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Discussion in 'World News & Debates' started by Crysiz, Jul 17, 2009.

  1. P1louxxx

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    I am no master of the english language and I believe pretty much everybody is making mistakes here and there.

    I believe Crysiz wanted to set the rules of a serious environment to debate and avoid people coming and making threads that would look like... (going to search a representative thread in PD):

    As you can see it gives the impression that little to no care were given to the redaction of the thread I linked.

    This precise rule is just there to say "We want you to make some efforts in the redaction" and nobody will get infracted for that, so far we have only been removing messages that we deemed too bad for the basis of a good conversation.

    For the same reason I added the rules regarding one-liners, meme/pics only posts (with stricter consequences though as they are not related to your skill in a field but have more to do with your intentions).

    Does that erase your concerns or do you have another question/suggestion?
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  2. GuriPSYCO

    GuriPSYCO Well-Known Member

    Yes, I am fine with it now. I just wanted to be clear and to have an explicit explanation from a mod in case something happens. Thank you.
  3. GuriPSYCO

    GuriPSYCO Well-Known Member

    Another question: there are things that are not new nor debatable, but that I think they deserve a little more seriousness than RC, like some old article that I find to be particularly interesting and worthy of sharing. Can I post them here? E.g. I am extremely interested in evolutionary biology and I want to make a thread about it, but I don't want to drop it on RC because it would probably go off-topic quite fast, it's not a debate either, it's just a thread to share information and questions about it. Could I make it here in World News?
  4. P1louxxx

    P1louxxx Well-Known Member

    Yup, go ahead, anyways I'm reviewing all the threads regularily and I would move something not worth the discussions off here.

    I am currently under a higher load of work so don't freak out if I take more time to review all the threads.

    Have a good day.