Guild Wars 2

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Nikmar-official, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. Jakino2

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    Price that high would be suicide for marketing. I bet the information comes from the same people screaming its wow clone :p
  2. Linism

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    One of the best parts of GW in my opinion was you could choose how your character looks, all end game armors/weapons had the same base stats and the bonus stats are dropped as runes so you could make 7 different looking armor sets with the exact stats.

    Unlike WoW where the higher up in level you go, the less cosmetic choice you had. Since no one would party with someone who isn't wearing a xxxx raid yyyy gear.

    edit: i'm thinking wow made it so that all the noobs can see a guy wearing a certain armor and know that he went where and owned what... this would be an awesome vanity system if there were limited numbers of said item... but when u walk in Dalaran chances are everyone who has the same build as you looks exactly like you thanks to mass-producable drops.
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  4. Linism

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    Dang Hall of Monuments, I'm reviving my long dead account just to scrub all the points I can for GW2... not much though... don't think I'll ever get my hands on that Jellyfish...

    Hall of Monuments Calculator
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    Guild Wars beta footage

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    It's surprising that this thread is left not updated for 2 months now although the beta is around the corner...or the fans are too busy checking it out and have no time for PD anymore? Haha...

    It sucks that the beta can't be test on Macs... it makes me really want to get a new PC just for GW2... oh well...
  7. Nikmar-official

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    I agree with you, it's kinda surprising that not many people are interested in discussing GW2 even tho 90% of my friends who play DotA are interested in GW2.

    If I was you...I would definately buy a new PC. I'm serious. This might be the best game ever produced. Mark my words :cool1:
  8. Dled the client already, ready to have absolutely no life this weekend when beta releases.
  9. мusịĸ

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    I'm so jealous of you guys.

    I only have my shitty laptop with which I can't possibly play the game.

    If I just had moneys I'd have my desktop built by now...
  10. Koutsiog

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    Client downloaded, account made, ready to disconnect myself from the world for 3 days
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    Do you need to receive beta keys (or calls to play GW2) or what? I'm not really familiar with these stuff so if someone can answer me asap plz...
  12. Nope you gotta prepurchase the game to be able to play in the beta OR get extremely extremely lucky in a draw
  13. Nikmar-official

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    Well in that case...

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    I was really really hoping I would like gw2 moreso then gw...but to no avail....after playing tera, the combat in gw2 is just soooo slow and unenjoyable(atleast for me) Im praying that the PvP/WvW will be bearable but im pretty sure its gonna let me down. ;_;
  15. Lithary

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    I'm not an MMORPG player, but GW and DDO are only two MMORPGs which seem to be actually good and worth playing.
    Still, I doubt I'll play them since Diablo 3 is out soon. :turned:
  16. Lithary

    Lithary Well-Known Member

    Holy fuck!
    I've just noticed that you have Halo-like HP regeneration out of the combat. >_>
    Just when I was thinking about getting this game too, this killed it.
    What a shame... what a shame!
  17. мusịĸ

    мusịĸ Well-Known Member

    And how is that bad? To me, more hp equals more active gameplay (combat) instead of forced survivalist gameplay.

    If they'd figure out a way to sort of get the best of both worlds (without the hindrances of either) I'd be happy.
    Until then; it ain't broken, do not fix pl0x.
  18. Lithary

    Lithary Well-Known Member

    It's horrid mechanic for casuals which makes me sick.
    They could've given some normal HP regeneration instead.
    Not to mention that each profession has a way of healing itself, making that idiotic regeneration even more silly.
    Also, introduction of eating/drinking/whatever would achieve practically the same effect, but would at least make some sense and would make it feel better.
    On top of that, it removes a lot of strategy from gamepaly since as long as you are alive, you can continue.

    Take a look at Diablo 3, for example.
    Instead of giving some idiotic Halo-like HP regeneration, they introduced HP globes, have HP potions and each class has a meaning of healing itself.
    THAT'S how you solve those issues, and not with some idiotic HP Halo-like regeneration.
  19. мusịĸ

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    I know it can seem dumb on paper, but in a action-oriented MMO, I don't want half of my time going into waiting for my health and mana to refill, which usually and "realistically" should take ages.

    I'd much rather have them refilled for me slightly faster and automatically with no effort, so I can focus more on the gameplay rather than what I want to do while my character sits on a bench, munching on sammiches.

    It's not "realistic" and it's not supposed to be, it's just providing you with more action in favour of less down-time.
    It's a good trade in my books.
  20. Lithary

    Lithary Well-Known Member

    That would be a decent reply if there weren't other, better ways which could be used for healing after the battle (again, Diablo 3).
    Also, you SHOULD wait if you were not careful during battle.
    With that idiotic, moronic and retarded HP healing after the battle, having a heal of your own kinda starts losing the purpose, and as long as you survive falling down the cliff, you are fine and that's stupid and wrong.

    That HP regeneration is plague and should be removed.
    I really don't know who can defend that crap (except CoD players and that sort of casual creatures).
    An RPG should never EVER be made for casuals since RPGs by default are not casual games!