Half-Life: I need mods and bots

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Francis, Jul 3, 2009.

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  1. Francis

    Francis Well-Known Member

    This week, I've turned into a total Half-Life freak. So far in the span of 5 days, I've finished Half-Life (so far my eleventh time), Blue Shift (first time, awesome plotline), and Opposing Force (first time too, long and interesting plot); all set on Medium difficulty.

    And now, I'm looking for more single player mods -- those which have neat plotlines and are enjoyable to play.

    Also, I'm looking for bots which operate on Opposing Force, Team Fortress, Half-Life Deathmatch, and Deathmatch Classic. I'm on non-Steam versions.

    And lastly, I'm planning to get myself a copy of Half-Life 2. Is it worth playing? I need to make sure before I spend.

    So, suggestions please?
  2. Gondarhea

    Gondarhea Banned

    Discussion of third-party software, bots and or hacks is not permitted.

    Neither are exploits or bugs.
  3. Francis

    Francis Well-Known Member

    Under what grounds are you saying that discussion of game bots are not allowed here? Can you point me to a specific forum rule which says so? And are you certain that game modifications, which are supported by game developers, and bots are categorized as hacks? I'm afraid not. You have no idea about what you're saying.

    This forum rule:
    Does not prohibit the discussion of game mods and bots. And fyi, mods and bots do not fall under the category of hacks, keygen, cracks, or pirated software.

    I don't recall saying anything on this thread about bugs or exploits.

    Now, unless you have anything to contribute to the topic, please. Stay out.
  4. Gondarhea

    Gondarhea Banned

    I suggest you ask about hacking another game on that game's forum since you allegedly say the games creators support it.

    Mods of any kind that change game play are hacks.
    Third party software used during game play, or "game lobbies" ect. are hacks.


    WC3 using Map Hack - obviously a hack
    WC3 using LC - a hack
    WC3 using channel bots - a hack

    So please re-read rule #2 on forum rules.

    "No discussion, sharing or referencing illegal software such as hacks, keygen, cracks and pirated or software."

    I would imagine that is a cracked version since steam is Valves content delivery system which allows you to download exactly what "francis" is looking for MODS.

    Taken from wiki on steam

    See also: List of Steam titles#Game Mods

    Steam's interface treats mods in almost exactly the same way as it does purchased games, and even distributes popular mods for free.[11] This is in contrast with most games that offer no built-in launch utility at all. Mods appear in a user's list of installed games with the icons, developer links and other such details that are used by full games.[12] They can also use VAC, Friends, the server browser, and any other Steam feature supported by their parent game. Currently, mods for Valve's GoldSrc games, Valve's Source games and Red Orchestra can be integrated."



    So if you are not talking about using a cracked version or using hacks, why don't you use steam for mods?

    Obviously because you are talking about something that is against rule #2 and think you can get away with it because you have "Graphics Crew" under your name.
  5. Francis

    Francis Well-Known Member

    Bots and game mods do not fall under the same category as Wc3 hacks, which you are trying to compare with. If you can point me to an article from Valve/Sierra/Vivendi which specifically says that MODS fall under hacks which they don't support, then I will agree with you. Until then, I wont.

    Wrong again. By non-Steam, I mean the retail releases made during the pre-Steam era. You should remember the Half-Life releases where you can manually install mods, which was during the time of CS 1.5/6, OpForce, TFT, DMC. I have a legit copy of it which I've bought on the year 2004 (3?). Yes, it's old, but it's working fine for me and with some updates I can play mods fine.

    Like I said, I'm on an earlier /retail/ version. Read above. Since I already have a version like this where I can freely install mods, don't you think it would be impractical to buy from Steam when I already have a working copy? Think please.

    Read points above, and stop assuming unless you have sure points.
  6. Gondarhea

    Gondarhea Banned

    From wiki steam (which you should read):

    Initial release September 12, 2003 (2003-09-12)[1]

    If you bought a legitimate copy of the said game you would be able to utilize Valve's Steam resources.

    Since you obviously do not have a legitimate copy you can not make use of the companies free mods available via Steam.

    So I suggest you cease your attempt to validate your thread which is disobeying the general rules.

    I would imagine that since you are apart of the forums "crew" you would know and be able to understand the simple rules laid out for the "public".

    But obviously your title allows you to go around the rules and talk about anything you please.

    Even if your copy is not pirated it does not give you permission to reverse engineer the game.

    Allowed by the game's creators or not hacking is still hacking which is not allowed in this forum.

    You may be right about Valve allowing you to hack their game but this is not the place to talk about it.

    For the fourth time re-read rule #2.
  7. Divine

    Divine Well-Known Member

    holy crap.... zzz.... mods..... dota theme manager. da fuck?!
    and garena?!!! wtf, wc3 garena is mostly ripped
    here you go Francis: http://www.ultimate-gamer.com/halflife/hlmods.htm
    i really recommend "they hunger" mods lol, if u like left 4 dead or any other zombie game.
    btw, cs 1.5 is on there too
    and half life 2 is definitely worth getting. better graphics, deep storyline, and interactive gameplay, and the G-Man :D
  8. Francis

    Francis Well-Known Member

    *whistles* Sweet. In fact, this was all that I am looking for (since I already finished the more 'official' mods); and not some rants telling me that asking for game mods violates the forum rules. Thanks, Divine. This should keep me busy for a while. ;]

    To Gondarrhea: I really appreciate your responses to my thread. However, I was not asking for whatever you laid out. Thanks anyway for the effort.

    Thread served its worth. Closing.
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