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Discussion in 'Requests' started by IceFrog, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. IceFrog

    IceFrog Administrator

    This will just be a sticky to collect all fun name ideas. I won't always announce when I implement it, it'll just be something done for fun when people pick a hero and find it.

    Post any hero fun name suggestions here.
  2. Dark Kenshi

    Dark Kenshi Well-Known Member

    Craine Bloodhoof, Cattle Bruiser

    Cattle Bruiser is a coin of Starcrafts Battle Cruiser with the first letters swapped. Fits nicely on a Tauren Chieftan hero ala the one implemented in 6.60
  3. JowzXIII

    JowzXIII Well-Known Member

    Admiral (Kunkka), Johnny Depp
  4. FrozenStorm

    FrozenStorm Well-Known Member

    Not so much Johnny Depp, probably would get in trouble for that ;) Might be able to get away with something like "Captain Jake Swallow" or something though ^^ (It's referencing Jack Sparrow, for the record)

    A fun little extra Firefly reference for Batrider could be calling him "MalWash"

    Also used to call Brewmaster the "Sad Panda", since he's such a drunk ;)

    Centaur could be Big Beefy, or Fatty McBeefcakes

    Tiny could be Rocky the Hulking Behemouth, or Grawp, or Rolling Thunder, or Wheels ;) or F***** Slow as S***, as I lovingly refer to him as sometimes.

    Could call CM Fridgcicle the Ice Princess, or Frigid B****, that's what I call her sometimes lol
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  5. JowzXIII

    JowzXIII Well-Known Member

    Youve got a point there.. also wondering why Arnold Schwarzenegger (Did i spell it right) sven fun name was removed, but you gotta admit Daelin model really looked like Johnny

    Mangix - Po (KungFu Panda)
  6. juse

    juse Active Member

    LOL Ice, why did you remove the old sven's name? Arnold Schwarzenegger. It was awesome and very funny, ffs.
  7. teamgary

    teamgary Well-Known Member

    yunero the bald jugganaut.
  8. PS2MAN

    PS2MAN Banned

    Meeepo -> Steve (And his Associates they are also called Steve)

    And the classics taken from DA such as Brad PitLord, Sylla Black, etc.
  9. dare18

    dare18 Well-Known Member

    Batrider = Bruce Wayne
  10. Olinea

    Olinea Well-Known Member

    Ezalor ---> Dumbledore
  11. utryidont

    utryidont Well-Known Member

  12. AbyssPetra

    AbyssPetra Well-Known Member

    Bone - Clinkz Eastwood
    Dazzle - Joker?
    Razor - Gillette
    Kardel - Private Daniel Jackson(saving private ryan)
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  13. snow.pika

    snow.pika Well-Known Member

    Nice I like the Razor - Gillette one XD
  14. king_james

    king_james Well-Known Member

    Ezalor -> Gandalf
  15. Realitey

    Realitey Well-Known Member

    -Rikimaru - Rikimartin
    -Wolf - Wolverine
    -Jakiro - Airbus
    -Viper - Dodge Viper
    -Butcher - Butch'em All
    -Bounty Hunter - Twix Hunter
    -KotL - Gandalf

    Thats it
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  16. Whitefang

    Whitefang Well-Known Member

    Puck = Rama Rama or Rama-Rama
  17. EseQueL

    EseQueL Well-Known Member

    Priestess of the Moon:
    Jumong- she is called popularly "Jumong" here in Philippines.
  18. AbyssPetra

    AbyssPetra Well-Known Member

    lol.."rama rama" did dragon turn into butterfly

    riki - goat
    lycan - dog
    Vampire - drag queen

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  19. Lycan

    Lycan Administrator

    -Rikimaru - Rikimartin
    -Lycan - Wolverine
    -Viper - Dodge Viper
    -Butcher - The Baker
    -Bounty Hunter - that dude from renegade
    -KotL - Ghandalf
    -Dazzle - Joker
    -Pitlord - Brad PitLord
    -Sylla Bear - Sylla Black
    -Kunka - Capt. Jack Swallows(Sparrow)
  20. EseQueL

    EseQueL Well-Known Member

    Priestess of the moon - Jumong
    Rikimaru - Riki Martin