Free to play, free to hack, leave, ruin games!

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by Pro., Jun 2, 2012.

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    And also, any staff member see this thread!
    PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Close this troll thread and ban this fellow include IP and Dota 2.
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    from what ive heard somewhere, there's a higher chance of hacking on a p2p game than a f2p game...
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    Hacks, on my VALVe servers?

    Bitch, please.
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    who said it was our decision?
    it was valve's, AKA the idiots who didn't want to pay for other's work (whoyou think made the decision)
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    It's funny how OP thinks Dota 2 will run in the same shitty servers as or garena that offer absolutely NO support to prevent cheating. :facepalm: Not that it will be impossible to hack in Dota 2, it never is, but in Dota 1 if you want to maphack all you have to do is type "dota maphack" on google and the first result will show you a crappy coded hack that your grandmother could program because the coders don't even have to worry about bypassing an anti-cheating system.

    The matchmaking itself will already prevent people from leaving, Valve just needs to increased the punishment so people don't feel tempted to do it. Also, item dropping in the end of the match is also an important factor that will prevent players to leave games.
  6. Pro.

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    I never said anything that could have been interpreted as such. I never even talked about the level of difficulty in hacking Dota 2. I merely said that having no drawback involved with getting caught hacking means more people will be hacking. Hacks will be developed for Dota 2, it is inevitable.

    Game ruiners & leavers will still be matched with new players and hackers will still be able to be matched with anyone since VAC uses delayed banning.

    Counterproductive and it goes against Valve's philosophy according to their FAQ. This isn't WoW, a grind to win model has no business in here.

    Hopefully the percentages are much lower, 5% is a shit load of leaving. Anyone above 0.1% (1 in a thousand is far more than enough leniency) should be put in the leaver pool.

    My point, exactly.

    This won't be applicable with the match making system.

    I can't believe how many people are stupid enough to interpret my post as such. I feel like I'm addressing to kindergartners.
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    Three lols for one post! Thank you kind sir!
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    This will only be a problem in low bracket
  10. gattsu-

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    words of wisdom.

    totally feel the same, i was diablo2 addict and still play it. I didnt start d3 because of what u said. Good game but miles away from the quality game like diablo2 lod.

    I feel like nowdays the big companies (run by clueless managers who only played tetris as a pc game and only care about profit and give a fuck about quality in a game) first focus on "how to make money".

    Dont get me wrong, diablo2 was also made with a profit idea but the main reason to create it was the PASSION FOR THE VIDEOGAME.

    That passion is gone or kept in a secondary position (in the big companies) and always following a srtict guide on how to adapt and create changes in order to get a penny more out of it.

    Dota, was like a secret quality game that only a few "nerds" knew of and they loved it. They love the skins, the map, the gameplay, etc. Guess icefrogs primal goal was to create and improve the game out of his passion for it and for the sake of having sth unique, far away from a "profit mentality".

    The core spirit when creating a game is the passion for it, when u choose profit as first priority the game usually loses its appeal for the people who really care about quality games.

    Im highly curious on how the videogame industry will evolve in the future.
  11. bytor

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    Pro was never going to play Dota 2 anyway, he just found a reason to complain because it is fun. People that will stick with dota are those with crappy computers, those unable to learn new things and progress, those that are afraid they can not do well in Dota 2. Everything else is a poor excuse. I assume Dota will be around a long time most fueled by people that are unable to get a decent computer. Don't be afraid Pro, dota will always be there for you, just that anyone who is anybody will be playing Dota 2. Have fun with your relic.

    I hope no one was actually surprised when they announced F2P. It has been obvious for a long time that was their intention.
  12. Nekros4442

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    Hacks are not possible whatsoever on Dota 2. Like HoN, Dota 2 stores all essential game data on dedicated company servers. For any effective hack to come about they would first need to hack into said server, upload whatever changes they needed, queue up and miraculously find a game on that server and then hack successful. All this is incredibly unlikely and impossible to do discreetly.

    You say you hate companies are now looking more towards short-term profits but Valve has made the decision to go F2P exactly because it will allow them to make more money and support their games longer. This has already been proven with TF2 where after they made the switch to F2P they made significantly more money than they ever did from TF2 sales alone.

    Dota 2 is free because the industry isnt the same as a decade (or when WC3 came out) ago. Valve has always been at the forefront of innovation and you're crazy to think that they would make Dota 2 B2P simply for the fact that WC3 was.

    Valve does have a loyal fanbase which is well deserved you are living under a fuckin rock if you could say that Valve does not have their fans in mind whenever they make a big decision. Valve has god-like status amongst PC gamers for a reason.
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    I'm sorry are you talking about Dota 2 being bad because they want to win money while having a sign showing your 1500 hours played on it?
    I hope it's not your hours because if it is you're the biggest hypocrite ever.
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    If Valve make it Pay-to-Play, many people will start to complain.
    If Valve make it Free-to-Play, many people like it, yet still have complaints.
    What the hell you want Valve to do for you?
    If you dissatisfy with a Free-to-Play game, then you better make your own game.
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    Oh goodie, another pointless and dramatic +1 thread
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    Nuff said?

    Maybe you need more elaboration.

    In case OP haven't heard of Valve Anti Cheat

    Their ban is one time permanent, delayed time (so you won't know which version of hackware went wrong), and it affects all game that has VaC built in.

    What you need to fear though, is simply valve banned you for no reason:mellow:
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    You can't hack something that goes trough their servers, cs and wc3 dota are run on lan servers and they can be hacked really easily, but dota 2 can't.
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    from my personnal experience the more it's f2p the more it's expensive when you have your own wallet, + f2p is kiddo friendly and I'm not really fond of them...

    2 reasons why I'm anti f2p, I won't stop playing dota2 because it will be f2p at realease still. (would be masochism, still disapointed.)
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    non-friendly tl:dr = I think you lack english skills.

    friendly tl;dr = Yes but im not talking about what you think i am.

    2.You arent sorry
    3.Your motivation for writing your post is to call names instead of sharing your point of view about OP's post. You decided to accuse a forumer instead.
    4.I like Dota2 and its good
    5.Making money is normal and necessary
    6.Thats my sign and i played 2000 not 1500.
    7.You either havent understood my post or the meaning of hypocrite
    8.Bye but in a loving way ;)
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    I guess Valve didn't want much to change- the good and the bad.

    I really don't approve of Dota 2 being F2P. Public games will be the same as always. We'll still have more than three games an hour at times.