  6. yewshong

    yewshong Member

    Magina, easiest farm hero?@,@
  7. rental

    rental Well-Known Member

    sad game for sentinel
  8. Fisten

    Fisten Active Member

    SF nice items with 0 CS :)
  9. livealone

    livealone Well-Known Member

    dude i think it's just some bug
  10. oranjee

    oranjee Member

    amazing farm :D
  11. Morphine10

    Morphine10 Member

    magina is not a easiest farm hero for sure
  12. WayPear

    WayPear Well-Known Member

    it's just parser's bug ;d
  13. Spirit92

    Spirit92 Member

    Gee Gee~ :D
  14. Vorox

    Vorox Member

    wow it was reaaly cool dude :)
  15. V.i.G.o.s.S

    V.i.G.o.s.S Member

    thanks guys!
  16. k0sa

    k0sa Well-Known Member

    divine rapier nice!!
  17. Castillo1.16

    Castillo1.16 Member

    epic farm :D GJ
  18. Majojojo

    Majojojo Member

    it was gr8 :d
  19. -Freack

    -Freack Member

    very nice