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  1. Anub'arak Obama

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    Does anyone know if the WC3 player Grubby plays DOTA? If so, which heroes does he play?

    What about the former 4K Tod, Zeus, Creo, Fov, and the rest of them?

    Or Spirit Moon? GoStop? Lucifer?
  2. sice

    sice Well-Known Member

    If they did they'd play with only one hand
  3. Bengal_Tigger

    Bengal_Tigger Well-Known Member

    No, none of them play or like DotA.

    Edit: ToD has played a little bit of DotA. Enough to make jokes about it while commentating. He doesn't have a favorite hero and he told me he didn't like this thread.
  4. clan_iraq

    clan_iraq Banned

    All I know is that Moon plays the zeppelin hero and is gosu at using its pick up / drop archer abilities.
  5. Bengal_Tigger

    Bengal_Tigger Well-Known Member

    Should be /thread.

    But since I like showing off my gosu signature, I'll post again.

    Dear poster, please use Google. Look what I turned up in one search.

    Grubby: I don’t think most WC3 players hate DotA, but it’s easier to hate a so-called vice than to be OK with it, because it makes it easier to resist the temptation to play it. For example, if you prefer to live a life without drinking alcohol, it’s much easier to say “I hate alcohol” than to try it, like it, and take an objective stance by saying “alcohol is for whoever likes to drink it, but I won’t”. I played a bit of DotA a long time ago, and it can be pretty fun. However, I like WC3 more and don’t wish to waste time with DotA, so I could say “I hate DotA” if I wanted to.
  6. Cp6uja

    Cp6uja Well-Known Member

    Moved to Competitive chat.
  7. Necro

    Necro Well-Known Member

    I quote myself:

    Well, you don't need to micro each unit separately to surround, but I was trying to drive a point.
  8. imbaness

    imbaness Well-Known Member

    I do find that other top wc3 gamers don't trap/surround enemy heroes as good as Ted.
  9. Necro

    Necro Well-Known Member

    Yeah I love his UD, especially when he masses Banshees.

    But Moon is my fav player, so meh.
  10. Versuss

    Versuss Member

    there was a replay on gosugamers once, showing sky,infi and ted i think in a dota game.
  11. Radovansupak

    Radovansupak New Member

    HoT plays dota...played with him once...he was average player but VERY unmannered :)
  12. Spit-wad

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  13. Super-sheep

    Super-sheep Banned

    They are professional gamers. They gain their money from gaming, this means that they gotta play all the time to keep on their level and improve.

    btw grubby is beyond all
  14. -3d

    -3d Well-Known Member

    I once read an interview with Grubby, at one part he was asked which DotA hero was his favourite and he said he didn't play DotA...
  15. s2pid_loser

    s2pid_loser Active Member

    rotterdam of serious gaming (all from the netherlands like grubby) plays dota casually and knows the game. he did a shoutcast for it a couple months ago with templar
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  16. imbaness

    imbaness Well-Known Member

    now infi and fly100% is having exceptional form with moon behind..
  17. Necro

    Necro Well-Known Member

    Grubby is kinda fail btw, his perfomance has been below his usual recently. Loving Rohjinwook's and Infi's performance, cause I'm a human player.
  18. botanika

    botanika Well-Known Member

    Bet.Sweet Plays dota, I saw a replay of him playing Potm and he was doing pretty well
  19. -3d

    -3d Well-Known Member

    Any way to download it?
  20. InNeedOfFreedom

    InNeedOfFreedom Well-Known Member

    if they just move to DotA maybe the game will actually be a Esport