Discussion in 'Competitive Chat' started by Animus2280, Sep 14, 2016.

  1. Animus2280

    Animus2280 Well-Known Member

    Beesa + Stan King + 747 aka one of the best NA mids + ????

    stay tuned

    PS i don't even think Beesa wants to be on the same team as fEEd anymore after seeing his dismal performance in so many tourneys
  2. Ninjerk

    Ninjerk Well-Known Member

    Is this the team that CCnC got kicked off of?
  3. InThoX

    InThoX Well-Known Member

    i dont know any of the ppl u mentioned
  4. Animus2280

    Animus2280 Well-Known Member

    yes, he hasn't hit puberty yet
  5. Ninjerk

    Ninjerk Well-Known Member

    On stream, he rages more than his username would suggest. I wonder if that happens in scrims and matches, too.