Favourite Olympic Girl

Discussion in 'Random Chat' started by damN_Grave, Aug 3, 2012.

  1. Ety

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    Women athletes usually have manly abs and arms, no ass and no boobs at all. Stop being so greedy. That body is stunning.

    She may not be in the olympics, but she's olympic alright.
  2. HoFfNiGgA

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    I'm not being greedy I simply stated I don't find the body appealing or do you intend to say that my opinion on a subjective matter is wrong?

    Cute that disagreeing with an opinion invites sarcasm of that level. Please tell me more why I should find an athletes body appealing even though my natural inhibitions lead me in every other direction.
  3. fr0zenknife

    fr0zenknife Well-Known Member

    Yes. My opinion on a subjective matter is better than yours.
  4. Avenar

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    OMG. I did not want to make fun of you. I just wanted to make a silly joke. And arguing about anybody's taste is pointless. Respect and peace ;)
  5. HoFfNiGgA

    HoFfNiGgA Well-Known Member

    Well alright only because it's you c:

    It's fine just a bit tasteless and makes you appear to be somewhat stupid in my opinion. If a joke isn't easily laughed at by the party that the joke was made at the expense of then it'd be best not to tell it. Humor makes reality absurd so as to make it easier to accept. Remember that and comedy is easy and reaches a much broader audience.
  6. Ety

    Ety Well-Known Member

    Not wrong, but unusual. If your subjective opinion is different from subjective opinions of majority of people (I know that because that woman has a body of what the media standardly classifies as "hot", she even won at vote in one of popular sites in my country), then the chances are that your taste is "weird".
  7. HoFfNiGgA

    HoFfNiGgA Well-Known Member

    Odd that you would define different or unusual as weird but that's how you choose to see it I suppose. To quote Doom(I think) "The opinion of the majority does not represent a fact.(It represents an opinion.)"

    Though for a the majority to choose her as a more suitable mate than a woman with a body more suited to child birth would mean the majority of society has deviated to a more odd or "weird" preference, wouldn't you say?
  8. Avenar

    Avenar Well-Known Member

    Thank you! I will learn from my mistakes.
  9. Ety

    Ety Well-Known Member

    Well my google translate defined unusual and weird as same.
    That quote has nothing to do with what I was implying. An opinion that deviates from the opinion of majority is classified as unusual.

    What exactly would be a body suited to child birth? Is there even a such thing? I'm pretty sure she's capable of getting pregnant and giving birth to a completely healthy child.

    Now you're stating your own opinion for which you claim to be a fact. Aren't you contradicting yourself?
  10. HoFfNiGgA

    HoFfNiGgA Well-Known Member

    I'll agree to disagree on the first part because I give 0 credit to majority for holding any kind of valid right to be the normality.

    Capability is not the same as a body more suited to it. You can look up the biological nature of a male seeing females as potential mates for yourself if you really care to differentiate what I said as fact. The fact that more men prefer asses(read hips) over, for instance, boobs is not coincidence but is backed by biological wiring.
  11. otomo

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  12. Ety

    Ety Well-Known Member

    So more men =/= majority?

    Just because men don't prefer the same body parts of their mates as animals do, it doesn't mean they are naturally wacked. Quite the opposite. Over the years of evolution men have developed sexual attractiveness to other body parts as well, not just the hips. Would you find a woman with perfect hips, but ugly face (with a face you subjectively find ugly) appealing and suitable for child birth?

    Can't you see you keep contradicting yourself?

    You state her hips aren't appealing enough for child birth. It is your opinion. It is not a fact.
    I state her hips are appealing enough for child birth. It is my opinion. It is not a fact.
  13. HoFfNiGgA

    HoFfNiGgA Well-Known Member

    Different contexts and what naturally draws men to hips is not something they choose but is biologically wired.

    People are animals. People have the same biological wiring in many ways. I never said they were wacked I said it was odd that men have overridden their natural biological wiring.

    Also if I were looking for a woman to have children with it is certainly a possibility.

    I stated her hips are not to my liking and later stated that natural biological wiring of men draws them to women that have a specific body type of that is a specific type of hip or ass that is more suited to giving birth to a child. That is biological fact. I'm not drawn to her hips not because they're not suited for child birth per se but because I still have my basic wiring that tells me to look for hips that are best suited towards it. You may find her hips fine for child birthing but on a biological level they are not the best suited.
  14. Kuestenjung

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    Eloise Amberger is pretty nice
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    The things she could do in bed :eek::
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    my favorite.
  19. fr0zenknife

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    She is 16, isn't she?
  20. Alwaysgetbanned

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    old enough to bleed, old enough to breed.