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Discussion in 'Advanced Mechanics' started by jamal99, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. jamal99

    jamal99 Well-Known Member

    How to do that "fake" teleport with Furion?
  2. Pingus!

    Pingus! Well-Known Member

    I think what you mean is:

    Cast teleport.
    Cancel Animation.

    Is that or is it something else?
  3. jamal99

    jamal99 Well-Known Member

    That's it. But how to cancel animation?
  4. qmau

    qmau Well-Known Member

    Push "S"
  5. God_ii

    God_ii Well-Known Member

    basically press the stop command (hotkey "s")
  6. tech-ladan

    tech-ladan Well-Known Member

    note it is not canceling animation it is actually canceling the spell means you will not teleported to new location

    canceling animation is a whole different thing and you can see THIS

    yes with pressing "s"
  7. Magicmaster

    Magicmaster Well-Known Member

    Or H. :O
  8. Varuka

    Varuka Well-Known Member

    To generalize this: You can cancel any spell with a non-zero cast point (Most spells not based on Hex, Fan of Knives, or Bladestorm, on heroes with a non-zero cast point, note, some spells don't use the heroes cast point) by issuing the stop / hold order before the cast point. Visual indications of the spell occur normally up until the canceling order is sent ("swirls" being shown on Furion's tp, for example), and no Mana/CD is spent/started unless the cast-point is reached.

    For example, without getting into the strategy of it, Sven can "fake" stuns (flashy storm bolt wind-up effects and all) at 0 mana / CD cost to himself to intimidate opponents.

    Of course, heroes with 0.00 cast points (shown as 0.00 / X.YZ on the hero page, excepting spells that ignore cast point), or with spells with zero cast points can't cancel before the cast point, as it occurs instantaneously.
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  9. Shadow Fury

    Shadow Fury Banned

    Are you sure H works?
  10. Drickosh

    Drickosh Well-Known Member

    Hold, and yes for cancelling animation
  11. Cáno

    Cáno Well-Known Member

    No, it doesn't as I have 'Hold' command assigned to 'W' key. /o

    Edit: Lulz, a Ner'zhul! \:3/
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  12. Ner'zhul

    Ner'zhul Active Member

    I may look stupid going against Cáno, but 'Hold' does work. :0

    e: oh damn I missed the point. me = stupid