Goodbye EG

Discussion in 'Competitive Chat' started by iser, Aug 29, 2016.

  1. iser

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    who do i root for now? cri.
  2. Z01d

    Z01d Well-Known Member

    Team Dota Chat lul.

    Universe junior should go to school and Fear retire before he gets terminal wankers cramp.

    Maybe the owner of [A] and EG really went out of business.
  3. enrico.swagolo

    enrico.swagolo Well-Known Member

    Literally the only DotA team I would root for, ever. But what happened exactly? And where is Suma1l going?
  4. dadde

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  5. MWaser

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    you can't root for non-american teams, you fucking nationalist?
  6. JJE92

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  7. InThoX

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    sufail can easily retire
  8. iser

    iser Well-Known Member

    what? no, i am just a huge fan of fear.
  9. Z01d

    Z01d Well-Known Member

    Well now he retired because of terminal wankers cramp.