Generalizing Nations

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    in my country, parents scold their children for studying too much.
    i had an awesome childhood :)
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    Funny was also my first guess. But I changed it for some odd reason
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    Getting into barfigths since I was 14. Guess.
    (Dont look below avy, thats cheating)
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    Politics sucks, biggest opportunists in the world, incredibly retarded presidents.
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    They're not retarded.
    They're there to make money for themselves, and I'd say they're doing an excellent job.
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    We live in a country where politicians have just plundered and impoverished the population for..well, for a long time already. But I really doubt any of them was slightly stupid, it's all about the profit they make out of people (maybe Fernando was a little dumb I'll give you that :) ).
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    I advise reading Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln. There was a time when politicians were great people and a true inspiration to everyone.
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    In the US(I'm not sure about other countries so bear with me.) If your goal is to make a lot of money then you would never waste your time trying to be president, or run for congress, or anything like that really.

    Most of them make BANK, and their salary from their political ventures is mostly just for show and could honestly be done away with.
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    False. nt though
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    No it isn't:

    And those numbers have done nothing but rise. thx anyway tho
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    I would love to know how those studies were done.

    I'm much more concerned about the upper 30% though. The middle 30% really don't matter so much.

    (I bet the gays only have like 10% fatness :cool1: )

    The Mexicans are winning in the fat race though D:

    Interestingly(and not surprisingly) the blacks have the highest rate of morbid obesity. I guess the image of the fat black person isn't just the medias doing.
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    We have the most cheese production per capita in the world. Guess without looking at my location.
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    well, I have a few ideas about them (and I'm Dutch so I'll give you a good comparison, hehe)

    I know Denmark is one of the wealthiest countries in the world - not even per se talking economically but in terms of social security, education etc. It's been one of the best countries to be born in for decades.

    I know some Danes that I gamed with.. Usually they are well educated indeed, like indie music and complain they want to come here to Amsterdam because they love weed and guitars (on the other hand: I'd love to visit that hippie district in Copenhagen as well)!

    Aaaand I met some Danes on festivals, those guys were pretty freaking nice, always up for a good convo, their English is more than decent enough, and they knew how to have a good drink.

    So basically my impression of a Danish person is a filthy rich potsmoking festivalling white guy with half long hair and -----
    ... I'm not sure how accurate this is for the Danish population exactly hahahahaa woops

    I used to think they were robots for the factory-like way they pump out innovations and ofc we call their national football team a machine...
    But honestly I've been chilling with some more people from Hamburg and they are damn hard partiers, outgoing and wellspoken.
    I know from Chammer that education in Germany sucks because.. because.. idk
    And when I'm there it's not allowed to smoke pot on the street so you have to be all sneaky about it which was pretty annoying when I went to TI1.
    On holidays Germans are usually the ones lying on the beach fucked up 24/7 yelling things that sound extremely angry because of your evil language.

    [nqb]South Americans[/nqb]
    I bet your mother wants you to live at home til you're 28 and you've never done your own laundry!!
    (well let's say I knew a Brazilian guy well who lived here in Holland and he was totally incapable of doing ANYTHING ranging from preparing dinner to cleaning his room to getting a job because of his latino mom..)

    some of the best and some of the shittiest pieces of the world, so not really fair to generalize in that way even though everything I've written this post is generalization based on a few impressions
    But if I'd have to say something then I guess what's typical about Americans is that they believe in this kind of "if you're not rich, it's your own fault" philosophy eg you "create" your own life, which in a sense is true, but it's totally hyped and people don't realize the flipside to this philosophy, especially in the context of the USA's seemingly overly consumerist and conformist general mentality
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    It's not about statistics, it's about what the media shows. Media takes the one thing that makes a certain culture or ethnicity unique and popularize it.

    If they show you bunch of Arab terrorists on your TV, people will stereotype them that way. Even though real Arabian terrorists are probably nothing more than 1% of the Arab people.
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    Yeah, same. Being overweight isn't that big of a deal. In fact it's correlated with an extended life expectancy for older folks.

    Honestly, it seems like the American gays are either really skinny or really bulky. Not fat bulky, but muscle bulky. But muscle bulky registers as obese on the BMI scale anyway, so the percentages might be a bit distorted.
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    Hello from Kazakhstan.
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    This is how we do where I am from, m'kay