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Discussion in 'Requests' started by IceFrog, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. Ryugo

    Ryugo Well-Known Member

    Hey ICE!
    I wonder why [​IMG] isn't named Wolverine yet.

    He has three claws in each hand, similar hairstyle...
  2. hellkn

    hellkn Well-Known Member

    balanar - balanar testa
    traxex - transexy
    furion - fury is on
    zeus - deus
    mirana - mirana cara
    I took from my native language.
  3. DirtyEpic

    DirtyEpic Well-Known Member

    What does Mirana Cara means? I kinda like fury is on. Lol :D

  4. Ryugo

    Ryugo Well-Known Member

    Brazilian, portuguese?
    "Mira na Cara" = "Aim to the Face" xD
  5. JustKillThem

    JustKillThem Well-Known Member

    Terrorblade=Devil jin(A character in tekken)
  6. banu

    banu Active Member

    Chen >> Jackie Chen !
  7. LimitingBounds

    LimitingBounds Well-Known Member

    I've seen this for ages already implemented.XD

    Windrunner = Katniss Everdeen?XDD
    Nessaj = JASON!!!
    Rhasta = Haile Selassie
  8. CSDT

    CSDT Banned

    Lone Druid - BurNIng It's a MUST!!!
    BurNIng's LD has never lost.
    Kael - 430
  9. Sven2k

    Sven2k Moderator

    Batrider/Jin'Zakk - Batrider/Jin'KaZamma
  10. xiiaosin89

    xiiaosin89 Well-Known Member

    Windrunner - ChuaN
    This fun name doesn't need an explanation :D
  11. Ari~

    Ari~ Banned

    Any Carry Hero -> Ari and/or AriStar
  12. MR-President

    MR-President Well-Known Member

    Magina - Mangina
  13. Linux_Xp

    Linux_Xp Well-Known Member

    Clockwork - Robocop
  14. hellkn

    hellkn Well-Known Member

    Leoric - Cap. Nascimento
    Naga Siren - Ariel (disney, duh)
    Lina - Gasolina (gas for english)
  15. Dominance

    Dominance Well-Known Member

    Yurnero - Bearded Ballerina.
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  16. Dominance

    Dominance Well-Known Member

    Jaris Pilton - Crystal Maiden.
    (-J-aina -P-roudmoore) You see what I did thar.
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  17. Sven2k

    Sven2k Moderator

    Isn't this already in game? If not t-up, fits perfectly xD

    Clockwerk - Dalek
    Clockwerk - R2D2
  18. Linux_Xp

    Linux_Xp Well-Known Member

    n1ce idea :thumbup:
  19. zult

    zult New Member

    r2d2 for clock, gandalf for keeper of the light and gillette for razor are pretty awesome

    I suggest silencium for silencer. no name at all for him or 3 dots would also have style :cool1:

    ogre magi should get 2 names, one for each head, e.g. aggron and beggron stonebreaker or yin & yang, tom & jerry, su & shi, pete & repeat, ...
  20. DirtyEpic

    DirtyEpic Well-Known Member

    Shadow Friend?