Glyph of Fortification

Discussion in 'Others' started by jonskeez, Oct 18, 2009.

  1. jonskeez

    jonskeez New Member

    Add Glyph of Fortification button to the towers and buildings.

    makes it quicker to activate fortify on towers instead of clicking on the circles
  2. kanzakill

    kanzakill Well-Known Member

    That is nice indeed :rambo:

    But this belongs to Others
  3. FlamingFist

    FlamingFist Well-Known Member

    im neutral in this idea now,

    needs more debate for weeks
  4. Entropiestrom

    Entropiestrom Well-Known Member

    doesn't make it quicker. I always save my basecircle on "0" and it just takes 2 clicks to activate the glyph. but it'd make a lot easier for newbs imo
  5. Travice

    Travice Well-Known Member

    Same here but replace "0" with "4", unless I'm playing meepo.

    T-down for me.
  6. DDimow

    DDimow Well-Known Member

  7. dominator02

    dominator02 Well-Known Member

    but will they share their control because if the scourge and sentinel share their control,we can control their creeps.:thumbdown:
  8. FireMaster

    FireMaster Active Member

    Right, I think there must a command like -glyph
  9. Cp6uja

    Cp6uja Well-Known Member

    Already suggested, I think.

    Moved to Others.

    OnTopi: T-Up!
  10. atomchoco

    atomchoco Well-Known Member

    1. Assign Circle of Power to a control group at the beginning of the game(Ctrl + 0-9 or Shift + 0-9)
    2. Press "F" whenever Glyph is needed and not in cooldown.

    Doing this helps you do a lot of things easier (disassemble, drop all items, take all items, blah).

  11. Karakuri-Engeki

    Karakuri-Engeki Well-Known Member

    T-Down....i think jz put on Courier is a lot better, since on CM we have to set 2 unit *Courier and Circle* is a quite hard~
  12. jonskeez

    jonskeez New Member

    makes it easier for noobs like me lol
  13. ~Maktor~

    ~Maktor~ Well-Known Member

  14. zer11

    zer11 Well-Known Member

    Thaught same^^
  15. Ali Radicali

    Ali Radicali Well-Known Member

    I supported this when it was suggested at DA and I renew my support here. This is a very sensible suggestion, T-up.
  16. Mystique-

    Mystique- Well-Known Member

    T-Up. As long as the Glyph cooldown is still universal for all allied buildings once the glyph on one building is activated!
  17. PunKZ

    PunKZ Well-Known Member

    [Gameplay]Glyph of Fortification; Add to towers

    This idea came from "Laidback" on Icefrogs blog. However, I don't know if you can actually do it without giving control of the sentinel to the players.

    Thoughts? I just think it would be much easier to use that way.
  18. NoThlnG

    NoThlnG Well-Known Member

    Re: [Gameplay]Glyph of Fortification; Add to tower

    1. IIRC, this was already suggested. For idea, T-Up
    2. Wrong forum. Post this on others subforum
  19. lvndr

    lvndr Well-Known Member

    Re: [Gameplay]Glyph of Fortification; Add to tower

    You can select your Circle of Power and press Ctrl+1 at the beginning of the game, and just press 1 + F to activate the Fortification.

    I don't think it needs a remake.
  20. LulzYeah

    LulzYeah Banned

    Re: [Gameplay]Glyph of Fortification; Add to tower

    This is the best way to go. Though, I usually put it on Ctrl + 3