Fountain Hook

Discussion in 'DotA Chat' started by Blitzerine, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. Blitzerine

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    :D Have fun
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  3. Blitzerine

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    how to delete it?
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    I just don't know why this ends up in Dota Chat. It obviously is meant for Dota Media.

    You probably think, "i will get more views like this", i would ban you know for that.
  6. Noxonius

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    I can't see anything
  7. Guardian AngeL

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    Is it possible on WC3 DotA?
  8. Bodog

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    you can do it reverse with ezalor, start the hook in the base just before ezalors port triggers, if you get someone he gets hooked where you started the hook...but im not long ago i heard about that^^

    but i saw dendi trying the chen-hook in dota2 :D but he missed three times^^
  9. mikrodizels

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    I thought this thread will be some kind of solution to fountain farming, giving the fountain a hook, similiar to pudges :D
  10. Noxonius

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    That would be freaking bad-ass
  11. kennet

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    I have done it on the latest versoin of wc3 dota, didnt hook an enemy, but saved our destroyer from ember, pretty funny, destroyer had like 1hp ;)
  12. atalaykro

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    Awesome, but fail i guess
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    And how exactly did you do that? I call bullshit.
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    It's this thread again!
  16. Louie.

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    Why did I put that in #2?
  17. Sick2kill

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    Rofl it would be to overpowerd iff you land it 100%
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