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Discussion in 'Advanced Mechanics' started by Niss3, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. Niss3

    Niss3 Well-Known Member

    Please let me get this right once for all.

    Does techies gain experience when he gets a kill with land mines and/or remote mines, undependand of how far away you are (global experience)?

    Does techies gain experience when he gets the kill from a suicide?

    Are there other heroes than Invoker with his sunbeam strike that can gain experience globally? (Besides possible techies)
  2. God of Death

    God of Death Well-Known Member

    I think there's also Sniper. Anyone confirm?
  3. crinckle

    crinckle Well-Known Member

    Techies gets exp if he kills a hero with suicide.
    Since 6.72, any hero who makes a hero kill outside the normal exp range (1200) is given the exp for the kill.
  4. nix

    nix Well-Known Member

    This is why I always try and KS across map with global spells. I get full exp for kill and my allies in the area also get full exp (split among them ofc).
  5. Strange_Kid

    Strange_Kid Well-Known Member

    a question, one time after I suicide (2 kill) then remote mine kill another two abit far from spot I death (FYI I dont have bloodstone) do I get exp from the remote mine or only the suicide?
  6. SN0W37

    SN0W37 Well-Known Member

    You would get experience from both.
  7. beetin

    beetin Well-Known Member

    As stated, ALL heroes gain experience for their kills, so axe/doom/viper/venom/etc killing a target 10000 range away with their DoT will also net them experience.

    If an allied hero is in the normal experience range of the killed hero, will techies/axe/etc receive half experience instead?
  8. Senjougahara

    Senjougahara Moderator

    Think about it as having two heroes kill one enemy on the same spot within 1200 aoe, only in this case, the second hero is far away. So yeah, they'll receive half (?). I'm not sure about the xp distribution, but yeah, the concept is like that.
  9. EebstertheGreat

    EebstertheGreat Forum Manager

    That's false. Heroes in the area will receive normal experience (divided only between them), while additionally the killing unit will receive bonus experience (equal to the normal experience) if it is more than 1200 range away.
  10. lezley

    lezley Well-Known Member

    So this bonus exp also applies if the killing unit is dead (and a hero obviously)? Does the place matter where the hero died? Or does he get the exp regardless?

    Also I'm guessing that the awarded kills from sent/scourge with only 1 assist don't count to this rule, do they?
  11. crinckle

    crinckle Well-Known Member

    Yes it is given even if your hero is dead. The place where you died matters because even if you are dead, your position for triggers is the place where you died (except if you had some position changing spells acting) and if you kill a hero that is within [NOTE=Normal EXP range]1200[/NOTE] range from the place where you died, you won't get the EXP.
    Don't know about the Sent/Scourge assist part.
  12. Davjo

    Davjo Well-Known Member

    tech remote gets u XP
    tech suicide doesnt
    global spells do get xp and the place where the hero died the xp will be split among (total of 2x XP than normal)
  13. crinckle

    crinckle Well-Known Member

    It does. At least read the thread (or changelog)
  14. Niss3

    Niss3 Well-Known Member

    Could someone confirm if the experience is increased if the killer is oustide 1200 range?

    That would mean that you could benefit from moving away when you're certain to get the kill to let your team gain more experience?
  15. SN0W37

    SN0W37 Well-Known Member

    Kinda. :3

    If there is only 1 hero within 1200 units of the dying hero, then that hero would gain the same amount of experience as it would if it was farther than 1200 units away from the dying hero.

    If however there were 2 heros within 1200 units of the dying hero, and the killer was farther than 1200 units away, then the killer would gain full experience for the death of the hero where as as the heros within 1200 units would only gain [note=They would gain half because there are 2 heros within 1200 units. If there was 3 heros they would gain a third if there was four heros they would gain a quarter, etc.]half[/note].

    Note that this only applies to when heros die. When non-heros die only units within 1200 units will gain experience.

    tl;dr: The experience gained cannot be greater than it would be if a hero was alone, but the experience gained by the killing players team is greater.
  16. lozarian

    lozarian Well-Known Member


    You get one "instance" of hero kill experience split amongst people in 1200 aoe
    one "instance" of hero kill experience for far away killers.

    Each is independant and exclusive of the other.

    So global KSing is in fact good for your team's overall EXP. Might help to explain why we've seen so much furion recently.
  17. Niss3

    Niss3 Well-Known Member

    This is awesome ^^ Why isn't there more discussions about this recently
  18. beetin

    beetin Well-Known Member

    Sorry for the bump. Wanted to know if the global experience trigger checks for whether the killing unit is an ally.

    I thought it didn't when it was first introduced (IE bloodseeker denying a hero 2k range away with silence and gaining experience.)
  19. MauranKilom

    MauranKilom Well-Known Member

    I don't think it got fixed already.
  20. Lories

    Lories Well-Known Member

    atm (6.72f) it works, just tested it.