Happiest countries.

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    I kind of agree with Invoker there.

    Using prosperity data for measuring the happiness isn't really proper, in my opinion.
    I mean, true, all those eight criteria seems to be covering many aspects that provide prosperity, but not necessarily happiness.

    For example, while I was viewing the forbes gallery there, something has catched my attention at greatest;

    10. (Saddest) Ethiopia
    With 91 million people, Ethiopia is the second-most populous nation in Africa, after Nigeria.

    "populous" there. That, in my opinion, should definitely be a criteria for the measurement of personal happiness in a country.
    Less is better.
    Extremely low population is also not good, so the best would be something in the middle but close to low.

    Also the ratio of green areas to the non-green areas should also be a criteria. By green, I mean natural green.
    As far as I know, psychologically all the animals, including humans, tend to automatically feel more relaxed and happy just by having green on their sight. For the same reason, if I remember correctly, our eyes spend less effort while viewing/detecting green objects. This is followed by blue.

    It had something to do with evolution if I'm not mistaken.

    And as a personal addition, I think the density of cat and bird population in the country should also have an impact on the listing.
    I don't know, but I think pretty much everyone would just be happy to hear a bird tweet occasionally.
    And I really enjoy seeing cats around while I'm walking through a park, and play with them.

    As something contrary for using prosperity data for measuring the happiness, I really do not think education can directly increase the overall personal happiness.
    It even may have a negative effect instead.
    Prosperity? Yeah, education definitely will increase prosperity. But not happiness, at least, not in my opinion.
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    It is funny you bring it up. I talked with a friend yesterday, who is from Romania, who said that sometimes felt like we were hysteric, because fx: One of her friends here in Denmark, was freaking out, because he didn't like his free education and wants to switch, which will mean he is going to waste a year.

    Important to note here, is that he sees how everyone else is continuing with their life's. :)

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    I agree, it is a spectrum, you don't want a population that slowly dies of course and certainly nature has something to say for our health. So take it with a grain of salt, but please visit.

    Last exchange student I talked with from Ukraine was stunned, by the lack of fighting in the night life. :p

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