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  1. Crysiz

    Crysiz Forum Manager

    The purpose of this forum is to have discussions free of spam. Serious or formal conversations are expected here.

    You can post any thing you want to discuss in a proper manner and knowing your thread won't be hijacked or derailed from topic.

    This section is heavily moderated, in addition to the Global Rules, please adhere to the following points before posting.

    • Absolutely no spam or flames.
    • Posts must be on-topic.
    • Follow the rules of logic and avoid common fallacies.
    • Be impersonal, courteous, and accepting of differing views.
    • Use proper spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax.

    REMINDER: You should report any posts you think require such action (spam, flames, off-topic, etc.)

    The staff reserves the right to edit or remove any content deem inappropriate without advance notice. Failure to abide by these additional terms may result in warnings, infractions points, or ban from this section or the entire forum depending on the severity of the offense.


    • Apply the Golden Rule - One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself
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  2. P1louxxx

    P1louxxx Well-Known Member

    Every rules listed still apply.

    Posting a link alone or followed by a "discuss" or anything similar isn't allowed as a thread starter, you will have to "introduce" your thread properly.

    Repeated agressive behaviour, stacked reports, flaming without being provocated will ultimately lead you to a ban.

    One-liners, memes, .gif and alikes, in one word - SPAM - will be strongly dealt with, you are thus asked to stay away from this dangerous matter.

    I am counting on the Community to moderate itself up to a certain level and I'm sure that most of the usual posters will know the boundaries, up to you to show the newcomers what to do and how they are expected to debate.

    If you feel that something is wrong with the policy you can either post in the forum suggestions of WN&D or discuss it through PM.
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  3. Eutychius

    Eutychius Moderator

    After taking over, my policy is that discussion and argumentation over a topic is more open with more chances given if an answer seems to be inappropriate or provocative. Offenders will be PM'd to be informed and try to make clear that rules are to be abided. However, momentary lapses of judgement will be understood and I will not try to pressure members by terrorizing them.

    Big offenses are still seen the same though and especially if the members are warned and continue their behaviour. In those cases, application of the rules will be strict. Also, just like our current guidelines, spam (and especially repetition by a member) will also be seen more seriously and punished as seen fit.

    Finally, I want to state that for any problems you might have or suggestions for improving WN&D, you can PM me to take more direct action. If you feel a rule is violated but I disagree or vice versa, feel free to discuss it with me to clear things up. But be sure to look at our rules above and understand them fully.

    New rule: As the quality and state of some threads gets more debatable and often gets out of control, some new measures are needed.

    From now on, if a mod interferes in a thread to remind members to be more respectful and avoid flaming/spamming, every member who will recommit such an offense thereafter will be warned/infracted accordingly.
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