Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by Levolaika, May 15, 2012.

  1. Levolaika

    Levolaika Banned

    Why people write ''gg/wp/ggwp''?
    I mean, it doesn't really mean anything. Of course, it has the meaning, but people just write it any time, even if the game wasn't really good and the other team didn't play well.
    Also, I've found a tendency among the winner players to write it. I mean, it's always the player of a winning team starts saying such kind of greeting. What's that? A desperate and depraved endeavour to validate themselves I guess?
  2. Tutankoopa

    Tutankoopa Well-Known Member

    Of course the winning team says gg. They won, and winning=good.
  3. StraY_WolF

    StraY_WolF Well-Known Member

    It's good manner, like saying goodbye to your uncle.
  4. Shadowlurker

    Shadowlurker Banned

    It's manners. You generally do not say it until the enemy team says it first. And what, would you rather have: "LOL NOOB L2PLAY"
  5. Lycan

    Lycan Administrator

    manners when the loosing team is lurked into saying it. And actual good games when it comes from the losing team themselves as a way of thanking the other team for a nice game. There are always those who use it to vent of rage but that's not nearly as annoying as people ending their phonecalls with hi.
  6. kienluong02

    kienluong02 Well-Known Member

    ggwp= i win, u lose
  7. scricK

    scricK Well-Known Member

    It depends, sometimes i say bgwp. Obviously this consists in easy game for my team or their team.
  8. FightFate

    FightFate Banned

    If I ever see you in pubs I will scold the shit outta you and make you wish you never installed DOTA2.
  9. mikrodizels

    mikrodizels Well-Known Member

    But personally, i never say gg, because it's a game, no need for manners. I badmanner my oponents most of the time anyway, so telling gg, after telling them how much they suck would be just awkward.
  10. bitspirit

    bitspirit Well-Known Member

    Maybe at some point it meant good game but now its just something you write when the game is over.
  11. Hemoxyte

    Hemoxyte Well-Known Member

    Just manners, I appreciate opponents who don't qq when things are not looking right, so i say "gg wp, thanks for staying."
  12. AngryGanker

    AngryGanker Well-Known Member

    I don't say gg when I'm QQing
  13. iDebo

    iDebo Well-Known Member

    In my 450+ games i only said that ONCE. It was actually a good game.
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  14. B3yondL

    B3yondL Banned



    Write this at the end or start of your games for some epic lulz.
  15. Mono

    Mono Well-Known Member

    'game was good'
  16. Shizzy-

    Shizzy- Well-Known Member

    I BM real hard at the end of the game honestly.

    Game was 50-0, tell them gg very close game would play again.
    or just go on about how bad they are.
  17. Aximil

    Aximil Well-Known Member

    I love seeing the winning team write GGWP when 4 of my allies leave and it's 1v5 and they refuse to end for 40 minutes so they can all farm up to their heart's content.
  18. hankaung121

    hankaung121 Well-Known Member

    I use gg when we pubstomp or they stomp us.

    I use gg wp when we have a close game.
  19. LostENT

    LostENT Well-Known Member

    I say gg only if it was actually a good game. If it was a stomp I don't say anything unless it's a reply to the other team. If I lose or they made it really difficult to win I usually say WP.
  20. Semi-Formal

    Semi-Formal Well-Known Member

    I don't say anything to the opposing team or my own generally. If I say GG then
    1. it's only in ally chat
    2. we had an intense close game