Free MOBA-type game most similar to DOTA2?

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Eioo, Jan 7, 2012.

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  1. Eioo

    Eioo New Member

    Since I'll probably not get a chance to play DOTA 2 till they open up the beta, I was wondering which MOBA type game is most similar to DOTA that is free? Would any of them allow me to transfer any learned skills from them to DOTA 2?

  2. ZerloX

    ZerloX Well-Known Member

    Dota. And stop calling it moba before I pull out your spine with my bare hands.
  3. Sup3RN0Va

    Sup3RN0Va Well-Known Member

    since DotA is not MOBA I can't say any, sorry
    however I heard LoL is MOBA
  4. ma3la

    ma3la Banned

    It's not MOBA.

    And probably HoN, though I despise that game and the community is worse than ours. Unless you'd be willing to pay a dollar for WC 3 and then dowload the latest Dota 1 version.
  5. Obasi

    Obasi Well-Known Member

    Play Heroes of Newerth and ignore these haters.
  6. noctes

    noctes Well-Known Member

    Well DotA isn't a MOBA game for starters, but i suggest the obvious original DotA
  7. HaussLV

    HaussLV Well-Known Member

    DotA all the way!
  8. Noxonius

    Noxonius Banned

  9. Eioo

    Eioo New Member

    Sorry for using the wrong genre name. Unfortunately playing DotA would cost $40 for me since I'd have to buy warcraft 3 + expansions.... which doesn't seem worth it if I plan on buying DOTA 2.
  10. Noxonius

    Noxonius Banned

    40 bucks ftw

    You can get both RoC and TFT for about 20 bucks...
  11. noctes

    noctes Well-Known Member

    You can actually just download it and play online using garena or another online service provider. Not a problem at all
  12. Xezko

    Xezko Well-Known Member

    wc3 DotA.
  13. B3yondL

    B3yondL Banned

    HoN is pretty similar MOBA game and requires more skill anyway, so when you come to Dota 2 it'll seem a lot easier.
  14. The Observer

    The Observer Banned

    Dota 1 of course, duh.
  15. 5chneemensch

    5chneemensch Well-Known Member

    RTT, not RTS

    10€ for both
  16. FightFate

    FightFate Banned

    Again, DotA is not a MOBA. And DotA is not even an ARTS.

    DotA falls under the DotA-genre.
  17. Koutsiog

    Koutsiog Banned

    Dota 1,while not moba, is the closest to dota 2
    if you really want a moba game go play LoL

    Offtopic:how is real time tactics different from real time strategy?
    if you call dota a genre it is DYBWDTOB
    defend your base while destroying the other base

    EDIT: Actually TPRPG *could* work
    third person rpg
  18. laikzasve

    laikzasve Well-Known Member

    For dota1:
    Use piratebay to DL w3,then dl patch,then dl 6.73b map,THEN dl warkeys and garena,then you'll be able to play it.
  19. AlbinoBunny

    AlbinoBunny Well-Known Member

    Basically the big things in MOBA (yes, it is the genre name, it may irk you and it certainly annoys me with how lame it sounds but it IS the common way of describing them) are:

    DoTA1: Pay like £5 for the WCIII stuff, get the map, advantage is that if you want DOTA2 this IS DoTA 2, just you know, with irritating shops an elitist/noob unfriendly community, no-match making and worse graphics. IE, it's DOTA2 but with less convenience involved.

    HoN: It's DoTA with a few differences (essentially half the hero set is 'shared' between the two because S2 copied them from DoTA heroes and a few other things are different)

    Better interface though

    Fun, easy to play but not quite as satisfying to me and this is as a long time league player, playing League is something I can highly recomend if you want to get into the genre as it keeps many of the basic principles but is a bit more 'manageable' as far as concepts go.
  20. Light~

    Light~ Well-Known Member

    DotA. And +1 postcount.
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