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    Pudge the Butcher

    Background Story:
    An undead behemoth seemingly impervious to even the most potent magic, this starving abomination roams the battlefield, continually in search of unwary prey. It is said his victims catch only a glimpse of his monstrous frame as they are dragged them through the shadows, bleeding profusely as a jagged hook etches deeper in their flesh. Wails of agony echo in the distance, only to be drowned out by the Butcher's maniacal laughter as he severs their limp bodies with his great maw. Unspeakable horrors ensue in a deathly silence, a dreadful omen for what is to come.

    Introduction: This hero needs good micro control. Hooking your enemies is not so easy, how you can think. Not the best character for the late game, but if he will have right items, he can have 4000+ hitpoints, 35+ armor, big hp regeneration... In few words he is very good tank in late game.

    [TABLE="Info"]Side: Scourge
    Tavern: Dark Tavern
    Icon Place:[/TABLE]

    Pros & Cons
    [TABLE="Pros&Cons"][+] One of the best Tanks
    [+] Has 3 seconds disable
    [+] Good Line Control
    [+] Very hard to escape from him
    [-] Lose his ganging powers in the late game
    [-] Need good micro control
    [-] Mana problems in the early game[/TABLE]

    [TABLE="stats"]Base stats
    [​IMG] 25 + 3.2/lvl
    [​IMG] 14 + 1.5/lvl
    [​IMG] 14 + 1.5/lvl
    Basic Damage: 52-58
    Basic Armor: 2
    Hitpoints: 625
    Mana: 182[/TABLE]


    [TABLE="Meat Hook"][​IMG]Meat Hook (Hotkey T)
    Launches a bloody hook at a unit or location. The hook will snag the first target it encounters, dealing damage then dragging the victim back to the Butcher.
    Level 1: Deals 100 damage. Costs 110 mana. Has 550 casting range. Cooldown: 14
    Level 2: Deals 200 damage. Costs 120 mana. Has 700 casting range. Cooldown: 13
    Level 3: Deals 300 damage. Costs 130 mana. Has 850 casting range. Cooldown: 12
    Level 4: Deals 400 damage. Costs 140 mana. Has 1000 casting range. Cooldown: 11
    Manacost: Based on skill level
    Cooldown: Based on skill level
    Duration: none
    - Damage is physical, so it will be reduced by armor.
    - Can hook invisible units.
    - Has ministun (Not for invisible units).
    Comment: Our main ganging skill. Has big mana cost for Pudge. Every time try to combine it with Dismember skill. Needs good micro, and you must not miss/spam this skill because it costs very much.[/TABLE]

    [TABLE="Rot"][​IMG]Rot (Hotkey R)
    Pudge releases the disease and filth inside of him, dealing intense damage and slowing surrounding enemies while hurting Pudge as well.
    Level 1: 25 Damage per second. Slows enemies for 20%.
    Level 2: 50 Damage per second. Slows enemies for 20%.
    Level 3: 75 Damage per second. Slows enemies for 20%.
    Level 4: 100 Damage per second. Slows enemies for 20%.
    Damage to Self: Based on Skill damage
    Cooldown: none
    Duration: until cancel
    - Has magical damage.
    - Activates without deactivating Dismember skill.
    - Cannot be deactivated if Pudge are silenced.
    - Can be used for suicide.
    Comment: Very good spell for ganging someone. Just hook the unit and activate Rot. He will be slowed for 20% but not you. Pudge has many hitpoints, so just run around enemy hero until he will die. Also dont forget to activate it after you used Dismember skill.[/TABLE]

    [TABLE="Flesh Heap"][​IMG]Flesh Heap (Passive)
    Pudge is made of innumerable rotting corpses, giving him extra protection against spells as well as the chance to add more to his bulk.
    Level 1:Gives Pudge 4% extra resistance to spells. +0.9 STR for hero kills.
    Level 2:Gives Pudge 8% extra resistance to spells. +1.2 STR for hero kills.
    Level 3:Gives Pudge 12% extra resistance to spells. +1.5 STR for hero kills.
    Level 4:Gives Pudge 16% extra resistance to spells. +1.8 STR for hero kills.
    Manacost: none
    Cooldown: none
    Duration: none
    - Spell resistance will stack with other items.
    - Gains Strength for enemy heroes that die nearby (525 AoE), or if Pudge kills them
    Comment: The worst skill for Pudge. In previous versions of DotA he also gained strength from creeps, but now he will get it only for heroes. Only useful if game lasts very long time.[/TABLE]

    [TABLE="Dismember"][​IMG]Dismember (Hotkey D)
    Chows down on a target, causing excruciating pain. Lasts 3 seconds.
    Level 1: 75 (75 + 0.75x strength*) damage per second. Manacost: 100
    Level 2: 125 (125 + 0.75x strength*) damage per second. Manacost: 130
    Level 3: 175 (175 + 0.75x strength*) damage per second. Manacost: 170
    Manacost: Based on skill level
    Cooldown: 30
    Duration: 3
    Healing Amout*: Total skill damage.
    - Has magical damage.
    - Disable will work on magic immune units.
    - If unit becomes infisible, he will be disabled and damaged until Dismember ends.
    - Heals Pudge if he has Aghanim's Scepter.
    (* - values with Aghanim's Scepter).
    Comment: This skill makes Butcher from Pudge.
    Very easy to gang with this skill. Nice damage and 3 seconds disable + activated Rot damage. Fantastic skill. Use combination Hook->Dismember->Rot->Run around until hero dies->Hook(if need).[/TABLE]

    Gear, Skill build and Tactics

    Skill Build:
    10.Flesh Heap
    12-14.Flesh Heap

    Q:Why we will take Rot on 1 level?
    A:Rot on 1 level allows us to gang someone, if you stay with heavy nuker/stuner on line and spill First Blood. Also it can help you if someone will try to gang you on 1 level and you will commit suicide.

    Starting Items:


    Total Cost:1200 gold.

    Comment:Its will be better, if you whant to stay on line, without going in to the town. Its costs much, but i think this is not waste of gold.

    Then we must chose line (Down if Sentinel) (Up if Scourge)

    Dont try to kill/gang someone, before you will get 5 level, because hook has not normal range, before 3 skill level. When you will get 5 or 6 level try to gang someone with your line partner. Use your Hook, then Dismember+Rot or Rot only if you have not mana/6 level.

    After 5 or 6 level and ganging/farming we need to buy Ring of Health(875).

    Then after some gangs/farms you will need to create 2x Bracers(1020) and buy Boots of Speed(500)
    Total: 1520

    Then you need to farm gold for Helm of Iron Will(950) and for Planeswalker's cloack(500)
    Total:1450 gold

    Your inventory should look like this:

    Now its will be very easy to kill agi/int heroes. After some frags you will need to create your last core item: Boots of Travel.
    Total: 2200 gold.

    Total: 7070 gold.

    Comment: About Phase Boots. Its waste of gold, BoT will be much better.


    [TABLE="Heart"][​IMG] Must have. More hp and if you will create second Heart of Tarrasque you can run over map with infinity Rot.[/TABLE]

    [TABLE="AssCui"][​IMG] Solving armor problems.[/TABLE]

    [​IMG] Give HP regeneration for us when we cast Dismember. Very good item.

    Comment:This is not luxury or core items, this is only my opinion, so dont write comments like: "You are fucking stupid".

    [​IMG] You can take it in the beginning of the game, it will be cheaper then bottle and courier.

    [TABLE="Blade"][​IMG] I know this is ****, but it can make your enemy useless, and you will run over him with Rot. Very Helpfull if you are playing 2v2.[/TABLE]

    [TABLE="Mail"][​IMG] You are so fat and now you can return any damage. Create it only if you play versus powerful heroes like Troll Warlord, Venge, Phantom Asassin.[/TABLE]

    Rejected Items

    [TABLE="Lothar"][​IMG] Think Lothar+Dismember is cool. No my friend, its sucks.[/TABLE]

    [TABLE="Satanic"][​IMG] We havent much damage, and Dismember will regenerate us.[/TABLE]

    [TABLE="Scadi"][​IMG] Useless for us. We have Rot, and 20% slow is enough for us.[/TABLE]

    [TABLE="Fly"][​IMG] Lol?[/TABLE]

    [TABLE="dagon"][​IMG] I know its AMAZING, but i saw one Pudge with Dagon. Stupid waste of gold. Energy burst is not bad but we dont need it, and also we dont need crappy bonus to the int/mana.[/TABLE]

    [TABLE="Guinsoo"][​IMG] We dont need any more disables.[/TABLE]

    Enemies and Allies
    And other disablers.[/TABLE]

    Berserk's Call will help us to Hook and Dismember.[/TABLE]

    Open Wounds. No comment.[/TABLE]

    Very expensive alley. He can burn all mana of enemy hero, while we Dismember'ing him, and it will make our enemy useless.[/TABLE]

    Can burn our mana.
    Magina also can Blink.
    Dont worry about Ezalor, you will eat him in the late game.[/TABLE]

    Can silence us. If he will do it under our Rot we can die.[/TABLE]

    Very hard to do combo on him.[/TABLE]

    I think he is imba. Crippling Fear will silence us for 6-7 seconds, with Rot then he will cast Void and it will be easy to kill us.[/TABLE]

    [TABLE="Terrbla"][​IMG] His Sunder cas crappy ministun. After we will do Hook+Dismember&Rot he will not die. What we will do? Ofcourse run over him with Rot, and then HE will cast Sunder. Very hard to kill.[/TABLE]

    Also stunners/disablers and all what can interrupt our Dismember.
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    New Comment

    Has ministun (Not for invisible units). ally for sure not sure about invis ( I guess it has for every enemy!)

    If unit becomes infisible, he will be disabled and damaged until Dismember ends.
    - Heals Pudge if he has
    first invisible! also u can mention that BKB unit will get disable but no damage

    item build is the worst part

    he got small start int.(14) and below average(maybe average) intelligence gain, so Basilius is useless it regenerate mana and based on intellegence. bottle will support u long enough bottle+crow will solve mana issue whole game. linken is situational item read the guides about it not a core. and OMG where is hood? u cannot play pudge without hood on him.

    I highly advise u to rewrite the guide or if u publish like this u will get rating about 4 or 3.

  3. tech-ladan

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    New Comment

    and 1 more thing damage return, return ANY KIND OF DAMAGE BELOW 3000 REGARDLESS OF IT SOURCE
    melee,range or spell if it is active Blade mail will return it
  4. FlopItOut99

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    the item build seems a bit poor to me

    aghanims is a bit of a must isnt it?
  5. 1uck.duck

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    Re: New Comment

    Read about Hook here.

    1. Bottle costs too much, and if we will buy it => We will have less gold for Ring of Health. With early RoH we can stay on line without any problems. And Basilius gives normal mana regen, enough for line control.
    2.Hood??? Waste of gold for the late game. 30% Magic resistance? Pudge doesnt need it in the late game. Said Linken is situational? Then hood is situational too. Hp regen isnt so big, and why we will need 30% Magic resistance if you play against AGI heroes?
    3.Aghanim. Ok i forget about it. Its will be better then Etheral Blade.

    But i added Hood and Bottle+Crow in my guide. Thanks :D
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    Thanks for comment. Aghanim's Scepter added to Luxury items.
  7. 1uck.duck

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    Re: New Comment

    Thanks for comment. Something wrong with Blade Mail? Yes it will return ANY kind of damage below 3000.
  8. tech-ladan

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    New Comment

    here is wring with blade mail:
    Create it only if you play versus powerfull meele heros like Troll Warlord, Venge, Phantom Asassin.

    not only melee but i think it is good against viper and tehcies:D

    bottle I used if i go solo but if Ring on reg is good with mana potion

    fact is that ring of Basilius is useless due he low intelligence won't grant that much mana reg until mid game

    Hood is not for spell casters but for himself to do less damage to him self that's further use of ring of health anyway if u have 1 ring of Basilius as u suggested and 1 ring of health u can go for vlad but as u mentioned (i think u said) he is not carry so vald is useless.
    Keep up good work
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    New Comment

    mhm pls some pictures, videos or links to show beginners or pudge newbs how to hook=)
  10. TehMoep

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    Re: New Comment

    Rob is not based on int, but its still kinda crappy on pudge.
  11. -IncoGnitO

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    I don't disagree with Flesh Heap seriously i go

    2.Flesh Heap
  12. l33t.Fears

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    New Comment

    well fleash heap is rly a good option if u skill it once cause you kill on lvl 7-9 the most heros in the game so you get more strength then if you skill it later
  13. 1uck.duck

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    Re: New Comment

    Thanks. You are right about Blade Mail and Hood.
  14. 1uck.duck

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    Re: New Comment

    I think if you are not "Pro" you will have Monster kill streak or about 7-8 kills. Yeah 5-6 str is not mutch, right? we can gain more with stats skill.
  15. Shadowlurker

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    I think the Flesh Heap is better than stats because you can gain quite a bit of strength that peaks quite high eventually. I've scored 63 STR? on pure luck since the other team picked all feed, but on average, I score ~32 STR End Game. The Magic Resistance also helps for longer Rot. I personally think that Heart is not as good as it was before since just a single hit will disable it for 8 seconds, which is longer than the standard combo. And a second Heart will be way too hard to farm in normal games. Linken's seems like a good idea, but in my opinion, Aghanim's is better because of it's easy build up.
  16. 1uck.duck

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    Re: New Comment

    Very hard to make normal videos :D but you can try)
  17. 1uck.duck

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    In 1/13 games you will get normal team, and with it you can do about 17 frags by Pudge with lvl 4 Flesh Heap. Really its depends on team, your skill, luck and something else...
    P.S If your opponents are not map hackers. Because in many games, when i played by Pudge, i saw few map hackers. No, i mean real map hackers (ALSO IN MY TEAM :facepalm:), and they sayed when other team trying to gang us/or Rosh...
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    New Comment

    Ok, i loled. Blademail against melee heroes like troll venge and PA. VENGE'S NOT MELEE!!-But an OK guide overall though
  19. Sexy_intruder

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    soul ring is awesome on pudge
  20. Shizzy-

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    Who goes Linkens Pudge and basilius first?