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  1. jl_chan

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    [W] Keys + Baby Roshan.

    bid for it guys. =D

    c/o = 20 diretide keys

    b/o = ?

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    btw, my steam profile. dont add me directly. post here or PM me.
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  2. WetZues

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    20 diretide keys.
  3. jl_chan

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  4. Cappu

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    Sunfire Tegu + Wardog + Skip the delivery Frog + 6 Treasure Keys

    This offer can be taken as around 35-36 Keys.

  5. jl_chan

    jl_chan Member

    thx but dont want couriers except for baby roshan. =D
  6. Cappu

    Cappu Well-Known Member

    Ok, no worries. Good luck :)

    Btw, did it drop ingame?
  7. ricotech

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    are you trolling or is it for real?
  8. The_Feeder

    The_Feeder New Member

    21 diretide keys
  9. gate2hell

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    i got essence for trade. add me : myfriendisagirl
  10. Baussy

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  11. medved1488228

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    вы ебанулись?)
  12. Wiktor1996

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  13. sp1f0s

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    me trade unusual Essence for 20 diretide keys
    add me
  14. bigmac123

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  15. Mrakzp

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    nab topic>.<
  16. 5 min ago i buy 3 essacne(unusual) for 12 keys...
  17. SexyHotNinja

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    baby roshan

  18. glAd.7

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    have unusual essence add me steamcommunity.com/id/kawasemi127
  19. jl_chan

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    nice hijacks haha. bump