Gondar Item Build

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    what is the best item build for him?
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    jeez.. treads, butterfly, mom, orchid, basher, dagon?
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    joebh is the joe BH after all.

    Though personally in pubs (which is the only place I play BH), I like maxing WW first, then Shuriken, then Jinada.

    Double Backstab + Jinada is often enough to gank someone (especially if you have help, which you should), and less mana-intensive than Shuriken toss. With the low manacost + long duration on WW and by buying a RoB, you can maintain permanent invisibility, which is helpful cos it keeps the enemies guessing where you are and if they become too cautious, they lose some of their farming efficiency.

    and as you know, pubs rarely buy Sentries or Dust so you don't get countered that badly.

    OT: item-wise, I normally buy

    1) Shadow Urn (STR for HP, Mana for spamming, + since u r ganking, the charges are gonna pile up and are helpful for healing between ganks).
    2) Power Tread (I like the fact that you can start out with INT for mana, STR when you need to tank a bit, then AGI in late-game)
    3)SnY (Deso is also a good orb, but I prefer the HP, Agi and mspd that SnY gives, which is helpful when chasing and surviving counter-ganks)

    and for luxuries...
    4) MKB (my favorite DPS item in the game)
    5) Butterfly

    You can replace Power Tread for Phaseboots too... just remember that you can't Crit or Bash while Phased. And if you still have gold, buy a Vlad (support/lifesteal) or Basher (combined with MKB's mini-bash, it's the closest you can get to perma-bash).
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    to me the item build for gondar is:
    5-battle fury
    6-more butterfly
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    I like to go Stat items-Ab-then straight to gynsoo.
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    My Item build is this;

    1. Boots (Later upgraded to Power Treads, after I got Urn of Shadows - and when the enemy team is spamming spells 'Magic Stick / Wand').
    2. Urn of Shadows (A bit survivability, mana regeneration and the free healing salve after killing someone, or additional 150 damage).
    3. Medallion of Courage (More survivability, more mana regeneration and synergies very well with Gondar's Jinada, and Track).
    4. Stygian Desolator, OR Orchid Malevolence (Stygian Desolator when the enemy team is squishy, and doesn't rely on spells, Orchid Malevolence when the enemy tean relies on spells).
    5. The Butterfly, or Assault Cuirass (The Butterfly for the huge boost in damage, evasion, and attack speed. Assault Cuirass if my team deals huge physical damage, and can need extra armor, attack speed).
    6. Monkey King Bar (For extra attack damage - causing higher criticals from Jinada, some attack speed, and the important part 'True Strike', 100% for hitting the enemy heroes).

    For Skill Build I go like this;
    1. Wind Walk
    2. Jinada
    3-5. Shurikeen Toss
    6. Track
    7. Shurikeen Toss
    8-10. Wind Walk
    11. Track
    12-14. Jinada

    After this everything what's left.