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    Look dude, without getting into it too much - i guess i'm wrong xD

    I share the same view as uo111 it is the upper 30% that is of concern and what makes headlines. Every study I have read in the past focuses on that upper tier so reading 66% seemed largely over exaggerated.
  2. I'm with Goaty.
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    Well, I did say obese and overweight. But, yeah, my physiology professor brought up those statistics, and I was certain it was a typo. Over two-thirds of the population? Seemed way too high.
  4. I did saw the study stating the 66% statistic from several sites, which seems to cite from several sources. It has been a month or two since the result is released, so it's hard to track it down again..
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    I think they may have drawn this statistic from people's BMI's which is a muy inaccurate way of determining their health, ie, if someone has a lot of muscle or bone mass they may have an above normal BMI (that may tell them theyre overweight/obese) but in reality they're quite healthy/not obese.

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    Well some are based on statics, like 66% of americans are either overweight or obese... but some generalizing are stupid and retarded.

    Like saying saying all Iranians are terrorists. There is no known Iranian terrorist whatsoever, the government might support Palestine and Islamic movements aka terrorists but there is no terrorist with Persian name on face of earth as of yet. (Iranians have Persian names)
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    Glad we agree.
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    But most people don't. Bodybuilders make up a slim percentage of the population. BMI isn't accurate for everyone, but it's accurate enough for most people and thus is pretty much the best option for conducting these kinds of studies.

    You might make a case for shaving off a percentage or two because of this, but that's all I'm realistically seeing.

    Also keep in mind that this statistic is a few years old. The rates have done nothing but increase, and it's estimated that 42% of Americans will be obese by 2030.
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    I'm no bodybuilder but I'm how you might call "big-boned" and my BMI tells me I am overweight, which I most definitely am not! I'm just saying there may be a substantial amount of people misrepresented in those statistics. That's not to say that they are completely skewed, however, coz as you said, I can prolly only make a case to shave off a relatively small percentage.

    Good to know that's where America is headed. : |
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    Agreed on all points.

    Yeah, it's pretty alarming to see just how unhealthy we are. On the plus side, though, my nutrition degree will be a great investment. :D
  12. Oh no, there are a lot of people with such minds of ''I'm not fat'' when really, they are.

    I was oblivious to the fact that I was a fucking fatty when I was 5'5 200lbs (166cm 90kg).
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    thats a global trend, we're just #1! like always
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    True, but I don't think I fall in that category lol

    5'9, 170lbs, 25.1 BMI (overweight). I mean I guess.

    lel '_'
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    Actually everyone with views different from USA's "capitalist" approach which justifies it stealing resources from other countries is a terrorist/freedom fighter. Truth to be told the exploatation of third world countries for the benefit of countries such a USA and England is the real terrorism, not the attempts to undermine it.

    On Topic:
    People that work out are becomming more and more nowadays. And you don't need to work-out professionally to have more muscle tissue than fat. Amateur athletes do not fall in the bmi index as well.
    There is a correlation between fat, muscle and bone in a person. You can't know how much fat you have before consulting a nutritionist and undergoing some tests. Working for the majority isn't doing any good if you don't fall in that category. It can work as sort of a guideline, but nothing to actually abide by.
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    Only 5% of Americans are active every day. Bodybuilding -- even amateur bodybuilding -- requires a significant time commitment.

    Not exactly how much, but if you're not physically active and/or have a surplus of muscle mass, the BMI should give a reasonable overview of your body composition.

    If your circumstances are such that BMI doesn't give an accurate illustration of your weight management, then don't worry about it. But for the 90%+ people for whom it is accurate, studies such as these can note valuable trends.
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    I don't think you're ready. `.'
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