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    Idk if this is the right forum.

    tl;dr were looking for people to Q with in Dota 2, they can be ANY skill level, but MUST have a BP booster. Pros of joining us: You will gain exp at a 135% OR HIGHER rate! Negatives of joining us: None, but there could be inexperienced players on your team or the opposite team could be REALLY good. All depends. Or maybe you could rape the entire other team. All depends.

    So as we know, the Battle Point booster from the Dota 2 store can stack. For example, if you have one, you get 75% BP (Battle Points) bonus. But if someone else in the game you are playing in has it, you gain 75% + 15% for a total of 90% BP bonus! So I thought, well we can't choose who our opponents are, but we can choose who our teammates are! So my plan is to get together as many people as possible (minimum of 4) who are willing to just Q together, regardless of knowledge or experience of Dota, and play a TON. Now you may be wondering, "why are you looking for more than 4?" well that's because I want this little thing to continue even when someone is offline. So what I plan to do is create a steam group and have people who are willing to participate join, and then you guys can all friend each other and we can keep this BP boosting going on at all times!

    BP Booster
    Understanding that you can't rage too hard if your teammates act like drunken monkeys on crack

    If you are interested, our steam group is

    I had to make it private though so not just any yahoo can join.
    Add us as a friend on steam to get the ball rolling!
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    I got some BP.. but which server do you usually play?
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    oh god, tl;dr first,

    i love that, wish you guys much luck and many players for bp party :)
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    you know what gets you BP even faster?
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    what's wining
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    Damn typos
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    I hope I will fight against your supperior BP team. That would be 75% BP increase for free.