Frog's Orb of Frost

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    - changed the whole thing. Left it as one item.


    Frog's Orb of Frost


    Bought From:
    Arcane Sanctum

    - Story -


    +15 All attributes
    +20 Damage
    8 HP/sec regenaration
    150% Mana regenaration
    Slow Attack (passive)
    Frost (active)


    Orb of Venom (450)

    Perseverance (1750)

    Ultimate Orb (2100)

    Frog's Orb of Frost (650)


    - Gains a charge if an allied hero dies in a 1400 AoE
    - Only one will be charged if two or more heroes in the AoE have this item
    - Maximum of 5 charges

    Slow Attack
    - Causes attacks to slow the movement and attack speed of the target.
    - 25% for melee and 15% for range
    - Lasts 3 seconds

    - Slows and damages enemies in a 900 AoE for 6 seconds
    - Uses all the charges at once when used
    - Slow and damage increases on every charge
    - 20 second cooldown and costs 100 mana

    [table]| slow | dmg per second
    0| 5% | 20
    1| 10% | 25
    2| 15% | 30
    3| 20% | 40
    4| 30% | 50
    5| 35% | 60[/table]
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    Re: Frog's Sacrifice / Frog's Orb of Ice

    ^ wait what... Slows and damages your own ally?
    Other than that... your item is really weak... At 5 charge it does a measly 25 damage.... Buff the damage please...
  3. piniritong_isda

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    Re: Frog's Sacrifice / Frog's Orb of Ice

    yes, I was thinking of it as kind of a risk but I guess if the item is weak then its note worth the risk... so I removed it... and the damage is per second so adding up it will be 150 damage for 6 seconds... and on charge 0 it will be 30 damage per second... well I buffed the damage anyways...

    - removed it as a supportive item.
    - buffed the damage
    - removed some additional info
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    No matter the mechanics or numbers the item itself and its active skill is too similar to Shivas. T-down on concept, but I like how you tweak and change things!

    I bet I would see more creative ideas from you in the future ^^
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    It's skadi not shiva.

    I'd rather seen this item as a remake for the current Eye of Skadi.