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    Credit: Siemens, taken from playdota fanart page

    Hello, welcome to this guide to the delicate combat art which is picking your hero. It is not only for Captain's Mode, but also for those playing All Pick games that want to try to figure out what their team needs. There is no section on banning, because I consider that simply an extension of understanding picks.


    It's very important to not pick all heroes from a single strategy all the time - actually the more you can incorporate into a single team, the stronger it is. These lists should be a handy resource which will make crafting a complicated team a bit easier. Of course, heroes recently buffed in a given patch might outshine any logic through sheer power alone. The hallmark of a great captain such as Puppey is the ability to weave some oddball synergy into an otherwise standard team.


    Strategy: Fight Heroes

    Naturally the largest amount of heroes work for this strategy. Contrary to popular belief, the most important thing is not AoE, 180 second cooldown wombo ults. You must have enough heroes on your team that can deal a decent amount of damage. Otherwise your whole strategy will go off, with no enemies dead. This is especially true with the damage nerfs to heroes like Tidehunter and Treant Protector. However, a hero that deals AoE, stunning damage, is still better in a fight than one that does single-target, vanilla damage, so keep it in mind if it did make the list.

    Reliable Damage: Centaur, Earthshaker, Brewmaster, Sven, Tiny, Huskar, Shredder, Slardar, Sand King, Juggernaut, Phantom Lancer, Troll Warlord, Ursa, Vengeful Spirit, Bounty Hunter, Ember Spirit, Clinkz, Nyx Assassin, Terrorblade, Viper, Meepo, Crystal Maiden, Zeus, Lina, Tinker, Shadow Shaman, Skywrath Mage, Necrolyte, Queen of Pain

    Unreliable/Situational Damage: Kunkka, Phoenix, Axe, Doom, Pudge, Sniper, Luna, Mirana, Gyrocopter, Drow Ranger, Templar Assassin, Bloodseeker, Shadow Fiend, Venomancer, Arc Warden, Enchantress, Puck, Keeper of the Light, Silencer, Windrunner, Disruptor, Ogre Magi, Jakiro, Rubick, Oracle, Lich, Pugna, Obsidian Destroyer, Batrider, Invoker, Leshrac, Witch Doctor, Winter Wyvern, Visage

    Strategy: Fight Buildings

    Your heroes should be able to deal heavy damage to towers and/or push multiple areas quickly.

    Global Pushers: Pit Lord, Io, Antimage, Morphling, Naga Siren, Meepo, Tinker, Nature's Prophet

    Summoners: Lycan, Lone Druid, Broodmother, Enigma, Warlock, Nature's Prophet, Venomancer, Enchantress, Chen, Shadow Shaman

    Tower Melters: Tiny, Drow Ranger, Clinkz, Terrorblade, Leshrac, Pugna, Windrunner, Techies, Death Prophet

    Strategy: Defend and Farm

    You need to have at least 1 hard carry that can kill an entire team when he is done farming. The rest of your heroes must be able to defend against pushes, generally from a long range so they don't die themselves. It is situationally a good idea to pick heroes which help the carry to come online faster through powerful buffs or auras, which you can find in the Synergy section.

    Defenders: Beastmaster, Earthshaker, Treant Protector, Undying, Elder Titan, Phoenix, Abaddon, Pit Lord, Pudge, Tidehunter, Magnus, Sand King, Kunkka, Sniper, Mirana, Dark Seer, Jakiro, Ancient Apparition, Venomancer, Arc Warden, Keeper of the Light, Lina, Storm Spirit, Techies, Shadow Shaman, Rubick, Death Prophet, Lich, Invoker

    Team Wiping Ricers: Dragon Knight, Medusa, Spectre, Gyrocopter, Ember Spirit



    Something to keep in mind when the enemy is picking their team is how squishy they are. I might define "squishy" as having <2.0 Strength growth, and <25 starting Strength, but there are other factors involved such as Agility/base armor, items, and hero abilities.

    If the enemy has a lot of squishy heroes, you want to pick one of the below to punish them. The enemy is letting you make a greedy pick, so take advantage of it. Likewise, you don't want to fill up your own team with too many squishies, unless you know all of the below heroes won't be a problem for your specific composition.

    This list doubles as a "threat" list. Snowballers are the type of hero you want to prioritize countering. If they get started, you lose, so learn their weaknesses very well.

    Snowballers: Alchemist, Chaos Knight, Nightstalker, Bristleback, Tiny, Legion Commander, Tuskarr, Spiritbreaker, Riki, Weaver, Faceless Void, Phantom Assassin, Phantom Lancer, Morphling, Templar Assassin, Ursa, Bounty Hunter, Ember Spirit, Nyx Assassin, Spectre, Slark, Storm Spirit

    On the other hand, to counter a lineup which is not squishy, containing problematic heroes which are naturally tanky, or are expected to buy a lot of HP items, use the below list.

    Lifestealer is the big one to ban if you are going for a tank-heavy strategy, as most of the others deal magic damage, which is easier to mitigate with items.

    % Based Damage: Lifestealer, Huskar, Doom, Phoenix, Elder Titan, Winter Wyvern, Enigma, Zeus, Necrolyte

    Single Target vs. AoE

    Since single target abilities are naturally stronger than AoE abilities (compare Primal Roar to Ravage, or Laguna Blade to Sonic Wave), if you don't punish these hero choices, you're setting yourself up for a loss. However, picking a hero with mass illusions or summons against a team with all single target abilities is usually a very easy win.

    Armies: Chaos Knight, Phantom Lancer, Broodmother, Spectre, Naga Siren, Terrorblade, Enigma, Nature's Prophet, Enchantress, Chen

    The heroes under the Defenders list of the Defend and Farm strategy counter heroes with armies, just as well as they counter any large push.

    If the army is illusion-based, the following heroes can help, though none of them really counter as well as plain AoE nukes:

    Enemy Illusion Makers: Terrorblade, Dark Seer, Shadow Demon

    Illusion Killers: Earthshaker, Medusa, Lion

    Hyper Early Game Heroes

    Be careful picking any of these because they drop off fast. However, if your goal is to win QUICKLY (30 minutes or sooner), you will want 1 or more of these.

    Gotta Go Fast: Undying, Brewmaster, Clockwerk, Shredder, Earth Spirit, Axe, Templar Assassin, Meepo, Slark, Chen, Crystal Maiden

    Magic Immunity

    Countering magic immunity is not an easy task historically, but it's getting easier with every patch. If BKB, Omniknight, Juggernaut, or Lifestealer will ruin your day, pick up a few of the following. One alone generally isn't good enough to do the job. You can either pick a few of the stunners and wait out the duration, or pick a stunner and 1 or 2 damagers to kill the poor guy (make sure your whole team contributes right clicks!). This works better against Repel and long duration BKBs.

    I only put heroes in the Damage section who can reliably deal this damage in a teamfight, extremely quickly - so Leshrac's Diabolic Edict doesn't count, for example.

    Magic Immunity Piercing Stunners: Beastmaster, Pudge, Axe, Slardar, Pit Lord, Faceless Void, Troll Warlord, Naga Siren, Batrider, Bane, Enigma

    Magic Immunity Piercing Damage: Axe, Doom, Slardar, Beastmaster, Lycan, Phantom Assassin, Templar Assassin, Ursa, Clinkz, Terrorblade, Death Prophet, Queen of Pain, Lina, Witch Doctor, Shadow Shaman, Enigma, Enchantress, Windrunner, Techies

    If they have stupid mobility or are walking ults:

    Long Silences: Doom, Drow Ranger, Riki, Death Prophet, Silencer, Skywrath Mage

    If they have scary autoattackers:

    Evasion/Miss Chance: Brewmaster, Troll Warlord, Phantom Assassin, Riki, Keeper of the Light

    Damage Reduction/Attack Speed Reduction: Pit Lord, Tidehunter, Brewmaster, Phoenix, Tusk, Razor, Viper, Terrorblade, Bane, Enchantress, Visage, Jakiro

    Disarm/Ethereal: Elder Titan, Treant Protector, Invoker, Oracle, Pugna

    Armor Buffers: Omniknight, Sven, Dragon Knight, Lich, Dazzle

    Attack Punishers: Axe, Bristleback, Centaur Warrunner, Tiny

    If you need a purge:

    Seeing an Omniknight on the enemy team is the biggest reason to pick one of these, but also Broodmother, Warlock, Hexers, and stunners, depending on the type of purge.

    Diffusal Blade Carriers: Phantom Lancer, Naga Siren, Riki, Spectre

    Eul Carriers: Shadow Fiend, Lina, Death Prophet, Ancient Apparition, Leshrac

    Enemy Purgers: Shadow Demon, Oracle, Invoker

    Ally Purgers: Abaddon, Legion Commander, Oracle

    If they have heroes with low Intelligence:

    Mana Thieves: Antimage, Invoker, Silencer, Outworld Devourer, Lion, Keeper of the Light

    In Depth


    A team with synergy beats one without. When seen on the enemy team, this is the kind of stuff that makes you say, "they have just too much X, we have no chance!"

    In the process of building your team, try to fit a couple heroes in from the same list. Don't go too far into it, because lacking versatility makes you easy to counter.


    Buffing is an overarching strategy, with a few subsets. There are subtly different ways you can buff your allies, which don't necessarily mix. Combining buffers of the same type can give exponential benefits.

    Defensive Buffers: Sven, Omniknight, Kunkka, Dazzle, Rubick, Lich

    Movement Buffers: Sven, Spirit Breaker, Io, Centaur Warrunner, Bounty Hunter, Dark Seer

    Autoattack Buffers: Magnus, Sven, Legion Commander, Io, Lycan, Beastmaster, Abaddon, Bloodseeker, Troll Warlord, Vengeful Spirit, Luna, Drow Ranger, Medusa, Ogre Magi, Invoker, Oracle

    Magical Damage Buffers: Elder Titan, Bloodseeker, Pugna, Ancient Apparition, Skywrath Mage, Shadow Demon

    Hybrid Damage Buffers: Elder Titan, Bloodseeker, Shadow Demon


    Stacking -armor drops off a lot past a certain point, but it still doesn't hurt to have multiple of these heroes. Many of them have durations attached, so this just ensures that the -armor debuff is on the enemy as much as possible. Additionally, some late game carries can have upwards of 40 armor, and even if you have 5 -armor effects on them, they will all be useful.

    Dissolvers: Slardar, Bristleback, Alchemist, Elder Titan, Tidehunter, Vengeful Spirit, Shadow Fiend, Weaver, Naga Siren, Razor, Templar Assassin, Dazzle, Invoker


    There are two ways to play with this synergy. You can pick heroes with high burst damage, aiming to pick off and kill your enemy from off their screen, before they can react. Alternatively, you can aim to slowly wear down your enemy with constant low-to-moderate damage attacks, without them able to retaliate. None of these heroes work as well against a healing lineup, but picking Ancient Apparition can mitigate that to a degree.

    Honorable mention to Lifestealer, who can Infest into another hero with a movement ability.

    Snipers: Earthshaker, Pudge, Tusk, Elder Titan, Kunkka, Spirit Breaker, Phoenix, Vengeful Spirit, Faceless Void, Mirana, Spectre, Antimage, Sniper, Gyrocopter, Disruptor, Storm Spirit, Puck, Ancient Apparition, Zeus, Nature's Prophet, Queen of Pain, Io, Skywrath Mage, Tinker, Invoker, Keeper of the Light


    Many teams have at least one healer, but stacking these can give you a very strong early and midgame team. You probably want to use a pushing strategy with them, and end as soon as possible, before your healing numbers become relatively small. You need to ban or pick Ancient Apparition if going this route.

    Healers: Omniknight, Treant Protector, Io, Undying, Lifestealer, Abaddon, Skeleton King, Juggernaut, Bloodseeker, Enchantress, Dazzle, Chen, Necrolyte, Warlock, Witch Doctor, Oracle, Winter Wyvern


    There has been a mobility creep overall in this game. This is an old strategy back when it was easier to capitalize on slower heroes who just couldn't catch up to you. You play very defensively, end up with few deaths, and if you need to chase the enemy, they have a tough time getting away.

    It can still work to a degree, but you need to draft very carefully to make sure you actually have that mobility advantage. Many of these heroes are lacking in damage or disables, so also ensure that you are packing enough power to win a teamfight.

    Traceurs: Slardar, Night Stalker, Lycan, Centaur Warrunner, Magnus, Timbersaw, Earth Spirit, Phoenix, Anti-Mage, Bloodseeker, Mirana, Morphling, Faceless Void, Phantom Lancer, Clinkz, Broodmother, Weaver, Bounty Hunter, Meepo, Slark, Ember Spirit, Puck, Storm Spirit, Windranger, Queen of Pain, Death Prophet, Dark Seer, Batrider, Invoker

    Nowhere to Run

    This team idea puts heroes who deal more damage or have clearer shots against separated targets, in the same team as heroes with very strong AoE spells. It doesn't work with only moderately strong abilities, as you need to put the fear in your enemy, making splitting up or grouping up a big deal.

    Cullers: Pudge, Spectre, Juggernaut, Luna, Mirana, Bloodseeker, Vengeful Spirit, Batrider, Shadow Demon, Skywrath Mage

    AoE: Magnus, Earthshaker, Sven, Sand King, Kunkka, Tidehunter, Treant Protector, Elder Titan, Venomancer, Faceless Void, Gyrocopter, Ember Spirit, Enigma, Witch Doctor, Dark Seer, Crystal Maiden, Puck, Lich, Warlock, Queen of Pain, Jakiro, Leshrac, Ancient Apparition, Disruptor, Invoker, Keeper of the Light, Outworld Devourer, Winter Wyvern

    Targeted Nukes

    Combine enough heroes with targeted nukes, and the enemy heroes cannot get within 600 feet of your team, with no counterplay except buying a BKB. No more delicate dance of positioning, just a wave of death. This team excels at early game harass and pushing, as there will be no heroes to defend the tower.

    While Intelligence heroes with this quality are a dime a dozen, it is a good idea to have a lot of Strength and Agility heroes, so you don't get fully countered by BKB. Lina is a solid Intelligence hero to pick, since her nuke can be upgraded to pierce BKB.

    The heroes in the second list have a projectile, so they can be dodged with Manta Style/Eul/other forms of brief invincibility, and more easily by popping BKB/Repel/etc. In the early game, this might not come up, and some of these heroes have high physical damage for mid-late, so don't write them off.

    Guaranteed Targeted Nukes: Nightstalker, Tidehunter, Luna, Morphling, Chen, Zeus, Lina, Lion, Shadow Shaman, Tinker, Ogre Magi, Rubick, Oracle, Bane, Lich, Leshrac

    Dodgeable Targeted Nukes Sven, Skeleton King, Treant Protector, Sniper, Vengeful Spirit, Phantom Lancer, Bounty Hunter, Crystal Maiden, Silencer, Disruptor, Skywrath Mage


    In this section I will put a number in front of the corresponding list to show what farm priority that hero should have.

    Importantly, I am not claiming you will always be able to get perfect lanes, with a winning mid and an ideal offlaner. Usually the best you can do is sacrifice at least one lane, so that your other two have the best chance of winning, and you still have a capable team once the laning phase ends. The best laners are not always the best teamfighters or pushers.


    Offlane or "suicide lane" is definitely the toughest one to succeed at. You will most often be against a trilane, causing a duo lane to be at a disadvantage. By placing a solo hero here you are condemning them to a chance that they will be level 1 until the laning phase ends. If the enemy is playing a strong safelane trilane, they can bully your offlaner far out of XP range.

    One approach an offlane hero can take is to aggressively muscle in to some early solo XP, then press his advantage with AoE spells to dominate the lower level trilane. This works best if the enemy trilane doesn't have a lot of lockdown, so you can get into range, harass them, and pop back out easily.

    The more mellow kind of offlaners have high mobility to get in XP range and soak XP from the enemy jungle pulls, and/or a way to farm the nearby ancients as an alternative means of income.

    In the low chance that your opponent is putting his trilane in the offlane and his solo in the safelane (which I do not personally recommend), your offlane will have an easier 1v1 situation. Ideally, he should be able to capitalize on this too. Farmwise, the best offlaner is one that doesn't need farm, but is able to use it well if he gets it.

    #2-4 XP Contestors: Clockwerk, Undying, Lone Druid, Silencer, Lich

    #2-4 Mobile Soakers: Phoenix, Timbersaw, Earth Spirit, Magnus, Mirana, Weaver, Bounty Hunter, Riki, Broodmother, Batrider, Puck, Dark Seer

    #3-4 Ancient Farmers: Beastmaster, Tidehunter, Bristleback


    Mid is most often solo, but occasionally duo can work. A solo mid should either be able to harass and push the lane from a large distance, with no danger to himself, or have high durability and base damage, getting easy last hits, again with little danger of dying.

    Most solo mids are best at getting a fast level 6 (the fastest of any lane), then ganking where needed (in the best lane to do so). Some solo mids instead want to stay there, eat all of the gold, and push in to kill their opponent's tower before leaving. Even these guys should aim to kill the tower by level 8 or so, then either farm the jungle or gank lanes, depending on how the game is going. If the hero can't do that, he was better as a safelane farmer. In a real game you might not always get the tower, but your hero should be able to if your opponent leaves the lane to gank.

    The best midlane support is one with high mobility and excellent babysitting capabilities, as well as very little need for gold or XP, which makes it nearly the same role as the #5 trilane support.

    #1-2 Solo Farming/Pushing Mids: Dragon Knight, Brewmaster, Lycan, Drow Ranger, Shadow Fiend, Clinkz, Sniper, Medusa, Troll Warlord, Windranger, Warlock, Tinker, Death Prophet, Pugna, Leshrac, Outworld Devourer

    #2-3 Solo Ganking Mids: Kunkka, Pudge, Tiny, Beastmaster, Clockwerk, Night Stalker, Huskar, Doom, Spirit Breaker, Treant Protector, Magnus, Tusk, Bloodseeker, Viper, Faceless Void, Templar Assassin, Luna, Bounty Hunter, Nyx Assassin, Gyrocopter, Slark, Naga Siren, Ember Spirit, Bane, Puck, Storm Spirit, Zeus, Lina, Necrophos, Warlock, Queen of Pain, Dazzle, Silencer, Batrider, Ancient Apparition, Invoker, Skywrath Mage, Shadow Demon

    #5 Midlane Babysitter/Roamers: Io, Vengeful Spirit, Crystal Maiden, Lich, Shadow Demon


    Safelane is always run as a duo or trilane (sometimes a jungler is counted in there). Your team should put your #1 or #2 carry there to safely farm, with the other heroes to protect him and make sure the gold flows freely. This carry should not be highly level dependent, as his XP gain will not be as high as if he was in mid lane. It goes without saying that all last hits belong to the carry, and your babysitter should use his attacks to harass the enemy heroes and deny creeps.

    If playing with a trilane, your third hero needs to be comfortable sitting at very low levels, as he will be leaving the lane a lot to stack/pull jungle camps, gank mid, and generally make sure he soaks up as little XP as possible from your other two.

    #1-2 Hard Carries: Any hero of your choice which scales well with items. Examples are Sven, Phantom Assassin, or Leshrac.

    #3-4 Babysitters: Any hero of your choice which likes levels, but isn't worthy of the quick level 6 from midlane, and needs practically no farm to be useful, but can do well if he gets some assist gold. Examples are Earthshaker, Vengeful Spirit, or Lion.

    #5 Babysitters: Io, Mirana, Visage, Crystal Maiden, Keeper of the Light, Shadow Demon


    I split this up into two categories. Some have it easy in the jungle for obvious reasons such as Chen and Axe. For others it will be a slow and painful ride, but they can still do it, and if it makes your lineup perfect, you might want to try it. Be wary that these guys are easier to gank as they will be at low HP more often. Bloodseeker is a nice "anti-slow-jungler" for this reason.

    It is good to ward the enemy jungle regardless when you see a jungler on their team. If not kept in check, having a jungler generally catapults that team into a significant XP and gold advantage, potentially allowing for a 3rd core where there wouldn't otherwise be enough to go around.

    Almost every jungler wants to leave the jungle and start ganking/pushing lanes shortly after reaching level 6. Also, the jungler should always be on standby if the safelane needs help. Nature's Prophet should always keep an eye on all 3 lanes to see if he can turn the tide in an early skirmish.

    #2-5 Fast/Easy Junglers: Axe, Lone Druid, Ursa, Chen, Enchantress, Enigma, Nature's Prophet, Dark Seer

    #2-5 Slow/Hard Junglers: Lifestealer, Lycan, Legion Commander, Centaur Warrunner, Bloodseeker, Keeper of the Light, Io

    Example Picks

    Example 1:

    You want to Fight Heroes. You start off with a VS and Slardar for their -armor combo, both having a stun, and generally leaving your options open in case you needed to switch to a Fight Towers strat, it is still possible. Picks 3 and 4 go by, you get 2 more under Fight Heroes since nothing frightening happened yet.

    Finally they reveal an Antimage on their final pick. You know you want to end the game early against an Antimage, so you pick Shadow Shaman for his pushing capabilities, ability to stun the Antimage, and his wards work with Slardar's ultimate too. If their carry was a Medusa, you might have gotten a Nyx Assassin instead - his ult also comboes with -armor, but he has the additional counter against Mana Shield.

    Possibilities here are endless, but the point is you start off with a strong and versatile strategy, and then counter, always keeping synergy in mind.

    Example 2:

    Your plan is to stack long ranged surprise kills with Mirana and Kunkka. You can definitely go with the Defend and Farm strategy with that start - so now to pick a defender with lower cooldowns, and a nice hard carry which goes with the team. Jakiro and Gyrocopter also have long range, so let's pick those. Finally, we have completely everything for our team already, and the enemy got a Rikimaru, so we choose Bounty Hunter to counter his invisibility, and give Gyro a money boost which means he can be in more fights without sacrificing potential gold. We were going to put Kunkka mid and Mirana in a trilane, but they are such versatile first picks that we could completely swap that around, placing the Bounty Hunter mid instead.

    There will sometimes be many more factors/dangerous enemy heroes to consider in picking, but many times it is really as easy as that.

    Example 3:

    You want to go for a healing/pushing strategy, so you grab Omniknight and Dazzle, leaving your tower pushers open. The enemy instantly grabs Jakiro and Tidehunter, making your pushing strategy not so optimal any more. You finish the team off as a mix of defending and pushing, choosing Dragon Knight as the ricer/pushing carry, and Rubick to counter pushes as well as try to steal the tide ult. You don't have any bans to spare so you finish with Ancient Apparition to defend against pushes, as well as prevent him from being picked to counter your healing.

    As you can see, even with the basic tenets laid out, each individual hero is picked for specific reasons within his given strategy. To successfully captain or counterpick you must know every single hero pretty well and be able to pull that information to your head in a split second, before you can apply it to the above guide.

    Hopefully it helped someone - thanks for reading.



    Version 1.4

    Added Targeted Nukes to the Synergy section (after watching Puppey do it in TI5!)
    Added Magic Immunity Piercing Damage section, right under MIPDisables

    Gave all Synergies an orange header

    Expanded a bit on the Jungler section

    Version 1.3

    Added Laning section

    Added Single Target vs. AoE to the Countering section
    - Moved illusion killer list under this one

    Added Culler/AoE lists to the Synergy section

    Organized Laning and Synergy on a new header

    Moved % Based Damage list to the Squishiness section

    Added Meepo to Global Pushers

    Version 1.2

    Added Synergy section
    - Moved Carry Boosters to Synergy section and renamed Autoattack Boosters
    - Moved Group Buffers to Synergy section

    - Added Dazzle to Armor Buffers
    - Added Bloodseeker and Winter Wyvern to Healing
    - Added Elder Titan to % Based Damage
    - Added Disruptor to Range
    - Added Oracle and Medusa to Autoattack Boosters
    - Added Brewmaster, Phoenix, Tusk, Viper, Terrorblade, and Jakiro to the attack speed reduction section

    Version 1.1

    Updated per patch 6.84c:
    - Removed Silencer from disarm list
    - Removed Bloodseeker from silence list

    Some overlooked things:
    - Added Antimage to Mana Thieves
    - Added Chen to Hyper Early Game Heroes
    - Added Death Prophet to silence list
    - Added Shadow Fiend to Eul Carriers
    - Added ethereal to the disarm section (Pugna)
    - Added Elder Titan, Oracle, and Treant to the disarm list
    - Removed Tiny from Armor Buffers (he starts with 0 armor and only gains 5)

    Added Attack Punishers (Axe, Bristleback, Centaur Warrunner, Tiny)

    Version 1

    Guide created on map version 6.83b
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    tldr version: counterpick and synergize.
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