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Discussion in 'Requests' started by IceFrog, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. Bane Elemental = Barney IDK if it is suggested already but i think the purple dinosaur's name would fit to Bane Elemental or if not maybe Enigma.
  2. SuperCookie

    SuperCookie Well-Known Member

    ^ Seems legit.
  3. Moonhunter1

    Moonhunter1 Well-Known Member

    QOP-Wailing Widow
  4. Moonhunter1

    Moonhunter1 Well-Known Member

    Invoker-Albus Dumbledore
  5. The Observer

    The Observer Banned

    No more fun names?

  6. v5.84Beer

    v5.84Beer Active Member

    bounty hunter = spike (cowboy bebop reference)
  7. Bristleback (who's name is commonly shortened to BB on the forums) = BB King
  8. xXQuatchiXx

    xXQuatchiXx Well-Known Member

    Pudge - Dendi
    Medusa - ZSMJ
    Chen - Puppeh
    POTM - Burning
    Clockwerk - YYF

    Hey if vs and sf gets named after legends why not others as well?
  9. ExplicitContent

    ExplicitContent New Member

    Tiny - Jay (from legendary mineski tiny player) :D
  10. _Rinnegan_

    _Rinnegan_ Well-Known Member

    Bristleback -- P chan

  11. Sven2k

    Sven2k Moderator

    I approve
  12. One.More.Game.

    One.More.Game. Well-Known Member

    Nevermore = YajirobeFromDC
  13. deathkidkun

    deathkidkun Well-Known Member

    Grand Magus - Sudoku (Another mind puzzle like the Rubik's cube)
    Spectre - Eleanor Rigby ("Ahh look at all the lonely people" - Beatles. Reference to Desolate)
    Sven - Spartacus
  14. Flame13

    Flame13 Well-Known Member

    ^ =)) nice one with Spectre XD
  15. Super-sheep

    Super-sheep Banned

    Is Justin Weaver yet added?
  16. Cpt Bogdan

    Cpt Bogdan Well-Known Member

    Puck : Mothra
  17. PlayRough

    PlayRough Well-Known Member

    Queen of Pain: QWOP since it's how they name her nowadays other than QIOP.
    Remove Carl name, It is sickening me.
  18. O_xD

    O_xD Well-Known Member

    Sven - Man with the big sword
    Tiny - Rokman / El hombre de piedra (spanish for rockman)
    Kunkka - Shipman / Boatman
    Axe - Chop-man
    Pudge - Dendi / Putka
    Sand King - Scorpion guy
    Beastmaster - Master of bears
    Dragon Knight - Guy that looks like Silencer
    Tidehunter - Fish
    Lifestealer - Undead / Zombie
    Night Stalker - Vampire
    Huskar - Michael Jordan / Barack Obama / Spearman
    Spirit Breaker - Cow
    Lycanthrope - Dog
    Juggernaut - Helicopter
    Mirana - Catlady
    Bloodseeker - Dexter
    Venomancer - AIDS-man
    Phantom Lancer - Lancer of many Phantoms
    Riki - Ratboy / Ricky Martin / Ninja chop boy
    Faceless Void - Timeguy
    Broodmother - Spider
    Bounty Hunter - Hunter of many $$$$
    Ursa - Bear
    Lone Druid - Bearman
    Storm Spirit - Flying naked man
    Windrunner - LightofHeaven (specially if a shackle shot has been properly landed)
    Lich - Iceman
    Lion - The man with the big hand
    Zeus - Super Mario / Lightning Guy / Lightning Dwarf
    Lina - Firelady
    Tinker - Mr ZAP
    Furion - Tree man
    Enchantress - Deer pussy
    Batrider - Batskater
    Ancient Apparition - Iceguy
    Invoker - Wizard
    Outworld Destroyer - Floating guy

    Singsing references. Watch his stream.

    also if u could do this: Venomous gale - aids
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  19. deathkidkun

    deathkidkun Well-Known Member

    Night Stalker - Lunatic

    See what I did there?
  20. Phuck

    Phuck Member

    Nortrom=Edward Norton (actor)
    Ursa=Ursus (like tractor)