Glass found on Mars

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    Hmm... This is rather interesting. Thanks for the reply.

    However, I don't think we could turn the whole planet into Earth 2.0, I don't see why we couldn't create a biosphere that could sustain life
  2. Fluicor

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    It wouldnt be self-sustained life,it would be more like a chicken farm under the sea in a glass dome.Take away human complete intervention in any and all procesess and it will just wither away.Mars inhospitable geography wouldnt help either.

    EDIT for theory craft sake:
    So,lets say we replicate our atmosphere,we refill mars giantics oceans, introduce every vital bio-component our planet needs(namely and most important plankton),modify the ground to make it fertile,all that work would be for naught if the plate tectonic is stagnant,for it is the main tool for the world autorenewal.The planet would be a red dead rock again in god-knows how much time.
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    What you're overlooking is the time scale IMO. Yes, a planet without plate tectonics to keep the rock cycle spinning won't be able to sustain life indefinitely without intervention, but that's really not what we'd be trying to accomplish, at least not in the short term.
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    I wasnt overlooking the timescale,but there is no way you can predict the lasting effects of terraforming in a dead planet.Life could last maybe a hundred years,it could be a thousand,or maybe just ten.Such a big effort can only mean that any plan made for a terraformed planet cant be for short term.
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    lack of knowledge ≠ trolling
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    Buahaa this actually crossed my mind, minus daedric plus glass