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    OK, that makes sense.
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    You have AT:Siege as doing 150% damage to unarmored units. Currently the mechanics page has it correct, and you have it wrong.

    Also, HeroExpRange is now 1200.0.
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    The link at bounce attack directs to DA.
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    Siege also has a 0.75 factor against heroes now instead of the previous 0.63, just in case you wanted to know.

    It does no more.

    Thanks for pointing these things out.
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    Yeah, I didn't even notice that it used to be 0.63.
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    I allways thought this is the rate at wich you gain visibility when moving through the fog (in this case, at each 0.4 seconds the fog clears a bit more). So this is not what it does? Since it is unkown.
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    From the observation that the fog updates at this ratio that would seem correct, however, due to the fact that alterations appeared to not affect the actual update ratio the actual use for the constant has been classified as unknown.
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    Is it possible that RazorCrime's explanation is how it is intended to work and it is simply broken? Or is changing it known to have some effects?
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    We believed that it was intended to work in that way, and it may be plausible that it was Blizzard's intent with the constant as well. No changes in the game has been observed through altering the constant, thus it is hard to say what it does.
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    By the way, you aren't the only one who forgot to edit when siege attacks were changed. Several of the armor- and damage-tips in DotA are wrong, including the ones for Siege and Unarmored. I don't know why IF doesn't just fix them like he did with DAMAGETIP_CHAOS.
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    I just finished reading this...

    these things are definitely a type of information that is considered 'nice-to-know'


    Good Job posting this here ^_^
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    As of 6.72, "Gameplay - Illusions Bestow Auras" is now True.

    This information is courtesy of LordShinjo. ;)
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    Thanks, updated.
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    In unit death stuff:
  15. MauranKilom

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    I may be quite a bit late here, but i fail to find any evidence of the ReactionDelay being applied. No matter how hard i try in my testmaps, units will always begin their attacks in time, despite being reissued a stop and attack order before every attack.

    Does anybody have evidence of the ReactionDelay applying? Maybe blizzard stealth-changed something?
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  17. MauranKilom

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    Hm, still testing...

    If i set it to 10.0 then i can see the delay, if i set it to 1.0 i see absolutely no implications, on 2.0 it does have an effect.
    What the fuck?

    Basically i'm trying to confirm/deny how the reaction delay is applied... If at least the timers in wc3 had better resolution than 1/16 seconds... I'm currently working with a 0.1 second timing based on units attacking each other...
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    I have came here to ask something like "is there anything like acquisation delay", and I think this thread is here can answer that question.
    I almost never check the "Last Post" row, but for some reason, this time I did, and... Well, wanted to share :D

    So, there really is like a delay between getting in range and getting attacked, for example, by a tower, right?
    Else, I have a question.
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    It should depend on the acquisition range and how quickly you approach the tower (and luck).
  20. ThoAppelsin

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    After dealing with this constant for like two days, if I am not mistaken, this constant does not have an effect on the tower attacks. At least not for the attacks done by an Ancient Protector and a Spirit Tower, I am certain on those two. Not even when you make them target manually, or issue stop commands.

    Might aswell be more general and apply for every anchored or ensnared or Movement - Type: None unit... [needs confirmation]

    Yeah, like that. Thanks to MauranKilom, I am using his test map repeatedly for making these tests...
    Not the Movement - Type: None
    but the Movement - Speed Base: 0 (zero)
    makes the units somehow become unaffected by the Gameplay Constant: Reaction Delay. There might be a built in hardcoded delay for them, but I cannot know that, and also, it doesn't look like there is.
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