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    Squirrel of dreadful forest

    [TABLE="1"]Strength|19 + [1.5]
    Agility|20 + [2.9]
    Intelligence|15 + [1][/TABLE]

    Starting HP/MP:|587/182
    Attack Range:|128 (melee)
    Attack Animation:|?
    Casting Animation:|?
    Base Attack Time:|1.5
    Missile Speed:|Instant
    Sight Range:|1800/800

    [TABLE="1"][​IMG]|Throws an acorn into some direction. When it collides with enemy unit, it will deal him slight damage and ministun, with putting on them special buff, and then seek a new target to bounce (and repeat the process). After Certain numbers of bounces between enemies, it will blow, dealing a lot of damage in AoE [/TABLE]

    [TABLE="0"]Level|Mana|Cooldown|C. Range|Duration|Effects
    1|90|20|3000|-|Launches an Acorn (350 ms) -> Bounce 3 times + Slight Damage 50+ Ministun 0.2 sec + Acorn Play buff - 15 sec + Finish (blow damage) 150 in 250 AoE + refresh the acorn in 25 seconds
    2|100|19|3000|-|Launches an Acorn (400 ms) -> Bounce 4 times + Slight Damage 50+ Ministun 0.3 sec + Acorn Play buff - 15 sec + Finish (blow damage) 190 in 250 AoE + refresh the acorn in 24 seconds
    3|110|18|3000|-|Launches an Acorn (450 ms) -> Bounce 5 times + Slight Damage 50+ Ministun 0.4 sec + Acorn Play buff - 15 sec + Finish (blow damage) 250 in 250 AoE + refresh the acorn in 23 seconds
    4|120|17|3000|-|Launches an Acorn (500 ms)-> Bounce 6 times + Slight Damage 50+ Ministun 0.5 sec + Acorn Play buff - 15 sec + Finish (blow damage) 300 in 250 AoE + refresh the acorn in 22 seconds

    • Puts on enemies Acorn Play buff for 15 seconds.
    • Maximum distance between targets is 600
    • First throwed max distance of acorn is 900
    • Finish damage is magic
    • If the acorn will not collide somebody in 6 seconds, or reaches the maximum distance it will blow instantly
    • You can not cast this if you have not got an acorn.


    Horror Bite
    [TABLE="0"][​IMG]|Deal bonus damage based on you agility and strength to ones, that have Acorn Play buff. Oh I'm sorry, that was your head, I thought it was mine acorn![/TABLE]
    • Deal 1x Strength and 0.5x Agility of Grizzly as a damage

    That's Mine!
    [TABLE="0"][​IMG]|Grizzly jump to the place where acorn was at the moment. Mine, mine, mine! [/TABLE]
    • Maximum of jump distance is 750
    • Manacost 25 cd 5 seconds
    • You can not jump if there is no your acorn shooted somewhere
    • If it was casted extra time(meaning you have not reached previous point), you will land in 0.5 seconds in your current position and start to move into another position
    • Grizzly moves with constant 300/350/400/450 ms and has 100% evasion when jump, until he will land

    Tree Vault
    [TABLE="1"][​IMG]|Bind with target tree, granting yourself invisibility for a short duration[/TABLE]
    • Casting range 150, target need to be a tree.
    • You still have the movement however you will not auto-attack anyone. You are counted as a flying unit, you ms is reduced to 50.
    • Any cast or movement will drop you to the land.
    • Any 3/4/5/6 instances of damage aiming you will drop you to the land.
    • Destroying the tree, instantly drops you to the land
    • Cd 45 manacost 70/75/80/85 duration 5/8/10/15 seconds

    [TABLE="1"][​IMG]|You show some tricks to the neutral forest creeps with low level, making them to be your "friends". Hmm, you know what time is it? It is time for some little mind tricks![/TABLE]
    • You can get control of these creeps:
      Kobold x3
      Kobold Tunneler
      Kobold Taskmaster

      Gnoll Assassin x3
      Forest Troll Berserker x2
      Forest Troll High Priest

      Forest Troll Berserker x2
      Kobold Taskmaster

      Fel Beast x2

      Harpy Scout x2
      Harpy Storm
    • You cast on one neutral, but get all the easy camp
    • You can have 1/1/2/3 camps of creeps at the same time
    • If you control more than one camp, one random camp will return back to their (you loose control of them) home after 30/40/50/60 seconds, they will go there, ignoring the damage that they take
    • Bonus hp to each neutral +30\+40\+50\+60 bonus movespeed to each +10%\+15%\+20%\+25%
    • CD 55\45\35 seconds manacost 100\125\150\200

    [TABLE="1"][​IMG]|You bring nightmare to this world. You loose control of the Grizzly, but you can manipulate by him with your copies.[/TABLE]
    • Duration is 10/12/16/ seconds or until one of the copies dies(in this case you loose all bonuses and another copy).
    • Manacost 150 cd 75 seconds
    • When activated you looses control of the Grizzly, but you gain 2 controllable copies of yourself. When they both attack one target in the last 2 seconds, the Grizzly will be forced to attack that target also (and will not stop to attack it for the duration, if you do not change the target by your copies).
    • Grizzly gain +75%/+90%/+120% to his damage for the duration
    • One of the copy has Acorn while the other has Horror Bite and That's Mine!
    • Copies deal 33% of damage and receive 50%
    • Copies and you will become solid black ^_^
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    Very interesting. Could you fix the templating?
  3. ZipFile

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    to make a tables on each skill?
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    I like it because its an squirrel.
    Manacosts are too high for a 1int grow chipmunk,and you also have high mana cost AND an acorn restriction for first skill.
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    kk will decrease manacost a little :)
  6. cluGAmERsy

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    Yes because it's really confusing for me :confused: Sorry if that's making a fuss on you.
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    • What does "refresh the acorn" mean? The cd is lower.
    • Your first throw is not a "Homing projectile" but an aiming skill. Are the bounces follow their targets?
    • How is the target of a bounce chosen? Random in 600 AOE or the nearest one?
    • The speed of the projectile is really low. It will surely blow up in the air unless you cast it from melee range. I would suggest you making it 500/600/700/800 speed.
    • Really cute subabilities :)

    Tree Vault
    • My problem with this skill is that it seems to be useless. Really hard to juke with it, because of the MS reduction. Not enough duration for ganking.
    • I think no MS reduction should be applied. That would be fun. Anyway he is a squirrel, he should be swift in the trees.

    • I like the concept but have problems with the numbers.
    • I would give more hp for the creeps: 30/70/110/150
    • You only write 3 cd times what is the 4th?
    • It is very hard to control 3 camps because of the 60 sec homegoing time. I think it should be a little more (30/60/90/120).

    • Wow. This skill is so strange that I can not tell whether it is imba or weak :D

    • It is ok that he is squishy. But his terrible INT gain is a real problem for a 4 spell hero. Little buff needed.
    • Attack and cast animations could be 0.4/0.4 and 0.45/0.5

    • Lovely spells.
    • This seems to be a unique idea, not that serious but a really funny one. Nice icons.
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    [nqb] Q. What does "refresh the acorn" mean? The cd is lower.
    A. That means, that you get a Special effect. (Basically flying unit-dummy above you), when you shoot the Acorn, you loose that unit-effect. And can not use your skill, if you do not have an Effect of Acorn above you.

    Q. Your first throw is not a "Homing projectile" but an aiming skill. Are the bounces follow their targets?

    A. I have not decided it yet. at a first time I thought the bounces of this should not follow, hmm, ok let it be following targets.
    A. How is the target of a bounce chosen? Random in 600 AOE or the nearest one?
    Q. The nearest one, that have not got an Acorn Play buff. If all of them have got it, the random one will be chosen.

    Thanks on remarks ^_^ and on all review!
    I will think on the points that you have mentioned
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    The concept of a squirrel seems a bit silly like something in HoN or LoL.
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    I like the idea.

    But I don't really get the ultimate, I guess.
    So he gets bonus damage (illusions, too?), creates 2 illusions that are tankier than himself and where does he move if you walk in 2 different directions or attack 2 targets?
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    Seems quite interesting...
    Sry, i haven't really got time to rewiev... the skills seem ok and there is no problem with this one... so, good job
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    Copies does not get that buff.

    If there is some enemies in his range he will just attack somebody of them, simply the closest target. Or I can tweak that he will attack one random target between your copies, so you will definitely focus on one target if you target it by both of them. If it in different directions =( it will be a pity ^_^

    thank you! I really appreciate that
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    so assuming this is implemented, you're expecting icefrog to go out and find a squirrel model somewhere? i know if i was icefrog this would be a huge turnoff
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    actually, not, you can use basic racoon model, scaled and recolored into orange. one thing that you will need is a acorn model

    best is this [​IMG]

    Note, that basic racoon model has not got attack animation, but it is not a big probem to draw "walk animation", that is the trick - you can put that on any others models which have not got attack animation.

    Some WIP screenshots:


    Compare suggested hero model with existing basic racoon ), that thing overhead is an acorn​


    Battle stage - that blood will be a visualization of [​IMG] when you attack Acorn Play buffed unit

    2 attack styles ^_^ "come to me" - and "RRR"
    "come to me"


    "Again CTM"

    P.s. hope you enjoyed
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    Bump N2
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    Acorn: seems kinda OP 50 damage to 3 units + 150 blow damage at level one is imba for a skill IMAO

    Subskills: horror bite is very powerful the 200 damge from acorn + 1 bite at level one is 74 Ouch

    mine mine mine : is fine though

    tree: if you were planning this to be a juking and ambush skill it would work amazingly

    tricks: powerful but the manacost balances it out

    paranoia: nice unique skill and the fact they turn black will cause confusion with the enemies nice
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    3000 cast range for first skill is a joke, I honestly ddin't read past that, the nuke does a huge amount of damage with just 1 nuke...